WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems for building and maintaining websites. It can be complicated, especially if you’re just getting started with your new website and the back end of it. Be that as it may, WordPress development is one of the most rewarding careers in the world today.

WordPress software powers over 43% of all sites globally, which continues to grow every day. However, there’s no denying that many people think about WordPress development with a negative attitude, which is valid for many reasons.

Because it was so simple to produce content, people utilized it avidly for blogging in the past. As time went on, many people came to recognize that the qualities that made publishing articles simple can also help with publishing web pages on a website.

Even though WordPress offers a wide variety of functionalities, not everyone finds them comfortable. Because WordPress development, despite its popularity,

So, let’s talk about some misunderstood facts and myths about WordPress development in this article so you can clear your mind.

Below are the 7 Most Misunderstood Facts and Misconceptions About WordPress Development.

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WordPress Offers Limited Support

One of the biggest misunderstood facts about WordPress development is its support system. Many inexperienced WordPress users or developers make a fuss about the absence of a competent WordPress support team.

They think that because they do not pay for the service, no one is responsible or available to assist when needed.

First, you can easily find a local WordPress developer in your area to get full support. As WordPress is a popular platform, it’s easy to find a developer or an agency in the local area.

You can also hire a WordPress agency like us to get reliable and dedicated support from a WordPress dev team.

If you are doing DIY, you can post your questions on the forum and receive responses from local moderators or other users. Besides, a quick Google search will also show you hundreds of tutorials, advice pieces, and how-to guides on the subject, making your life easier.

However, if that’s not your cup of tea, you can always hire a dedicated WordPress development company that provides an overall

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It is only a Blogging Platform

One of the biggest misconceptions about WordPress is that it is only a blogging platform. In 2003, WordPress emerged as a blogging platform. However, it eventually developed into a fully-fledged content management system over time as the community increased.

Today, almost any type of website can be built with WordPress. Thus, it has developed into a strong website builder from just a blogging tool. The platform attracted numerous theme engines and developers who helped build a library of themes and WordPress plugins to accommodate various kinds of websites including personal blogs, company websites, news sites, apps, etc.

Users Need to Learn Code In Order to Use WordPress

WordPress users frequently mistakenly believe that they must learn how to code in order to use it. It is not necessary to have prior coding experience or knowledge to launch a WordPress website, however, it is helpful.

You can use pre-made plug-ins and themes, and the vast majority of functions have detailed labels. Explore the menu on your website properly and in more detail to find out what each button performs.

Websites created by inexperienced developers require the client to update and maintain the code. Perhaps it involves altering an image tag or link, copying icon codes from another website, or figuring out a hex code.

The customer does not need to learn any coding, though, when WordPress is used to its fullest extent. You can use a custom theme page builder to abstract dropdown menus, pre-set colour schemes, links, and images.

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Not a Secure Platform

Another persistent misconception about WordPress is that it is not sufficiently safe and can be easily hacked compared to other software.

In actuality, any system might be compromised. Depending on the developer, designer, administrator, or anyone else who designed the site, WordPress may be both incredibly insecure or excessively secure.

WordPress is a very adaptable platform, and its security may be further increased by using security services or any trustworthy website firewall.

Additionally, by using strong passwords, routinely updating themes and plugins, and implementing other recommended security practices, you may further improve WordPress security.

WordPress isn’t Scalable

Many people think WordPress isn’t scalable. Some people believe that it’s only appropriate for small businesses and blogs. Others worry that it won’t be able to handle its increasing traffic or will experience crashes as a result.

WordPress is the best choice for new companies or small enterprises who can’t immediately invest in a website due to its accessibility. Anyone may create a trustworthy website using the free tools it provides and the plethora of tutorials available online.

However, if the proper strategy is taken, WordPress’ functionality and flexibility have shown to be ideal solutions that can be employed even by huge organizations, and it can result in the building of an incredible website.

Additionally, People think that excessive traffic causes WordPress sites to go offline. There are rumours that it struggles with heavy traffic. However, in reality, hosting problems and other technical issues, are what cause websites to go offline, not CMS.

WordPress is Just a Template and All Sites Look Alike

Another major misconception about WordPress is just a template and that all WordPress sites look alike. There is a common misconception that since WordPress websites are created using templates, they cannot be changed.

The distinction between themes and templates in this context is significant. Of course, themes determine how your website looks generally, whereas templates determine the specifics of how it renders.

First off, WordPress is a content management system; a template is a predefined layout. Although they appear identical at first glance, they are actually different.

Additionally, there are many WordPress themes readily available, and they are used to determine how any website powered by WordPress looks visually. There is also an extensive selection of premium WordPress themes available, but many of them are also free.

There are also robust WordPress page builder plugins that let you design your own layouts using a simple drag-and-drop interface and no programming knowledge. In short, your WordPress site will appear just how you desire. For more, read our blog on why small business needs a website.

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You Can Do Everything On Your Own

We are aware that WordPress is free, user-friendly and ideal for business owners who are just starting out. On the contrary, we also know that WordPress is effective for larger companies with more complicated website requirements.

Thus, your requirement for a team of web developers to maintain and resolve any difficulties that may arise increases as your website becomes more complicated and receives more traffic. To further expand your website, get dedicated WordPress web developers to maintain and optimize it with WP Creatives, Australia’s leading web development company.

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