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Inbound and Outbound Links: Debugging & Differentiating the Terminologies

So you have just started pulling the strings of SEO.

You just finished on figuring how search marketing actually works.

You have a basic concept of On-Page. And now, you are driven into the main meat – “Backlinks.

If you have read few beginners’ guide, you probably know backlink is the real deal.

It’s the only major factor that can rank your website and…

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9 Questions you Should Never Forget to Ask Your E-commerce Development Partner

In my 10 years of building websites and consultations, I have learned a lot.

I’ll admit that I have given some stupid advice and few were even gems.

Besides the plethora of happiness and regrets, there is one thing that I absolutely adore.

I’m a big fan of an online store especially the ones that bring creativity to the table.

But, as a consultant,…

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5 Signs you aren’t still ready to start an online store

I will be dead honest with you.

There is never a RIGHT TIME for starting a business.

It’s that simple.

Many 9-5 corporate jokers are delusional.

They get dragged by their thought of the right time that delays their first move to success.

However, it doesn’t mean you can jump start your business with the chunk of ideas.

There are certain things that set the road…

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App Development Cost Breakdown – How much does it cost to make an app?

Since you’ve landed on this page, I guess you have made up your mind to build a mobile application. And for obvious reasons you are curious to know the total cost of app development.

Before the cost breakdown, it’s best to know the platform you want to opt for. Basically, it’s about the two giants – Google Play store and App Store.


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6 Things You Must Consider Before Hiring an Ecommerce Web Design Agency

You stepped out of the 9-5 corporate boots, removed your corporate suit, and start thinking.

You have had enough of your boss screaming at your simple mistakes. You want to make it on your own.

So, you want to open an online store on a product you have been working on for years.

Now what?

Launching an eCommerce business also referred as an online…

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Difference between ecommerce website and shopping cart

E-commerce business is growing at a rate of knots. Every year it’s growing by 23% where 96% of American has said that they have made at least one single online purchase in their life.

60% of the products that is sold online are clothing, shoes, and accessories items. And three most determining factors of purchase are price, shipping cost, and speed.


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