Developing a website in WordPress has lots of benefits. There is a reason why many fortune 500 companies use WordPress to manage their online portals. One being the famous TechCrunch.

In Sydney, most of the business proprietors are stepping forward to develop the website in WordPress due to its ease of use.  There are lots of web design service providers like Nirmal Web Design who can easily develop your desired website in WordPress.

What started as just a simple blogging platform has turned into an immense CMS making work effective as well as flexible for developers as well as business owners. The world’s most popular website building tool allows you to access to thousands of free themes as well as a plugin with a simple design process and great features. This helps to build a website in just one click install.

It is a complete content management system which is used to build different types of website. There are a lot of e-commerce websites powered by WordPress. It is also a great content management platform that is flexible for designers, developers as well as clients.

Every day about 140000 websites is launched on the web. And WordPress has been the major source of building websites for most of the business and individuals out there. The stats of WP websites crossing 74.6 million sites sums its present dominance. For any blogger or a non-tech savvy individual, WordPress is the platform that helps them to sink their feet deep into the ocean.

In a survey done in 2012, a WordPress developer in Sydney is said to charge $50/hr. This tells you a brief summary of WordPress importance in the present spectrum. Each day you will find new themes and plugins popping out in the market to ease your task. With just a free version you can build a simple site easily without having to code a single line. However, a professional WordPress site development does require an experienced developer.

Still, have doubts about WordPress? Well, we are here to answer your question on why should you build a website in WordPress.

Benefits of WordPress

  • Customisation

WordPress development and customisation play important role in making a better website. You will find customising website enjoyable once you find out its working process. If you know one or two tricks about using Dynamic HTML, CSS, you can easily work your way to WordPress customisation process. One thing that WordPress has done is it eradicates the use of developers. In the case of CMS like Joomla, it’s really hard to even change a line of code without the help of a developer. But, the backend of WordPress is made in a way that even a noob with no experience of WP can customise it with few tutorials.

WordPress Customization
Source: Simplex technology
  • Better accessibility

Since WordPress sites are entirely browser-based software, you do not have to access to any particular software on a computer for making changes to the website. Theme customisation is important as it offers your site a chance to expand the reach of the audience who has never visited your company previously. Also, you will get many themes that blend with your business brands making it more quick to work with.

Better Accessibility
Source: Biz Ability
  • Social Networking Friendly

WordPress integrates your blogs with social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn automatically. You have the options of different social media plugins that will only make your task easy and elegant. You just need to download and install a plugin with best options and your tiny little social icons will start floating in your website

Social Networking Friendly
Source: Mashable
  • Easy to Manage WordPress Solutions

There are many plugins and themes available which develop the ability of a website. Thus, the design can be easily modified with those plug-in and themes.This makes solutions easy to Manage. Any developer that understands wp query and has little knowledge about CSS can modify the website according to your needs. It’s that simple.

Easy to Manage WordPress Solutions
Source: Your It Consultant
  • Modify the content

Content is an essential ingredient of any website. If you are competing online, content is the propelling factor that you must have to outrank your competitors. You can’t stand by the belief of build and pray attitude. You need to add content frequently. And, WordPress makes adding and Editing content extremely easy even for a noob. WordPress Development allows a large number of big and small projects to update, edit, and change the content of their website in a suitable way. Note: You don’t need to code anything to add a content. It should be a walk in park work for anyone.


  • Search Engine Friendly

One of the largest search engine Google clarifies WordPress a Search Engine Friendly as the content existing on a website can be simply identified by a search engine which facilitates with natural ranking. It can be taken as the best content management systems concerning Search engine Optimisation. Two things you need to consider here: First, WordPress hasn’t searched friendly itself and second, it offers a tonne of options to help you configure the best SEO value to your website.

Search Engine Friendly
Source: Under World Magazines
  • Perfect for business

WordPress is a perfect base for your website in terms of business. It can be best for start-ups as well as small business that need only a simple site and features to start their project with. It also has unlimited scalability potential as thousands of pages and products can be added to WordPress without making it slow.

Perfect for business
Source: Dreams Time
  • Flexible and Portable

WordPress websites are very portable as there are many developers skilled in using it around the world, you can get someone to help you to develop your website further.

WordPress web development
Source: Magee WP
  • Administration

The administrator is allowed to add as many as different users they want and access permission for each user as required. This can be helpful for maintaining different aspects of the websites.

benefits of WordPress web development
Source: The City College of New York
  • Access wherever you want

Through the internet, it can be accessed in any location as a cloud-based CMS. It means that website can be updated as well as managed by anyone and anywhere you want.

Lastly, the article is focused on website development and its benefits to the company. Nirmal web studio offers different services related to web development. 

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