Search engine optimisation (SEO) has become an important part of every business that consists of a website. These days SEO is also comprehensively implemented as an online marketing strategy due to its usefulness in upgrading the website of a company. For delivering the most important and applicable content for every query it is essential to know the fundamental objective of Google. It must be an essential objective of any SEO strategy.

Fundamentals of a Successful SEO strategy includes:

Research and Selection of keyword

In any SEO strategy, research and selection of keyword play very important role. The main objective of Keyword research and selection is to choose keyword and phrases with high traffic volume, powerful profitable plan and making website reachable by an increase in traffic and rank of a website. Once these objectives are fulfilled, the website goes ahead to a successful ranking with a successful SEO strategy.

SEO-friendly platform and code

Your website’s platform, as well as code, must be SEO-friendly so that the websites can simply be crawled as well as indexed by the Google bots and also can be easily directed to optimise URLs and additional SEO elements of the website. The URLs of a website should go after best practice, must be customizable and unique. Any previous website that is important which may be from past websites or within present website should be 301 redirected to their new location

Visitor’s interaction with website

Google do not only evaluate the content as well as the code of your website rather it also measures visitor’s interaction with a website. Thus, in order to attract visitor to your website the navigation should be consistent and information should be comprehensible, understandable and easy to find. The design of the website should also be pleasurable, eye-catching and browser-friendly.

Social Network

Recently, by the increase in the use of social networks, it has become most significant part of SEO. They have a straight consequence on search results however they can also participate in receiving links to your website. From social networking site, users or visitor can simply share your content which indicates that your content is important and useful content to be shared.


The word count of the content of a page ought to be no less than 400-600 words. Content must include targeted keyword related to the topic. Exclusive, meaningful and understanding content are the main priority of SEO strategy. Content needs to be appropriate and related to the website. This helps visitors to get useful information from the website and magnetise them to visit your site again. Good quality content is usually focused by visitors.

Internal Linking

Proper and adequate internal links to a particular page and the anchor text used in those links can determine the authority of that page comparative to other pages in the website. This facilitates you to develop the ability and power of definite pages and also helps Google to choose the page to deliver in its search result for the specific inquiry. Preferably, every target pages must contain a direct link from home page and footer. Moreover, there needs to be the high fraction of related links to the target pages from additional pages in the website along with anchor which intimately recounts to the target keywords for the page that is linked to.

Consequently, these are the fundamentals of a Successful SEO Strategy. The fundamental goals of Google have to be clearly understood to deliver the useful and related content for each search query.
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