SEO friendly quality content refers to any content created to set the objective of attracting search engine traffic. You have to write the content that keeps your audience happy and attracts them to visit your site.

Here are 5 ways to build up your website with SEO friendly quality content:

1. Use of keyword

Including keywords in your article is one of the best ways to improve your SEO. The initial step to make SEO friendly content is to study the search quantity that is related to key phrases and apply them in your writing.

Applying keywords in your writing repeatedly to the point that article looks unnatural refers to overloading and it may cause opposite consequence on your page’s search ranking. Making use of keywords with intention throughout your content and finding a stability of keyword is important for promoting SEO.

Keywords search

2. Focus on Unique content

Unique content does not mean that you have to think something new rather it means that your articles should not be copied from other websites or online source instead it will be good if you acquire an idea from other source and write it in your own language or words.

Google recognises a duplicate content easily and they do not rank a site or page with copied content as Google wants to keep their consumer happy with unique web pages to answer people’s search queries.

Make it fresh
Source: Larrysincomeblog

3. Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are a short review of your content which search engine uses to accompany the link to your page in search results. The use of keywords in Meta descriptions let readers know the topic of the article quickly.

Meta Description

4. Page URLs

Page URLs helps to specify the topic of a page and allows search engine users to determine the type of a page. The URL that reflects an article of a page improves SEO whereas an inappropriate URL can result in a negative impact. For example using a keyword “Beautiful Restaurant” in the URL for promoting discount hotels does not make any sense and it becomes useless. This type of misleading creates the search engine to disgrace your content and as a result, Google ranks your page disappointingly.

Page URL

5. Use and Optimise the image

Since images make the content simple and easy to read they are good for both users and search engines. Images are an extra way for the search engine to know more regarding specified page.

These are the best way to use images in your content:

  • Use the image with required copyrights or use copyright free images.
  • If you do not want to slow down your website because of images, optimise the image size.
  • In order to describe the image use ALT text
  • Use meaningful image file name rather than numbers or unrelated characters
Optimize image
Source: Loststargraphix

Lastly, while talking about SEO friendly quality article we indicate the content which can be easily understood by search engines. The more they understand about your page, there will be a high probability of getting a better rank in the search engine. Some of the essential factors in SEO copy-writing are uniqueness, post title, body text, introduction and much more.

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