WordPress is not the only Content Management System (CMS) that you need for your eCommerce store. There are many other platforms available such as Squarespace. Not only are they great for users who have no knowledge of how to use WordPress, but they are perfect for people who already have a supply chain and just want to upload their products and start a small eCommerce store.

The benefits of using both WordPress and SquareSpace are different, however.

Where WordPress pivots on customizations, efficiency, lower cost, and ease of access, SquareSpace focuses on quality, minimum time to launch, and managed support.
Therefore, both WordPress and Squarespace target different types of users.

But what about their cost? Which of the two is better when it comes to building an online store from scratch? That is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Here is what you will learn:

  • Is WordPress Better or Squarespace?
  • WordPress Total Cost Breakdown
  • Squarespace Total Cost Breakdown

Let’s start.

Is WordPress Better or Squarespace?

This is a tough question. Both WordPress and Squarespace have their pros and cons. People use WordPress when they have an idea of a customized website. WordPress allows them to create a website from scratch without hiring a site developer.

WordPress over Squarespace

The major benefit of using WordPress is flexibility and the number of plugins available on this platform.

Plugins Make a Difference

The plugins allow users to create a website from scratch in any way they want. They can add customizations of their choice, and create a layout that is incomparable with any other.

Self-Hosting is a Plus!

Then, another great benefit of WordPress is the self-hosting option available on this platform. WordPress allows users to create a website on any hosting solution they feel comfortable with. Due to this freedom, they can migrate websites from a shared host to a cloud host and vice versa.

Template Based Hosting for Beginners

Another reason to choose WordPress over Squarespace is that it offers template-based hosting that is not offered by Squarespace. At least not as numerous as WordPress offers template options. Most WordPress websites offer templates for over 30 different themes. Users can just launch the templates, fill the dummy content with their own web content and they are done.

Squarespace over WordPress

Similarly, SquareSpace is a hosted website & eCommerce platform. It means users can easily create a website on SquareSpace by connecting a domain name to it. This allows them to have their own presence online. They can use this presence to launch a business, create a hobby website, create a portfolio about them, or start an eCommerce store. Of course the options are unlimited.

SquareSpace Managed Support

First thing first. SquareSpace offers managed support. It means you can get help from the SquareSpace team if you get stuck somewhere when managing your website. This is great for beginners who are unaware of how to manage an ecommerce store or even a simple blog. With Managed Support, they can get things done faster and grasp the ropes of the trade.

Cost of WordPress Website

Here is a complete breakdown of the WordPress website

  • Buying a domain for WordPress: $10
  • Finding a hosting solution for WordPress website: $5 per month
  • Finding a theme+template for a WordPress website: $40 (one-time – if you are looking for the most cost-effective solution.)
  • Structuring your website and getting started: Depends on your expertise. If you can watch tutorials online then the cost is zero
  • Maintenance cost: Cost of maintaining a WordPress website is zero because you are only managing the site through CMS (considering you have got the technical capabilities to do that.)

In summary, the total cost of launching and managing a WordPress website is $50 in the start and then $5 to $10 per month depending on the hosting solution you have chosen for your website.

The total cost on an annual basis would be less than $100 for WordPress alone.

However, it should be noted that WordPress websites don’t always require a premium theme. WordPress offers free themes for users who would like to manage and scale their websites without spending a lot of money. They can simply launch their website with a free theme, and then move to a premium theme once the website starts earning profit.

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SquareSpace Cost Breakdown

SquareSpace offers a single package of $12 per month to $40 per month. The package is perfect for beginners who are looking to get hosting + website management both at once.

SquareSpace cost breakdown is as follow:

  • Hosting package: $12 per month for hosting the website
  • Site management cost: Zero dollars per month because the site is managed by the SquareSpace team. You just have to add the theme of your choice on the website and it will work in the normal way.
  • Transaction fees: SquareSpace charges a 3% transaction fees for each order that you sell through your ecommerce store
  • Premium fees: Not all SquareSpace templates are free just like WordPress and may cost $50 per theme (annually). So, you may have to pay for the extra.

In summary, SquareSpace’s total cost will be $500 per year or even more if you add other add-ons that also cost money. Moreover, if you plan to move to the advanced tiers on SquareSpace, the cost of store management can increase even further.

Which one should you choose? WordPress or Squarespace

In our comparison, we have found that WordPress is a much better option in terms of cost, the flexibility of operations, and site-wide customisations.

SquareSpace is also a great option for individual eCommerce stores where scalability is not needed at all. Because when people think of scaling their SquareSpace based eCommerce stores, they have to pay for the Advanced tier which costs $40 per month. This amount is outrageous considering that you will be paying north of $500 per year just for site hosting and management.

On the other hand, WordPress only costs $100 per year, which is five times less than what you will be paying with SquareSpace. So, in a sense, WordPress is a perfect option for those who are willing to launch and scale their website from scratch.

How to Get Started with WordPress?

Once you have launched your eCommerce store or blogging website on WordPress, the next step is to maintain it. By maintaining, you need to make it attractive so that visitors can actually come to visit your website, stay on it, and get through the marketing funnel.

For that, you need a customised theme that is unique and offers more value to the users at a glance. Our WordPress customisation experts can do that for you.

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