Learn from the mistakes: 5 Common mistakes in web design

Learn from the mistakes: 5 Common mistakes in web design

Website should be created by understanding the needs of audience. The great challenge in website lies on making it usable as a website with good usability attracts customer towards it. It should look good along with smart and clean.

However, most often than not, websites are subject to numerous mistakes. Whether, the designer can’t relate the concept of the client or the design turns flat due to other reasons, the mistakes are close to every web design. These common mistakes in the page may degrade your website and put it down. So, you need to redesign your site, learn from mistakes and try to perform better .

Here we are going to discuss some of the most common mistakes people have to face in web design.

Learn from the mistakes: 5 Common mistakes in web design

Poor Readability

A good interface design along with readability is one of the vital parts of web design.It drives the attention of users but if they are unable to read the text and cannot find anything useful in website and their desire to visit your website decreases. Sometimes most irregular font styles and sizes are used in web design which makes user difficult to read the content. Readability is one of the most essential part of conversion rate optimisation. If your site has small fonts or doesn’t appeal to the audience, it can be a turn off. Follow these simple rules to overcome that problem.

  •  Visit different sites and view their design; evaluate type of colour used by them and grab some idea
  • Utilize those ideas it in your website.
  • After utilizing it  you need to test your website by reading the content.
  • If you can read well then your audience can read it too.

No change in the colour of Visited links

A good footprint of previous navigation assists you to know your current location. Since links are the key factor in the procedure of navigation, if there is no change in the colour of visited links then user can exclude links which may be useful to them during their past visit. A distinguishable colour between visited links or hover links helps in terms of user experience too. So, to get out from this common mistake, there should be change in colour of visited links. This makes easy for user to identify their earlier site and visit them again.

  • Use functionality that changes color after visit to the link and check the link once. If you don’t know CSS, get one from a cheap freelancing site like Fiverr to help you out.

Unavailable Contact information

If your company is related to online shopping or other services then the contact information of your company is very important to make customer easy to contact you. When your customer finds your contact information  unavailable then your customers turn back to another site which is more useful to them. Also, think this way, if you can’t see a contact information in a website, how can you tell if it’s authentic or not? Therefore, you should focus on providing full and appropriate contact information in your website.

  • Use one separate page for Contact details and provide full contact information of company.
  • Make sure contact details are available in your site and it is not hidden.
  • You can also insert email and contact number in the top of every page.

Disorganized Content Layout

The content layout  regulates the traffic to your website. Disorganized content layout includes keeping incorrect, unapproachable, inconsequential or outdated content in the website. The content should correspond with the inclusive theme of the website. So, to make website attractive and informative content should be well organized.

  • Make heading of your content bold and large
  • Use margins to generate enough white-space within your text and images
  • Update your content in a certain time-frame and make it reliable.

Unavailability of Search Box

A website provides useful information about company, services and products. Either a business website or blog search box is important. Sometime audience may have difficulty to find something that is hidden inside the website. So, unavailability of Search engine makes them dissatisfied with the website as they cannot find what they want.

  • You can research and apply Google custom search in your site, it helps your audience to search your site in effective manner.

Consequently, these are the 5 mistakes that can be found in web design. Mistakes are done by everyone, instead of repeating the mistake you should try to gain some idea from the mistake and improve your design in a better way.  In order to keep your design out of these mistakes; you have to visit different sites, grab some idea, research and design carefully.

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