Though we are based in Sydney Australia, it’s the same challenge for marketing managers throughout the world to find the right network and people with whom you can discuss your marketing challenges.

It’s 2023 and you probably are thinking of what next. You may have heard about internet marketing and may want to sink your foot into the deep ocean of internet marketing.

But where do you start? The question that pops up every time you may want to pursue a career.

There is a tonne of digital marketing blogs that will teach you in and out of this big world. However, there isn’t anything as quirky as forums. Especially during COVID times if you are working from offices in Australia or any part of the world, it’s hard to find help when you needed.

I personally have grown into a better marketer by indulging in some of the great forums out there in the market.

Today I’m going to discuss the top 10 internet marketing forums that will help you grow as a better digital marketer in Australia and worldwide.

Black Hat Forum

black hat world

Yes Yes, black hat – it’s wrong. My favourite guru told me not to follow the path of a black hat. I understand the nuisance behind it.

But here is the thing: At most times it’s the negative experience that helps us grow in a positive direction. It has all the information you need about techniques that are used to work like a gem. This is where you learn how search engines evolved with time.

When I first started, the black hat forum was my go-to forum. Not because it has crappy and dodgy stuff. It has a community of the most sophisticated SEOs and internet marketers that will make you feel that you don’t know anything.

Warrior Forum


Starting in 1997, this forum definitely packs a punch when it comes to internet marketing. Filled with webmasters that started their journey in the early 2000s, it throws information that you won’t find in any other random blogs. It also has an exclusive membership plan but the free plan is more than enough for the guys starting new. From link-building strategies to affiliate marketing it offers everything a marketer should know about working on the Internet.

Digital Point

digital point

Digital Point covers a variety of topics related to digital marketing in Australia and globally. The last time I checked it ranked for various non-digital marketing-related keywords. So, this may not be the best now but it has some nitty-gritty details on aspects of digital marketing.

From design, and development to affiliate marketing, this forum has the meat that a newbie needs to grow them. You can also buy services from their marketplace which is usually reliable for pure spamming.

Traffic Planet


As Terry Kyle, the founder of Traffic Planet quotes – Traffic Planet was created because existing Internet Marketing Forums had a bigger newbie member base – nothing wrong with that at all but inevitably online marketers have to graduate to something more advanced.

This forum was highly recognised as the go-to forum for seasoned SEOs. However, as there is no baseline or system to judge the experience level of a marketer, it still attracts a high amount of beginners. Terry is also known by many SEOs as the co-founder of the backlinks forum that created a buzz around the web before ceasing out. As the name defines it’s a great source to bring traffic to your site.

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Wicked Fire


If you are into the online money making Wicked Fire is the forum you want to be. With total members of over 70k, it offers numerous threads talking about affiliate marketing especially CPA networks.

Apart from affiliate marketing, there are numerous discussions on SEO, blogging, web design and Pay-per-click. It’s a nice junction for people trying to learn about online marketing and earning through it. Many contributors to the wicked fire are making big and they aren’t shy to share about it. I suggest you soak yourself in the community and learn the patterns before joining the discussion. Participants can be really tough for people just starting out so learn beforehand.



Many may not know about V7N still but the little time I spent during my research was enough for me to put this amazing forum on the list. Some of the threads about SEO had a lot of value and as an SEO myself I was surprised by the value it possessed. It’s astonishing that many still don’t know about this community forum. Hopefully, it picks up in the coming years because it seriously has great potential to be one of the top internet marketing forums.

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UK Business Forum


Don’t let the name of the forum play mind games with you. UK business forum has a tight-knit community that stands by meaningful communication. They don’t play well with spam so you will hardly find any spammy threads. If you find a thread that has a discussion of 100+ post tracks, don’t forget to join them. You will get a lot of tips about local SEO, sales as well as marketing. Even if you aren’t from the UK, the useful insight it brings to the table is amazing.



Founded by one of the best PPC artists Mark Ling in 2006, Affilorama is the place you want to be if you are serious about affiliate marketing. It’s a program that specialises in affiliate marketing training and discussion boards for aspiring affiliate marketers. Although its core value is affiliate marketing, it also includes threads regarding SEO and PPC. If you need to sharpen your skills in affiliate marketing, Affilorama is the forum for you.

SEO Chat Forum


As the name implies, this is a forum for SEOs. As the tagline of this forum suggests – it’s dedicated to helping beginner-level SEOs to grow their knowledge of search engine optimisation.

Although it has threads for PPC and social media marketing as well, its main focus is SEO. It also offers a wonderful tool for SEO analysis that works as an audit tool like many found on the web. It’s not a must-have tool but it offers basic insight into the guidelines you need to follow as a webmaster. Email marketing for SEO has to be one of my favourite posts in this forum.

High Rankings


Unknown to many, High Rankings is the forum I bumped past year. And I have to tell you it has the meat that should entice even the smartest foxes of SEO. The major focus point of this forum is SEO tips and techniques including link building. It also has one of the amazing SEM/SEO resources that you would hardly find in any recent blog posts. The members are also friendly and helpful. If you ask me this is the best platform for any newbie entering the internet marketing field.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of forums that produce quality content every day. We couldn’t fit all of those but they are definitely worth the honourable mention. Problogger forum and shout me out loud are a few of them. However, If you know of any forums that we should have included let us know in the comments below.