Introduction to WordPress

Initiating in 2003, WordPress was regarded as the foremost blogging tool and Content Management System (CMS) in the world. These days millions of business and e-commerce websites throughout the world are running towards WordPress CMS. In 2016 alone, 27 percent websites were powered by WordPress. And, this number is expected to increase in 2017. Definitely, WordPress has become the most imperative platform for building a versatile and functional website quickly. Therefore it is very important to

WP has been the go-to resource for even the less tech savvy business owners. It makes so much easy to get your website online. You don’t need to code thousands of Dynamic Hypertext Markup, CSS, PHP to get your website up and running. Therefore it is very important to

However, if you need more complex system or website where a theme doesn’t provide sufficient answers you must hire dedicated WordPress developers as they can design an advanced website which will maximise the sales and visibility of your business. No wonder, the cost for developing website might go up but this ensures quality website delivery.

Benefits of using WordPress CMS

I have been working on WordPress for over 7 years and running. And, if you ask me about its benefits I can list down at least 20 of them right now. But I’m going to point down only the most important ones that will help you in decision making.

Easy to manage

WordPress offers a functionality that is easy to use and manage with a highly responsive interface. It’s made in such a way that a layman without coding knowledge can work his way out. As the name suggest, it’s just a content management system which enables you to make changes on your website without having to shoot one line of code. Just go through few WordPress tutorials on Youtube, get in-depth detail on WordPress Codex program, and try out your first website. You will find it much easier than other CMS like Joomla and Drupal.


It is SEO friendly and updated regularly proving fresh content which benefits your website to rank on the top by Search engines. One of the important reasons that people opt for WordPress over other CMS is its SEO factor. It is regarded as one of the best out there with a tonne of plugins to play around. If you know how to install a plugin inside the back end, it should be enough. One thing to note is that WP itself isn’t SEO friendly, but by using effective plugins and right configuration, it becomes one of the lethal weapons for SEO.

Social media-friendly

You may know by now the important role social media plays in an online world. If you can’t run with the trend, you may just quit your business. If you want your website to be rich with social media, WordPress should be the ideal choice. It consists of a compatible feature with each and every social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many others. With many plugin developers working every day to make social media plugin more user-friendly, you will get a tonne of options to play with.

Provides useful plug-in

WordPress provides a high choice of a free plug-in. Plugins make your work easy and quick. You don’t have to search for a developer if you are stuck on a common issue as there are plugins to solve it. For example: If you want to increase your website speed, there are plugins that help to increase your website speed on WordPress. It also lets you participate in social forums and allows you to add photo galleries, newsletters, maps, and more.

Easy to customise

With the help of various options provided by WordPress, you can modify your design and the appearance of your site. It also allows you to download and utilise the themes which are easy to customise and free of cost.

Control of content

As a business owner, you want to control your content, add as well as edit content. The backend of WP is simple to use and doesn’t require a rocket science to edit it. You can simply check few tutorials and you can easily add and edit your content. This way not only you can update your website regularly but also have control over your content.

Ways To benefit your business with Expert WordPress Developers

Experienced developers

WordPress developers are mostly web programmers who have extensive knowledge of various languages such as SQL, XML, JavaScript and much more. This helps the developers to create quality websites. So hiring WordPress developers with years of experience is recommended in this area. Expert WordPress developers consist of technical knowledge about WordPress so that they can assist you in fixing bugs and installing different plugins.

Optimization Service

Nowadays the WordPress developers do not only have adequate knowledge on the programming of web design but also covers optimisation services in their packages. SEO is a technique of increasing the ranking your website which raises sales and draws attention of new customers. Therefore WordPress Developer with SEO will be more helped.

Good quality work

WordPress is challenging task of building a website as it is known as a complete, spontaneous and user-oriented platform. You can find WordPress developer who provides Good quality websites that are easy to navigate, original, customised.


With the enhancing feature of WordPress, Expert WordPress developers are always alert of newest updates of the WordPress as well as market. They always keep themselves updated and works according to the latest trends of WordPress. They start all the task of setting up your WordPress site and also performs installation, customization, plugins and themes.

To the end, WordPress is a great choice for reliable, easy customization and powerful platform to reach your business goals. There are lots of benefits of hiring Expert WordPress developers but at the same time, it can also be time to consume and costly if not done correctly.

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