If the question of poor website performance arises, people know that their website is slow. Some suspect that the issue is theme related or some suspect that the issue is related to the code being out of date. If the website was prepared a few years back or there are some issues with the existing host of the website.

A lagging website is always a turn-off. It not only halts your chance of higher conversion, it also affects your SEO performance in Google.

If you are a business owner that earns digitally, you should always consider site speed as one of the essential parts of your business model.

Though this popular platform comes with various shortcomings, here are 8 best and most useful tips to improve the performance of your WordPress website.

Solid Hosting saves best

hosting service

Hosting of the website is really important as while with the starter website it’s okay to stay with a normal hosting, but with the traffic increasing gradually it is required that you go for a higher end hosting. A solid hosting provider with a dedicated server is the right plan and the preliminary step towards a better website performance. In just a simple google search, you will find best hosting providers at an affordable price. If you are looking for standard web hosting servers with 99.9% up-time, we have also got a perfect hosting service for you.

Keep a check on your Image Sizes

optimize image

It’s obvious that bigger the image content size, slower the website. Always be honest with the decision that uploading the size of the image that you require and not the largest size of the image that is available on the internet. Always compress your image file with a tool like compressor.io to minimise the size of images. This way it keeps the load down to a minimum on servers which ultimately helps in increasing website speed.

Install a Solid WordPress Theme

install wordpress theme

People using the Theme Forest themes often wish to migrate into a more robust one with better configuration options and flexibility. But more the configurations more is the price and with price comes performance. The flexibility allows adding various things to the existing websites, which can make the website slower in turn, so it’s better to select a great theme from beginning only. Always check the features of every theme you download. Some themes aren’t optimised for speed. Few theme owners don’t even care about SEO. And, in the process, they design the theme in a way that it looks attractive from outside but has a poor speed performance.

Install the Right Plugin

wordpress plugin

Installing highly functional and premium plugins can keep the performance optimised and protect pages better.
It’s recommended that a light plugin will be right for fulfilling the needs instead of something heavier, which may be a functional premium plugin. Also, check which Plugin is taking high space in Database. And, if they aren’t offering any use, you may want to delete it for maximum benefits.

Keep WordPress UpDated

update wordpress website

It’s recommended to keep your WordPress core files up to date if you don’t want to slow down your website with a PHP code which is as old as a decade. Moreover, keeping your theme, plugin updated will keep your files safe from data intruders who try to sneak in your website. And, the loopholes in these themes and plugins are the way to do it. So, keep everything updated.

Keep Your MySQL Database Optimized

Optimized MySQL Database

There are many easy-to-use plugins designed primarily for optimisation. Just by installing such plugin, you can reduce excess space and remove overhead costing.

Delete Unused Plugins

unwanted wordpress plugin

If you are one a plugin junkie, and the plugin you select doesn’t perform like expected, don’t give a second thought while deleting it, as it may result in something else. The unused plugin may be sitting active in the WordPress admin panel and conflicting with the right plugin along with hogging the bandwidth.

Always use a cache & Security plugin

This has to be one of the most important elements that I can’t stress enough. Over time you won’t even notice that your site has a lot of content and images that can hamper server’s response time. This is where a WordPress cache plugins can bridge the slow gap of client server. Similarly, hacks are common issues of any website in the online world. If you don’t show some concise care toward your website, it can be attacked by malware. So, always have a plugin like Wordfence to offer a shield of protection for your website.

Wrapping Up,

Building a website is pretty easy. But running them on a consistent basis can be hectic. This is where you may need technical supports. If you are looking for WordPress developer or technical WP support, Nirmal is always on the charge.