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Are you frustrated with Web Developers who:

  • Make promises but don't deliver?
  • Don't have the technical capabilities you need?
  • Don't pick up the phone during emergencies?
  • Fail to meet your quality expectations?
  • Find excuses instead of solutions?
  • Build your site and quickly moved on?

We know how frustrating it is not having a trustworthy and reliable website developer who’s on your side.

Experience the following benefits with Sydney's Top WordPress Expert:

WordPress Developer Sydney

Receive Priority Support

Web Design

Work with WordPress Experts

Website Developer Sydney

Keep Your Site Updated

Sydney Web Designer

Continuously Improvement

WordPress Development SYdney

Run Website Smoothly 24x7

Website Design Sydney

Improve Security & Performance

WordPress Experts Sydney

Add New Features As You Need Them

Web Design Sydney

Get The Peace Of Mind You Deserve

Want to experience all of these business benefits?

We Help You Design, Build And Maintain Your Website.

Here is the range of the Website design services we offer:

Custom Website Design

Build a custom website based on your business requirements with our team of website developers.

Website Support

Get access to a team of dedicated Web design & development experts to receive priority support for your website.

eCommerce Websites

Get a modern custom-designed eCommerce website and increase your online sales and revenue.

Not getting the technical support you need and deserve?

Many businesses that don’t have in-house website developers find it challenging to keep their websites up to date and aligned with their evolving marketing campaigns.

We help time-poor business owners and marketing managers maintain their websites and execute their ideas so they can achieve their goals.

We take care of your website while you take care of the business.

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My Family Book
My Family Book
Online Shop, Bespoke
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My Family Book

Balance Recruitment
Balance Recruitment
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Balance Recruitment

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Online Shop, Bespoke
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Online Shop
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Terrigal Dental
Terrigal Dental
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Terrigal Dental

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Academy Travel Schools
Academy Travel Schools
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Academy Travel Schools

Online Shop, Bespoke
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WooCommerce Development

So you want to start an eCommerce site based on WooCommerce but don’t know where to start? Worry not! We at Nirmal Web Studio are experts in building WooCommerce websites with all the features you need.

Whether it’s creating a fully functional shopping site from scratch or revamping your existing WooCommerce website, we have the right skills and expertise to help you achieve your business goals. We’ll create a fully functional WooCommerce store specifically to meet your business needs.

We understand that the most important aspect of online stores is conversion, and it would be meaningless if your website visitors did not convert. Our web design and development team works hard to ensure websites are focused on driving conversions.

Our WooCommerce Development services are not limited to designing and developing your eCommerce store, we also provide timely support and maintenance services to make sure your online store is up and running with all its required features, 24/7.

Still, want more? Try our priority website support services for dedicated support for your WooCommerce site with competitive WP maintenance costs.

We are an Australian-based trusted and reliable Sydney website design agency. Our experienced team of developers and designers are passionate about building WordPress websites so that you can invest your time in other important things as small business owners should.

WordPress WooCommerce Development

Not getting the Website support you need and deserve?

Many businesses that don’t have in-house website developers find it challenging to keep their websites up-to-date and aligned with their evolving marketing campaigns.

At Nirmal Web Studio, we offer web design packages in Canberra, Sydney and all of Australia to help time-poor business owners and marketing managers maintain their websites and execute their ideas so they can achieve their goals.

We take care of your website while you take care of the business.

Our Simple, Proven 3-Step Process

1 Book a consultation
2 Get a Website proposal
3 Collaborate to execute the plan

Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance Plan ensures your website is running without any issues 24/7 and the plugins & themes are up to date. It also equips you with regular security monitoring to prevent hacking and unauthorised access. Our Website Maintenance Plan includes:

  • Monthly updates of core software, themes, and plugins
  • Priority phone and email support
  • Regular security checks and performance monitoring
  • Website functionality monitoring
  • Scheduled off-site backups (stored for 30 days)
  • Spam filtering and cleansing
  • Database optimisation
  • Finding and fixing 404 errors and broken links
WordPress Maintenance Services

Handcrafted Website For Your Business

Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf look when it comes to web design. While some templates are cost-effective, you’re just buying a ‘suit’ that everyone else can buy—and there’s no guarantee it’ll fit perfectly! For better differentiation and something truly unique, consider investing in tailor-made web designs exclusively for your business and target market.

A bespoke website offers the perfect opportunity to create something that is not just custom-made for your business but stands out from competitors. Investing in this type of website development cost can be high initially, but it will undoubtedly be worth every cent as you can reap rewards with a truly one-of-a-kind design!

Take the next step towards a top-tier website: book your appointment with one of our Sydney web development specialists. Our team will listen to and understand your business requirements before creating the perfect plan for you! Talk to us – we’re here to make success happen.

HandCrafted Website Design For Your Business

Custom WordPress Web Designers In Sydney

We have a team of web design and development experts who are ready to build all kinds of custom sites, from simple business & personal portfolios to complex eCommerce websites. In our more than 10 years of experience, we have designed, developed, and maintained websites for businesses of all sizes.

Our web development agency designs your website keeping in mind that it should uniquely reflect your brand and business in the best possible way. We’ll also make sure that your custom website is conversion-focused. Our custom websites are designed to build a modern and trendy website for you while keeping up with your brand’s identity and the unique features required for your business to stand out.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us to build the perfect custom website for your business.

Custom WordPress Web Designers Sydney

Dedicated Website Designers In Sydney

We understand that businesses, no matter their size, can not always rely on an in-house team for web design and development.

That’s why we provide dedicated web designers and developers for businesses who are looking for priority support when it comes to making all sorts of changes and maintaining an effective business website.

Our goal is to offer priority website support and collaborate with you and your team towards achieving the desired results for your business. Reach out and speak with one of our web design experts to discuss how we can assist with your website requirements.

Dedicated Website Designers in Sydney

Custom Web Development Company In Sydney

Looking for a trustworthy Sydney Web Development Agency? Look no further.

Our experienced team of web developers will build you the perfect website. With over a decade of experience crafting websites to match the specific needs and preferences of businesses, you can count on us to give you only the best service and quality.

At Nirmal Web Studio, we cater to all kinds of organisations, whether big or small business, established or start-ups. We understand that building a website isn’t always easy, which is why we provide comprehensive customer service and support when creating your site. No matter what kind of website and business requirements you are looking for, we can make it happen with our experienced web design team.

Custom Web Development Company in Sydney

Why Choose A Sydney Web Design Agency?

We are a highly recommended and trusted Sydney website design agency. Our experienced team of developers and designers are passionate about building websites to help your business goals.

Whether you’re launching an online store, showcasing a new portfolio, or looking for a website rebuild, our experienced web design and development team can help bring your vision to life. With 15+ years of experience, we’re equipped to handle any type of web design, from eCommerce setups to magazine sites, blogs and more.

What sets us our Sydney website design agency apart from the rest is our commitment to transparency, integrity, and customer care. We take ultimate responsibility for every project we work on, and our team is dedicated to ensuring satisfaction with every detail. At Nirmal, this means providing continuous support, feedback and collaboration throughout the entire process.

Sydney Web Design Agency

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

The WordPress Development Retainer plan provides you with monthly dedicated development hours for website maintenance, making improvements, adding new features, executing marketing ideas and everything else that you need for your WordPress website.
The plan acts as an extension to your internal team and can be customised based on your needs. It could be 10 hours, 20 hours or as many hours as you need per month. With no lock-in contracts, you can work month-to-month with this WordPress Retainer plan.
If you need a reliable website development partner who can look after your website’s performance, security and technicalities on a regular basis and provide you with emergency support whenever you need it, the WordPress Retainer Plan is a great choice.

This is a totally flexible plan that you can customise according to your needs. You will be provided with a dedicated team headed by a Project Manager, a Quality Assurance Engineer, a Front-end Developer and a Back-end Developer – so, you can utilise the allocated hours every month for any kind of WordPress website-related tasks.
Some clients use the hours to build a new feature, create landing pages, improve technical SEO, develop website performance, build a plugin and more. We also recommend allocating a few hours for routine maintenance work like WordPress plugin updates, security monitoring, database optimisation and so on. However, your priorities are all up to you. Just talk to the team and they will help you carry out whatever you need.
You may also reach out to us if you have technical enquiries such as newsletter template development or any other website-related challenges.

Digital Marketing agency services like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and PPC can be confusing. To make it clear, we are not a digital marketing agency and don’t have the expertise to help you with building a full digital marketing services or business strategy. However, if you have a digital marketing strategy and need a reliable developer to execute that, our web designers in Sydney are the perfect fit for you.

We help you execute your digital marketing services to help a marketing manager create a landing page website, improve user experience, make regular updates on your website to keep it up to date, add new features, improve website functionality and performance, fix technical errors for search engines, website designs, graphic design, adding meta-tags and so on.

We are a Website developer in Sydney Australia and not a full-fledged digital marketing agency but can help you with technical SEO fixes in the website. We do not specifically offer social media marketing, Google Ads, PPC Campaigns, Off-page SEO, backlinking, email marketing, PR and copywriting services for a small business website like a digital agency.

The WordPress Development Retainer plan is a flexible plan to help you improve and update your website on a regular basis and align it with marketing campaigns. On the other hand, a Maintenance plan is more like a routine software update to keep your WordPress technology up to date, secure and running smoothly without any issues.
If you would like to update your website with new information, add new pages, run ads with landing pages or add new features from time to time, you need the WordPress Retainer Plan.
However, if you are just looking for someone to keep an eye on the website and make sure it’s running smoothly without issues, the WordPress Maintenance Plan is the right choice.

We charge a 100% upfront payment for your monthly Retainer and Maintenance plans. For one-off custom development work, we charge 50% upfront payment and 50% once the website is completed, but before going live.

There is no lock-in contract for the monthly plans. However, a 30-day notice is required for cancellation so we can plan out our team’s resources and complete the regular work we have planned.

Our Sydney office is open from 9 am to 6 pm. Our development team is based in Kathmandu, Nepal, who work from 10 am to 7 pm Sydney time. Once you sign up with us, we will assign you a Project Manager and you will have access to their calendar and contact details, so you can speak during business hours and book a Zoom call when required.

We also use a Trello board and internal ticketing system that is helpful to communicate and get organised with ongoing tasks and priorities. This allows you to easily monitor the progress of your tasks and interact with the team at any time.

When it comes to website design and development services, there are two things involved – User Experience (UX) Strategy and User Interface (UI) Design.

UX and UI Design

We are not UX/UI strategists. Though we have a good understanding of user experience and user interface designs, we don’t have the in-depth expertise to help you build a strategy like conversion rate optimisation. However, if you have a clear content plan and you can provide us with a wireframe and structure with clear instructions, we have an in-house web designer who can create website pages based on your branding and requirements.

If you are looking for a website design specialist for your business website, it’s essential to know the key differences between UX and UI roles and what to look for for your new website or website redesign.

UX strategists help you define the online customer journey from defining the target audience to user flows to drive the results you are looking for. That could be generating new leads, acquiring new customers, increasing online sales, and improving your portal’s user experience or eCommerce website design. UX designer starts with the strategic plan, performs user research to gather data to solve the problem efficiently, and builds the information architecture (IA) that drives the results.

The final output you can expect from the UX designer is a sitemap, wireframes, prototypes, information architecture, and a clear funnel that helps you achieve your business goals.

Sydney Web Design

On the other hand, UX design is about turning the prototype and architecture created by the UI designer into a final product with your branding, typography, images and visual design elements. UI or Graphic designer makes the prototype more usable, aesthetically appealing and optimised for smart devices. UX designers perform design research, develop the latest trends, and create a visual design with colours, logos, menus, and images to build your brand identity and positioning.

Best Sydney Web Design Agency

If you are looking for a creative website designer in Sydney, you will find some local designers who specialise primarily in UX strategy and branding, and some web designers only specialise in User Interface design and custom web design. At Nirmal Web Studio, we only offer UI design and visual website design services.

If that’s still confusing for you, please feel free to reach out to one of our Sydney web design experts to discuss your needs. We will very happy to help!

We’ll provide 30 days of support to make sure any bugs have been ironed out, and just to make sure you’re comfortable with your new site. After that, you can subscribe to one of our WordPress Website Maintenance Plans for continued maintenance & support. We’ll back the site up regularly, perform security checks and update the website software & plug-ins as often is required, to ensure it’s operating at peak performance. 

We’re pretty flexible, and it is your WordPress website so we’re happy to accommodate your requests, however we might ask the question – can the extra feature be added after the site has launched..? Changes half way through a project can blow the schedule out, and your site might not be completed on time. This could also affect the next website we’re about to move on to. If there’s an extra feature that simply MUST be on your site, however, just let us know – and I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out. 

The average time for a custom-designed, brochure WordPress website is 6-8 weeks.  
Your site may be shorter, or longer, depending on the size and the amount of complexity involved. We’re always realistic with our timings, so when we tell you how long it’s going to take – that’s pretty much it. 

Yes you will. WordPress is easy to use, when you know how, and we’ll hold your hand to begin with. Ensuring you know how to update blogs, videos & images, change the content on pages, whatever you need. Over 40% of all websites on the internet are WordPress websites, and that’s only happened because it’s easily accessible to all.  

Yes, we do. In fact, that’s all we do and have done for years. We use WordPress because it’s an open-source content management system (CMS) that anybody can work with, and it’s constantly being updated and improved by thousands of WordPress developers all over the world. Over 40% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress, even the FBI’s website is built on WordPress! 

With over 10 years of WordPress website design experience under our belt, we promise to deliver top-quality results that go above and beyond the competition. Our commitment doesn’t end there: Clients can expect timely delivery without any unpleasant surprises along the way – a rarity in this industry!

If you’re looking for more than just a standard website, our boutique WordPress Website Design company can help. As passionate developers specialising in custom WordPress development, we are focused on building long-term relationships and guiding your business to success through teamwork and innovative skills. Our work is driven by integrity – always striving for excellence as if it were required of us personally!

We take pride in our ability to offer reliable design and construction services for WordPress websites – a skill that has earned us the trust of many organisations large and small, like The University of Technology Sydney, Fastway Couriers, and Western Sydney University… just to name a few. Our clients know they can count on us for professionalism plus prompt delivery every time!

You can host it virtually anywhere, however, we’d recommend using a hosting company that specialises in WordPress websites. WP Engine, for example, is known for security, speed and ease of use – and for those reasons, it’s one of the best WordPress website hosting companies in the world. We can help you get set up if you like. Just ask. 

Just call us straight away. We’ll fix it, or get onto your hosting company to fix it. All of this is included in our WordPress Website Maintenance Plans, and we’ll also provide video tutorials or manual once your WordPress website is launched, so many of your queries will be answered there. 

It’s variable, as you can imagine, however, to give you an idea our pricing for a custom-built, professional WordPress website design cost starts at $6,995.

Obviously, it’s going to depend on the number of pages and templates required, along with the variety of features you need to operate effectively. See the full breakdown of website design cost in Australia.

If you are looking for a professional Website designing company in Sydney, please feel free to book a consultation with one of our Website builders.

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