How To Evaluate Quality Of Your Web Design?

How To Evaluate Quality Of Your Web Design?

Every company desires for a good and attractive web design however most of them are still unknown on the exact meaning of a good website design. Along with good design the quality of website also includes accessible usability and functionality of a page.

How to evaluate quality of your web design?

Proper Strategy

A proper strategy results in a good website design. Company should give lots of effort and time for planning a proper strategy to upgrade their business through website. Websites cannot be successful without attaining the requirement of a company despite of its attractive and friendly features.

So question yourself:

  • Does my design influence audience to visit my website?
  • Does my audience find my site useful and informative?
  • Will a new user get a clear vision about my business and service when they visit my site?

If the answer for the given questions is yes then your site is good with proper strategy and if your answer is no then you need to work more on strategy.

Identify Usability

Usability includes the proper functionality of your website such as user-friendly, security, speed and other technical information. Most of this functionality are not visually clear like you cannot see security of website when type it in its URL. When an audience cannot find what they are looking for due to poor navigation on your site, then your site will lose them.

So to evaluate the usability of your site you need to question yourself:

  • How much time does it take to load my page?
  • Can visitor find information easily?
  • Is there search button for visitors?
  • Do all the links work?
  • Is my site mobile-friendly?
  • Is my site browser compatible?

These questions helps you to evaluate the usability of your website.

Readability and Usefulness of Content

Readability and usefulness are two major consideration of content. Readability includes readable and clean content to make visitors see your content clearly whereas usefulness includes making your content informative so that visitors can gain some useful information from it.

 Evaluate quality of your site with these questions:

  • Are the font readable?
  • Are the colors and sizes of  content observable?
  • Do I have informative content?
  • Can this content be useful to visitor?

With these questions you can evaluate quality of your Web design and make the website productive and useful.


Style is one of the major parts to evaluate quality of your website. A good design aligns their brand, build good impression to the visitors and accompaniment the content which they communicate.

To evaluate the quality of style of your website question yourself:

  • Do style of website support brands along with colors, graphics, and fonts?
  • is the style of my website constant?
  • Do my style follow target audience?

By the help of these questions you can check quality of your design and make it productive. Be sure your logo and website design defines your company.

So, these points will make you easy to evaluate your website by yourself and make the website informative and effective. So you can learn from your previous mistakes and redesign you site again to make it more usable attractive and improve quality of site.

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