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Web Design Sydney

Do you have a business idea, start-up project plan or need a website to communicate to your stakeholders?

Get in touch with us and we will help you turn your plans into reality.

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success stories

We are Sydney's Top Rated Web Design Agency

Nirmal, Saba and all the team - you really did deliver on your promise, we made the right choice with Nirmal Web Studio. Thank you for your excellent service, great support, ease of communication and most of all delivering an outstanding
website! ”

outstanding responsive website

Kerrianne Davoodi Marketing & Communications Manager - Mesh Direct

The Nirmal Web Studio team were fantastic to work with. They responded quickly to all of our questions, and worked hard to create the image and design that we imagined. I would recommend Nirmal Web Studio to those looking for a team to develop their next online project. ”

Web Developer client testimonial

Anastasia Hronis Psychologist - UTS - Unstoppable Me! Program

Nirmal and his team have been excellent in assisting with our project. Nirmal is not only reliable but also very talented. Our project involved building a world-first technology platform, it was not an easy brief, but his results were outstanding. ”

Web Success stories Sydney

Costa Koulis Co-Founder - designerexTM

Nirmal and the team are intelligent, fast and passionate about customer service. Nirmal provides exceptional technical advice and works behind the scenes to provide top web services to our clients. ”

Web Developer client testimonial

Linda Karkafi Founder & Communications Director - Commcentric

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With over 12 years of experience in the online industry, we bring confidence and expertise to each of our projects. We can help you build the right platform for your business. Our team not only builds attractive and powerful websites, but we also generate sales leads!

Result-driven web solutions

Highly creative and passionate team of web designers and developers ready to bring your ideas to life.

Our Services

We provide complete web solutions for SMEs.

We design websites that are tailored to your brand and individual needs. We also benefit you by the use of recent trends and technologies in web design industry. Our designs are not only eye-catching but they are also proven to generate online leads.

Ecommerce solution often referred as an online shop or shopping carts are designed to sell your services or products online. We build secure and scalable ecommerce system that gives you the flexibility to add pages, products, advertisements at your fingertips.

Working as WordPress developers over several years, we specialise in custom WordPress website development and effective WordPress SEO optimisation to generate leads. We mostly focus on custom design and development to suit your brand rather than just integrating a premium theme.

Our creative team ensures that every website we build is unique on its own. We understand your business idea and provide you a flexible and scalable custom web development solution that is guaranteed to meet your requirements.

Our story

We are a boutique web design agency based in Sydney.
Our mission is to build outstanding websites for SMEs, to help them achieve their online goals.

Looking for a dedicated web design agency in Sydney to create an amazing online presence for your business? Require some help to improve your current web presence?

Well, you have come to the right place!

We are a team of designers and developers that are passionate about all things online! No project is too small or large for our expertise. We tailor our services and packages to suit our client’s unique business requirements.

Our team has over a decade of experience working in website design and development. We specialise in delivering dynamic, strong, vibrant and user-friendly websites to suit client budgets. We have a strong track record working with clients across all major industries – ranging from professional service providers to start-up innovators.
We use our extensive knowledge in various web design tools to build dynamic websites and premium designs. Our Specialisation includes handcrafted website design, WordPress CMS and Custom web application development.

We custom design all our websites from scratch and work with our clients to revise designs until our clients love what they receive. We have a welcoming and approachable team who communicates business goals to our clients effectively.

We provide our clients with reliable and affordable web solutions to achieve their business needs. You can check out our online portfolio to learn more about our latest website design and development projects.

If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to call us on 02 9281 3250.

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Why choose us?

The team here at Nirmal Web Studio are a little different to your average web design agency. We know what it’s like out there, with budget web agencies leaving websites incomplete or malfunctioning, with customer service leaving much to be desired. At NWS, you will be delighted with our service ethic and feel you have a reliable team supporting your online channels.

We work with integrity and prioritise customer care in everything we do.

With response times averaging 8 hours, our dedication to our customers is next to none.

Our team at NWS is proud to be an Australian owned Award-winning boutique web design agency, specialising in visually appealing, modern websites that attract customers for SMEs. Our services include web design and web development, responsive websites, eCommerce websites, marketplace development, API integration and much more! When you require specialist help with your Wordpress site, look no further.
We’ve been deepening our knowledge of this site building technology since 2003 and our results and customer satisfaction levels speak for themselves.

We prioritise your desired results throughout the entire process.

When you choose Nirmal Web Studio you gain access to our team of 35 global design experts. Together we make sure your website launch process and the subsequent results for your business exceed your expectations.

We serve clients across all major industries. Every design and development project is tailored in detail to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We also offer website care plans for the sites we have built. We invest time to know your website like the back of our hands. This allows us to make instant changes to the website more efficiently, and we can also quickly determine the source of any issues that could arise from external factors eg. web host or security issues.

Our Process

Requirement Analysis & Workshop

The first step in designing your website is to understand your business in detail. We do this by organising a workshop with you to understand your target audience and draw the wireframes of all the page templates tailoring to your business and target audience with you. The key outcomes of this stage are sitemap, customer journey mapping and rough sketches of all key main pages.

UX Strategy

Once we have the architecture of your WordPress website ready, we then do the proper wireframing of the pages that we discussed in the meeting. Wireframes are nothing but the indication of the layout of your web page without the actual colour, images and the finishing.

Any changes that you want in the layout has to be communicated at this stage as changes in the layout at a later stage is hard and might incur additional fees. You will get up to 3 rounds of revision on the wireframes. At the end of this stage, you should be able to visualise the layout of your new website.

If you do not have the content ready, we will use dummy content on the design which will be replaced later. You can now, however, work on the content of the website keeping in mind the space allocated for a particular content block. Please note, if the content does not fit the space for a block, there might need to be some adjustments made to the design later on which will incur additional cost and timeline. The key outcome of this stage is wireframes for all your web pages.

Please note, this stage might not be relevant to you depending on the website package you are subscribed to.

UI Design

Once we have the wireframes ready, we will now use UI design tools like Photoshop and/or illustrator to convert those layouts into meaningful designs with the use of actual brand colour, images and content (if available). Before we design the web pages, we generally prepare a web style guide that defines the colours, graphics and rules all designers and developers should follow to maintain consistency across your brand, including websites.

During this stage, you will be shown the actual design of your website with real colours and images. The final website will be a replica of the design unless there is a need to change. Please note that the design shown at this stage is not responsive so you may need to view the designs in your desktop to be able to give proper feedback. You will have up to 2 rounds of revision on the design.

The key outcomes of this stage are style guide and the actual design of the web pages. Any changes that you need in the design must be communicated at this stage as there is no going back during the development phase.

Development Blueprint

Once we have the UI ready, we will then go into more detail on how each component of the design should behave on the final website and prepare a document for you. This document will specify how the elements will be built during the development phase and if you can change those elements via the backend of the website in the future on your own or not.

Even though WordPress is very flexible for content management, there will still be things that will be hard coded, meaning you will not be able to change it without us in the future. We aim to be transparent upfront on these matters at the outset so both parties have their expectations set right.

If you think there has been a misalignment in what is being written in the document and your brief, it is critical to communicate at this stage and sort out sooner rather than later.

The key outcome of this stage is a document that will be used to determine what falls in and out of the scope. The end document will also act as a reference for developers to code the website so that the final website justifies your business needs very well.

Coding & Development

Once you've signed off on the development documentation, we'll start building the website using the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. After testing the static layouts, we integrate the new designs with the latest version of WordPress CMS and populate the content.

Upon request, you can be presented with a staging server link to view the progress of the website build at any stage, however, it is important to note that the website is still not fully completed. You might notice things that are broken or missing but they will be addressed by the time we deliver the website to you.

Quality Test and Review

When the website is ready from our end, we will mirror the site in a development environment, then our QA team will test the site across different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge) and devices (iPhone 5 and above, Android) based on the development document you signed off at an earlier stage.

Once the website is ready for your review, we will send you a staging server link for the final review. Generally, we provide two feedback rounds either on Trello or Google Sheet during the final testing phase. Rest assured, any bugs that arise from this testing will be fixed prior to launch.

It is expected to have the domain and hosting details ready by the end of this stage. Please get in touch with us to know more about domain and web hosting if you are not familiar with the jargon.

Go Live and Handover

Once the website is tested and ready to go live, we will set up redirection of your current URLs to new URLs (if applicable) to keep the SEO value. We will also optimise the website for SEO, page speed and security. Once our internal checklist has been followed to go live, we upload the website on the live server.

As part of our website handover process, we provide a manual to update and maintain your website moving forward.

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