WordPress – Simple yet feature rich CMS has taken the web space by storm. What started as a simple blogging platform has turned into the home of almost 27% fortune 500 companies on the web.

One of the best Content Management System is WordPress as its functionality can be expanded to fit most of the website needs, desired by most of the client. Throughout the year of 2023, the digital marketing plan for a business requires a Content Management system which is simple to run and which will not obstruct the purpose of promotion as well as content.

There is a reason why many WP developers and marketers prefer WordPress nowadays to build websites and systems for their clients. It’s easy to use and a tonne of feature rich plugins make things a lot flexible for business owners as well as developers.

One of the biggest concerns of many of our clients is how they can generate more revenue from their WordPress websites. That whether they will be able to get any increased revenue by creating a WordPress website. Or, if it is the right platform for launching a business website.

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The answer to all these questions is offered in this article. Let’s begin.

But before we get to that, we need to understand why WordPress is so important for your digital presence.

Here is a glimpse at WordPress’s digital business statistics.

WordPress Statistics for Digital Businesses

  1. WordPress is currently powering more than 35% of the websites available on the internet
  2. WordPress is one of the most visited platforms and more people visit it in comparison with Twitter
  3. On average, users post over 70 million new posts on WordPress each month
  4. According to statistics of 2018, WordPress was getting 1million new users every six months. This translates to 1 million more domains every six months on the internet.
  5. WordPress offers over 50,000 free plugins that you can use to add more value to your website

The question that always looms in digital space is whether WordPress helps in SEO. The answer is “No.” There is no way that by just having your website in WordPress will help you beat the competitors who have been in the business for a decade.

But here is the thing:

Unlike other CMS, WordPress does have options to make your on page SEO strong.

Why WordPress for Digital Marketing?

Get You a Business Website/Online Store

The first way WordPress can help your business is to help you launch a business or portfolio website or even an eCommerce store. This means you don’t need the services of a developer to get all these jobs done. You can easily create a WordPress business website by yourself. Even if you hire a WordPress design agency to help you, the charges will be a lot lower than what you will be paying for when you get a website made with a non-WordPress CMS. Looking to create your first WordPress Store? Contact Us today.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing refers to a verified digital marketing policy as the useful content found by viewers is created by organisations and then it is used on their websites. By the use of targeted keywords as well as phrases in the content, the content marketing will also make the search engine visible. As a result, your targeted audience can find your website useful and this will also help you to put up backlinks by social shares and other mentions. WordPress is a Perfect CMS for content marketing as it was initiated as a tool for the blog post. Also, read our blog about adding a PDF doc to your WP site.

Content Marketing
Source: bcimedia

Website Portal

WordPress can be simply managed by different plug-ins available. Through these plug-ins, you will be able to manage your members of the website, provide a schedule for various events, make payments and much more which is useful to the organisation of all sizes from small to medium to create a brand with ease. These plug-ins and digital marketing policy allow an organisation change their website into a portal where clients and members of their community can obtain information easily.

Website Portal
Source: 7r

Create a community

The above-mentioned strategies and functionality have made your website powerful network community of members, clients as well as visitors. Now, you have the power to build a marketing hub where social channels can be generated. The hub is made as your network community from where you can discuss and share your events, contents which are on your site currently.

Create a Community
Source: mirifica

Think about sites like Digital Ocean, PCMag, and even WordPress.org itself. All these have forums available on the website. These forums allow people to engage and interact with each other. In a way, these are community-building forums for the users. WordPress websites play an important role in creating modern-day forums because the days of PHP Bulletin boards are long gone. With WordPress, the company can start their own forums where they can engage with their users regularly.If you need WordPress support, don’t forget to Contact Us

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO optimises and links your website based on the key phrases as well as keywords that Google finds valuable. These points will help you to enhance your SEO with WordPress:

  • Use Yoast plug-in for testing the strength of SEO on a page and META description.
  • In order to improve rankings, WordPress eliminates a Content bottleneck that means content will be updated frequently.
  • When WordPress is in use, you also can increase editors for a content-in house.
Search Engine Optimization
Source: nastechgroup

Get Higher Conversions Rate

While using WordPress you are able to focus on conversion. You can track shares, visits, comments on contents. Then this tracking enables you to increase the good content and remove the bad content. You can also track your calls to action in order to find out which are working, which to be tweaked a bit and which need to be removed.

Adding eCommerce options on a WordPress website is a lot easier than any other CMS platform. What most digital businesses are looking for is how they can increase sales directly from their main websites. WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin, allows them to add check out options on the website. When they have the checkout options available, people can pay using PayPal or their credit cards directly on WordPress websites to order products. Thus, in a way, WordPress leads to higher conversions for store owners.

Source: franchisemarketingsystems

Test Your Content with A/B and Multivariate Testing

Another important factor that makes WordPress a number one choice for most users is because it helps users easily promote their content on the go through social signals. WordPress offers two ways to help users promote content. One is through on-page SEO tools like Yoast and All in One SEO. The second way is by adding social signals to the profile. In both cases, WordPress users don’t have to manually add anything because all it takes is just a single click to add the required plugin.Moreover, you have the option to add A/B testing plugins on your websites like Hotjar and crazy egg to see what your visitors are interacting with on your website.

Enhance Your Brand Value

WordPress websites are a lot more professional than what you will get with another CMS. WordPress offers thousands of free and paid themes with page builder plugins that users can use to improve the look and feel of their websites.When they promote their websites to their potential clients/customers, the chances of conversion are a lot higher. People love designs that make them feel aesthetically important. With the enhanced brand value, making proposals for projects becomes a lot easier.

Educate from Your Site

Udemy, Udacity, and all other online course websites are famous for one thing. They help people get knowledge. Creating these types of learning management system requires tons of coding at the backend. However, if you are on WordPress, creating a learning website or a course website is no longer a problem. WordPress offers many paid plugins like Teachly, Teachable, and many others that you can add to your website and optimize. Learn more about Internet Marketing with the help of Top Marketing Forums.

WordPress LMS Plugins
WordPress LMS Plugins

Scale Easily, Email Marketing Like Never Before

Unlike other CMS based websites, it is far easier to scale your WordPress website. Whether you are starting from scratch or whether you are migrating your website from another CMS platform, WordPress doesn’t restrict you in any way. Top websites like Buzzfeed, Washington Post, and others are also using WordPress for their websites. It is because WordPress is far easier to scale and it automatically blends with the hosting solution.

You can even add email marketing and CRM suites like ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, and Constant Contact using Contact form 7 plugin on your WordPress website. The form offers free shortcodes that can be easily added to any page.

More Profits

In the end, the purpose of creating a WordPress based website is to support the actual digital business. This is what clients are looking for when they ask what ROI they can get when they start a WordPress based website. Considering the points we discussed, it looks like WordPress can help digital businesses in several ways. The more traffic they get, the more likely they are to get higher profits.

With that said, we hope this article has helped you learn more about how a WordPress website is especially beneficial for digital business. We have also offered a couple of options that you can choose from including eCommerce stores, LMS systems, and website forums.

If you are looking to have your website made today, fill in the form below and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.