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From 29th July 2015, Windows 10 is initialled globally in 190 countries.


A personal computer operating system (OS) Windows 10 is built-up by Microsoft as a component of Windows NT unit of OS. It is recognisable as well as simple to use with plenty of similarities of Windows 7 counting Start menu. Through Windows 10, Microsoft is trying to apply some of the touches and tablet features it produced for Windows 8, merge them with the recognisable start menu and desktop and run it on the top of improved OS with more security.


For present users of 7 and 8, Windows 10 upgrades can be downloaded directly from Microsoft, which will be free until one year. Later on, both product keys and standalone copies of the OS are sold on the flash drives starting the price from $119.

The users using a previous version of Windows like Vista have to pay for the upgrade including those who are not using genuine versions of the Software regardless of past indication to the contrary.

Windows 10 editions

These are different Windows 10 editions that are customised for various devices:

Windows 10 Home

It is mainly intended user PCs, tablets and hybrids like Surface 3 and upcoming Surface Pro 4.

Windows 10 Mobile

It is intended to deliver the best user experience on mobile devices like smartphones and small tablets.

Windows 10 pro

It is mainly intended for small business including all the features of Windows 10 Home plus device and app management.


  • This OS integrates virtual desktop, live tiles and notification sidebar of Windows 8.
  • It initiated new default web browser along with Microsoft Edge and incorporated support for fingerprint
  • Along with quick start up and resume it is prepared to work with your previous software and hardware.
  • In order to boost up the graphical abilities for the games of OS Windows 10 has introduced face recognition login and new versions of DirectX and WDDM.
  • It benefits customer with software updates and app downloads through a network of other Windows 10 customers basically by peer-to-peer updates.
  • An innovative browser, the Cortana assistant, its own version of Office for up and about editing and lots of features projected to make life simpler
  • Working on all fresh, collective apps for Windows 10, the company has designed Outlook that offers inclusive styling and additional layout ability from any device you are checking your email. Desktop user can also personalise Outlook with a background image they desire
  • It is compatible with each of the devices recently running Windows 8.1 and other smartphones.

How to download and install?

Following these steps, you can easily download and install Windows 10

Step 1: Reserve your Upgrade

If you have not done yet, updating your Windows 7 or 8.1 OS to the recent version lets you reserve a copy of Windows 10 without any charge. A small Windows 10 icon in your system will specify your eligibility. Now, click on the icon, insert your e-mail, click on “Send Confirmation”  and proceed further.

Step 2: Start Downloading Windows 10

At first, you need to ensure the upgrades set, clicking on Windows Update icon available within the system. If you contain an alert with “Your upgrade to Windows 10 is ready” omit to the further step. Ensure your Windows Update is set to obtain and install updates automatically.

After that proceed to the folder located in “C:\Windows\SoftwareDistributions\Download” and delete the content within the folder. Then, Open the Command Prompt in Administrator mode, type “wuauclt.exe/update now” and press enter. This prompts your download of windows 10 to start soon. As the process completes, you can go to the next step.

Step 3: Start  installing

Now, Windows Update will ask you to upgrade.  You can start by clicking on “Restart Now” in Windows Update notifications. Then, your computer verifies that you want to upgrade immediately. However, you are capable of taking it afterwards on the timeline, when you do not have time to deal with it instantly.

Thus, following this procedure, you can install and download windows 10.

Consequently, this article provides you information about Windows 10. Upgrade your System today, with new and exciting features of this OS.

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