Nowadays, there are lots of web hosting companies in Sydney and it has become a competitive business. While looking for a web hosting service provider, make sure you choose the right one. This can be the most vital decision you make for your online business. It is important for you to select the right one because all the effort, time and hard work that you invested on the site can be wasted if you choose the wrong one. So, research and analyse on web hosting service providers and find the best for your business.

If you have business in Sydney and planning to run your business online, find a reliable web hosting service providers who can provide good service along with the tools, bandwidth, storage and support at the time you require. Fortunately, you can find thousands of Sydney-based web hosting service providers looking forward to promoting your business online. Today we will be looking at the 5 top notch web hosting providers in Sydney.

Things enviable in web hosting service providers

  • Uptime

When you are paying a reasonable amount of money to a service provider for hosting your site but their servers are overloaded and crashed every time, then your site is not properly available to your visitors. This might affect your business negatively, and you might lose your potential costumers too. So, you need to find a service provider that guarantees you 99.9% uptime. One recommendation that we can honestly give is that you should never compromise a server on the basis of the monthly fee. You may end up losing more clients that could cut off your revenue which would have quite more than your $5 dollar month hosting cost.

  • Back-ups

This is something really important to all website owners, especially business owners. There are times when a website crashes due to several reasons. You have to be prepared for it, and the best battle would be to find a hosting provider that provides time to time backup of your site. This way, your site can be restored in no time, and your online business is again available on the web.

  • Unlimited domain hosting

Find the company providing unlimited domain hosting where you can host numerous domain names within one hosting account. This also means you can enclose multiple websites in a single account. Who wants to take the hassle of making the new account every time a site is going live. This not only saves time but also helps in cost reduction.

  • User-friendly c-panel

Please make sure that the service provider provides a user-friendly c-panel that is supported with all functionalities. Sometimes, you just have to make basic changes to the server, and if the c-panel is something you cannot easily understand or use, you might have to spend a lot of time going back and forth with the service provider to fix the issue.

  • Email Account

All the service providers might not provide you with an email account with your domain names. Remember, if you have a website named then you should be able to acquire an email as [email protected] for free.

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Now, let us proceed towards five web hosting service providers in Sydney

Crucial Paradigm


Crucial Paradigm, one of the popular web hosting service providers in Sydney have been providing their service since 2003. They help Australian business accomplish online through outstanding service with a great combination of hosting products.The service provider facilitates Australian VPS hosting with more than 7,000 Virtual servers deployed since the beginning, they continue to innovate and lead the industry today.The fast and secure network of Crucial handles more than 8.8 terabytes of data on a daily basis, connecting thousands of Australian businesses conveniently. Understanding the triumphs and challenges of small business, they provide complete support to their customers.

The web hosting service provider is confident in their performance of hardware and customer service. Whether you are willing to initiate your business or looking for trustworthy Australian web hosting providers, you can always connect with them.

Crucial Paradigm benefits you with:

  • 24/7/365 Support

Offering complete support to the customers, keeps their helping hand forward anytime you need it.

  • 50GB Storage

They include a huge amount of fast and secure storage for your site as well as email.

  • Unlimited Transfer and Email

Creates an unlimited email account for your team and facilitates to transfer unlimited data.

  • Green Hosting

Balances carbon release and is environment-friendly.

Crazy Domains

crazy domain

Australia’s one of the fastest web hosting service provider Crazy domains started its journey in 2000 and is leading domain name registrar in Australia. The hosting provider gives your business a competitive advantage with super fast load time. Besides, they allow you to manage as well as connect directly to cloud web hosting, email hosting, online marketing service and many others.

Providing a reliable and cost-effective solution to millions of customers, they help Startups, SMEs and larger well-established companies to make their business popular all over the globe. The service provider is managed by Dream Scape Networks FZ-LLC, which is a privately owned business employing many devoted IT professionals worldwide within Network Engineer, Customer Relation, Technical Support, Development, System and much more.

Furthermore, their office, support, and data Centre are associated all over the globe which includes Australia, Asia, the Middle East, New Zealand, United Kingdom, India and United States.

Crazy Domains benefits you with:

  • Advanced technology

Service provider Crazy domains employ high-performance systems and advanced technology to facilitate you with the best possible service.

  • Customer support

They provide reliable customer support through chat and email, telephone, social networking site. You can always find their expert consultants and engineers to solve your issues.

  • Reasonable price

Crazy Domain is well-known for its reasonably priced solution together with leading online business solution for both startups and well-established businesses.



Initiated in 1997, Netregistry is Australia’s most reliable hosting service provider, providing all the services you require to develop your business online. Starting from a world-class web hosting to the great value domain name they have helped thousands of Australian companies to make their specific place online.

They offer cost-effective solutions for the different services from domain name registration, web hosting, web design, email marketing, e-commerce to online marketing. In addition, they facilitate you with complete support, resource, advice and back-up. Whether you hold the multinational company or personal business, Netregistry provides same highly developed web hosting infrastructure intended for multi-million dollar website.

They have more than 130 staffs working full-time in Sydney, around the corner from their Data Centre. The service provider is also a part of Melbourne IT (ASX: MLB), which encloses above 400 staffs spread across Australia, New Zealand and the United States

Netregistry benefits you with:

  • Trust

Netregistry is Australia’s well-admired and most trusted domain name registrar.

  • Support

The service provider provides continuous support allowing regular phone and email support together with an array of e-books, newsletters and seminars.

  • Dependability

They are dependable and will be available in a timely and skilled manner to solve the problems (if occurred).

  • Rock-Solid

Netregistry facilitates you with the best cloud hosting infrastructure.

  • Value-Driven

They offer free online accounting software together with NETT Mag subscription.



Netorigin is truly Australian owned and managed web hosting service provider. Their head office is located in Perth with staffs residing all over Australia. Since 2010, they have been providing their customers fast and reliable service with 24/7 support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime and their ever growing network of servers.

The service providers focus on keeping small businesses online and are keen to take their service forward. They aim to assure that all the customers are satisfied with their service through cost-effective solutions, industry leading customer service and high-quality equipment.

Furthermore, they do not outsource support staff to other countries and all your data is hosted on servers within Australia. They have friendly technical support staffs always available to resolve your issues. The service provider also benefits you with a specialised solution and assures they can always gratify your business requirements.

Netorigin benefits you with:

  • 24/7 Australian based Support

Since all the staffs of Netorigin are in Australia, they provide Australian based support anytime you need.

  • Over 99.9% Uptime

Understanding the significance of your online business, they guarantee over 99.9% Uptime.

  • Fast and Reliable Network

All the data is hosted on the server within Australia offering your business fast and reliable network.

  • Specialized Solution

They provide a specialized solution and are always keen to gratify your business needs.



Almost all the businesses require a website that works well to create great customer experience delivering reliable services to them. Web hosting service provider Telstra offers a professional service for hosting your site without any difficulty. Their hosting solutions are easy to manage and complements with flexible management choice.

The service provider benefits your business with reasonably price web hosting approach making you easy to change your host providers and combine your online services with them. In addition, they comprise an extensive DIY toolset, one-click web development application, an option of a web server operating system, database controls and wide-ranging programming language support.

Furthermore, they include website control panel allowing you to access and manage your site from one place. Search engine Optimisation Submission basic tool enclosed in this web hosting service provider takes your online business to the top search engines and automatically resubmits them on a monthly basis, which also comprises an early website evaluation to avoid the most common usability mistakes.

Telstra benefits you with:

  • 9% server uptime

Telstra offers you 99.9% server uptime together with daily site backups.

  • 24/7 support

They provide 24/7 phone and email support to overcome your problem.

  • Search engine submission tool

Together with a free one-click install web application, they offer simple and automated search engine submission tool.

  • Dedicated IP Address

Telstra facilitates you with dedicated IP address for better reliability and quick load time.

Looking for reliable web hosting service in Sydney?

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We understand the significance of your online business and provide you with a server with adequate space and speed make your business accessible around the globe.

Our web hosting package includes basic, premium and enterprise with bandwidth 5 GB, 12 GB and 7 GB correspondingly. Offering 99.9% uptime, we guarantee 24/7 availability of your site on the web. We enclose the cost of basic package $249, the premium package $449 and enterprise package $889. If you have any queries regarding our packages or service, always stay forward to contact us. We will be pleased to hear from you.

Advantages of working with us:

24/7Support and services

Nirmal web design offers regular support and service. We provide complete support and service to our customers instantly.

Scalable packages

We assure your managed VPS business website develops together with your online business.

DDOS protection

We keep your server secured through our reliable DDOS protection.

Managed Service

Monitoring, updating and optimising your server on a regular basis, we guarantee to provide you managed service

Automated Backups

We promise to protect your data with our reliable and automated backup features.

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Closing Up,

Web hosting service providers help you to store data, making your site available on the web. These were the five most popular web hosting service providers in Sydney, compare them and find the best service provider for your online business. Moreover, there are thousands of Sydney-based service providers, picking the right one for your business would be the wisest decision you can make for your business.

Are you looking for web hosting service in Sydney? If yes, get in touch.