20 Top Tools for WordPress Developers

20 Top Tools for WordPress Developers

WordPress has taken the web space by storm. There are millions of sites that are running on WordPress.

It refers to the rapid-growing skill-set on the freelancer website. In Sydney, as many WordPress designers, developers are operating to acquire the similar projects; you need best tools to stay forward in the competition.

 20 Top tools for WordPress Developers are listed below:

1. Time doctor

An efficient tool time doctor lets you to examine the way you utilize you time during work. It also allows you to evaluate your task by taking screen shot of your screen through time doctor.

Time doctor

2. Slack

Slack helps you to communicate easily with your team members and clients by chatting, sharing files, sharing documents and coding.


3. Trello

Trello allows you to manage projects by creating a cards and keeping them in its panel.

Trello Source:http://www.marketplicity.com

4. Basecamp

Basecamp is identifiable project management tools that provides a full project management collection for team of any structures and sizes and also allows file allocation, event notes and many more.

Basecamp Source:http://www.elegantthemes.com


Hall refers to a group of texting and discussion software for your teams which lets you simply and safely chat with your team, create groups, transfer file and more. This software works both on desktop as well as mobile phone.

hall Source: http://www.hongkiat.com

6. Evernote

It is one of the well recognized apps that allow you to take notes, organize file as well as personal management by syncing your data across different device.


7. Dropbox

Dropbox provides storage of cloud cross your each and every device. It is a simple way for sharing files as well as folders with team and clients. It also integrates properly with many other productivity apps.

Dropbox Source: http://www.wpsolver.com

8. Mint

Through mint you can connect to all your bank accounts and credit cards, so you can organize all spending from one single dashboard. Mint lets you to view your transactions as well as spending trends and sort them into categories and organize your finances.

Mint Source: http://www.inspirationfeed.com

9. Google Apps

Google apps let you to have your own branded email address with the power of Gmail, calendar, Docs and other Google applications.

Google Apps Source: http://www.coloringinguy.com

10. Skype

It is well recognized popular tool for conducting a meeting with clients for most of the freelancers. This tool is simple to utilize, work across different platform plus devices.


11. LastPass

Lastpass is referred as a tool for managing password which is compatible to all your device and web browsers.

LastPass Source: http://www.fortune.com

12. Freshbooks

It creates bookkeeping simple for anon accountants as well with its simple user interface.  It allows you to supervise your finance, mail invoice, keep receipt automatically, and allow payment with lot of other fresh stuffs.


13. Shake

Shake allows you to generate, signature and mail officially necessary agreement with in minutes.

Shake http://www.shakelaw.com/

14. Canva

Canva lets you make specialized graphic to site, presentation as well as profiles of social media. Canva appears in instinctive drags as well as drops interfaces that are very easy for those who are not designers as well.


15. PiktoChart

PiktoChart allows any individual to make attractive infographic, chart as well as presentation.

 PiktoChart Source:http://www.dezzain.com

16. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the foremost e-mail services providers that let you simply create as well as direct your email lists.


17. Feedly

A modern date RSS/News feed reader. Feedly is compatible on all devices.

Feedly Source: https://www.bloggeretterized.wordpress.com

18. Buffer

Buffer lets you to simply publish as well as share in your profile social media by installing the apps in your appliance

buffer Source:http://www.pagewiz.com

19. Hootsuite

It is the tool for social media management intended to a marketer that lets you supervise your social media profile from a particular control panel.


20. QuickBooks

QuickBooks refers to the best accounting as well as book keeping software for freelancer and small business. It is integrated with credit card, bank account, PayPals and many more.


WordPress is an amazing blogging tool and hope this article helps you to know about the top tools for WordPress Developer.

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  • Alaina Bell

    Google drive is my all time favourite, also we use proofhub for managing projects and client at our workplace. Haven’t tried half of the tools you have listed in your article. I will give them a try as well.