The sole aim of building a website is to reach out to a maximum number of targeted consumers. If you too own a WordPress powered website or are thinking about owning one, then leveraging the traffic flow would definitely be on your priority list. Fortunately, there are several WordPress plugins that allow you to audit, optimise and promote your website in a way that maximum traffic is driven to your site.

In this post, I’ve created a handy round-up of ten such remarkable WordPress plugins that make it quicker and easier for your web portal to gather maximum customers from different parts of the world.

1. WP to Twitter

WP to Twitter

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the best online platforms to get your content viral over the web. So, if you’re inclined on making the most of Twitter, a quick installation of WP To Twitter plugin will work for you. With this plugin, you’ll get the advantage of creating an automatic post of your website’s content which can then be linked to your Twitter account. So, you can easily avoid the hassles of copy pasting any links into an existing tweet. The WP to the Twitter plugin will do it automatically each time you publish a new piece of content on your WordPress enriched website.

2. Facebook Social Plugin

Facebook Social Plugin

Facebook Social Plugin is a must-install for every WordPress blog. With the installation of this plugin into your WordPress blog/site, you’ll have multiple Facebook options incorporated into your blog/site including Like, Share and Send buttons in addition to Embedded Posts and a fully-functional Video Player.

3.  All in one SEO Pack

SEO Pack

If you’re bothered about the search engine ranking of your WordPress website, then a timely installation of the All in One SEO Pack is something you can’t ignore for sure. This plugin would automatically add all the important fields and tags for every page and blog post. Plus, all your page titles are being optimised for Google and other popular search engines via automatic generation of meta-tags for each post.

4.  Websitez Mobile Optimization

Websitez Mobile Optimization
Source: Websitez

Losing a mobile presence is something that can hamper your WordPress website in the long run. Thanks to WordPress plugins like Websitez Mobile Optimization, it has become quite convenient to format a mobile-friendly version of your WordPress website. If you’re looking forward to reaching out to a maximum number of customers, going ‘mobile’ is the way.

5. Facebook Comments for WordPress

Facebook Comments for WordPress

Serving as an excellent means of leveraging the benefits of WordPress and Facebook, the Facebook Comments for WordPress plugin makes it convenient for users to comment on a particular post in addition to sharing their comments(for a particular post) on their Facebook page. The plugin comes with a ‘Post to Facebook’ function which enables the readers to share their ideas/opinions regarding a post via the Facebook Feeds.

6.  Scribe


Serving as a standalone WordPress plugin for effective content marketing, Scribe comes with a seamless search functionality that can be used for writing high-quality content that matches with the terms and trends prevalent on your WordPress website. Scribe not only allows you to create valuable content but even the most relevant content that can help your website in scaling new heights in the search engines.

7. SumoMe


Backed with free and paid plugin options, SumoMe comes with the HeatMap feature which allows you to view areas where a majority of your traffic is focused on your website. You can also receive helpful insights on all the areas where the visitors are clicking and the way in which they are exploring your website. Additionally, with this plugin, you also receive excellent social media sharing tools.

8. WordPress SEO By Yoast

WordPress SEO By Yoast

Regarded as one of the favourite SEO plugins for WordPress, the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin allows you to check the search engine friendly status of your content prior to publishing the same on the WordPress website. You can easily preview of how your posts would look like in Google. On finding any issues with the content, you can use the Post Editor Page for making your blog posts search engine friendly. Right from adding tags, categories and excerpts to a featured image; everything can be taken care of with the installation of WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

9. Sharebar


As a yet another easy-to-install WordPress plugin, Sharebar will sync will all the big social media outlets, allowing your visitors to share your content efficiently. The Sharebar plugin will link your web page or article to a specific user’s social media account, thereby creating a strong connection between different account holders and your WordPress website. Therefore, you’ll be able to receive an increased exposure for your blog posts via organic sharing.

10. PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination

Regarded as an excellent solution for increasing the subscriber’s count by a whopping 429%, PopUp Domination is a plugin acts as a lightbox solution that is displayed to each visitor of your website. With this plugin, you can easily convert your visitors into email subscribers. You can have great-looking opt-in forms on your web pages, thereby inviting more and more visitors to join your website as a registered member.

Wrapping UP,

With that, it’s a wrap on this post which made you familiar with ten outstanding WordPress plugins that can help you gather maximum visitors for your website. So, install them today and make the most of your online presence.