If you have decided to complete your project on WordPress platform, first of all, you need to find a Freelance WordPress developer residing in Sydney to work on your project. By the help of Google, you can find lots of freelance WordPress developers but the question is do they meet your project Requirement? Can they deliver your project on time? Are they available when you need to fix an error?

 Some points to consider when choosing a freelance WordPress developer:

Look further than  Portfolio

Everyone likes to show off their best, so do not just depend on the portfolio. When you are going through such a WordPress portfolio ask questions about the projects. Did the developer complete the entire job alone?  You may get an answer whether he or she performed design or development part. While viewing the portfolio you can also ask to see the similar project you are planning for so that you can get an idea of how well he or she can perform in your project.

Look at the project development

A successful website is the one that follows a process. WordPress developer may have different ways of presenting a project. Review it and consider whether it suits your project or not.

Talk to the Previous Client

Many people start a development project but do not get the result as they require. Instead, they get a bad experience and unexpected result. Therefore, talking to the previous client will make you easy to know about the Developer and their past work performance.

How much are they familiar with WordPress?

Ask them questions about the different functions and plug-in of WordPress. If they have sound knowledge of database design and development skills, have the ability to customise plug-ins and are capable of installing, configure as well as manage WordPress installation, you have a right choice.


While planning a project,  you also would have planned your budget. Keeping it in mind you need to discuss the cost with freelance WordPress developer. At first, you need to talk about the cost he or she desires to take to your project then you can compare it with other WordPress developer and find a developer whom you can afford.

Talk about Timelines

While choosing a freelance WordPress developer you need to talk about the timeline as well as the availability of developer according to the timeline. For example, when you hire a WordPress developer, you conclude the date about the first design to be submitted and you want developer complete your task according to the given timeline. This helps you to get an idea about time and energy developer will spend while doing your project.


WordPress developers are expert in coding and if there is something incorrect with the code you need to know their availability to solve it for you. This is important if you do not have technical knowledge regarding coding and developing a website. Thus, while choosing a freelance WordPress developer you should know their availability in the time you need them.

I hope this article will be useful for you to choose a Freelance WordPress developer residing in Sydney.Are you planning to initiate your project in WordPress? Are you facing problem in hiring a WordPress developer in Sydney? If so, Please feel free to Contact us.

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