When is it Right to Fire Your WordPress Developer?

Your WordPress developer is not providing service as per your expectations, what should you do? Should you fire him? Should you not?

That’s some conundrum you are in.

When you are working with a WordPress developer or a development team, you need to have a checklist in place that will allow you to understand the progress of your WordPress development team in detail.

We have created this checklist for you so that you don’t have to. See each reason that will make it logical to fire your WordPress developer.

When to Fire Your WordPress Developer: Complete Checklist


1. When Your Developer is Not Delivering Your WordPress project

You have asked your WordPress developer to deliver a project on a strict deadline. You have clearly explained the deadline to the WordPress developer and are expecting that he/she will be delivering it as per expectation. What if they don’t deliver the WordPress project on time? This is one reason when you should think about replacing your current WordPress developer.

But don’t do it too quickly. Give the WordPress developer one more chance. If they again don’t deliver the WordPress website project on time and this becomes a repeated pattern, then you will have to make the unfortunate decision of firing them.


2. When your WordPress Developer is Doing a Bad Job

Another reason that makes it right to fire your WordPress developer is when they are doing a bad job of managing or maintaining your websites.

Take for instance: You have asked them to create a new module for your WordPress website. They made the module but the function is broker. The site is breaking because of this new module and it is hurting your website traffic and eventually your business. It makes sense to fire the WordPress developer but give them a chance to make things right.

However, if this becomes a repeated pattern, replace your WordPress developer.


3. When Developer is Charging Too Much Price

All WordPress developers charge different amounts per hour. If your WordPress developer is charging a lot and you think it is an unfair price, then you should change the WordPress developer.

But before you make the decision, it is better to directly talk to them about the reason you are making this decision. If they are not ready to compromise on the price, then you have no option left but to fire the WordPress developer.


4. If Your WordPress Developer Has Completely Disappeared

There are some WordPress developers that take on a project, get the initial milestone payment, and then disappear. These are not the type of WordPress developers that you would want to work with.

If that is the case, make sure that you pay using a credit card. You can chargeback if the WordPress developer is not providing the service or has stopped responding to your messages.

But it is better that you hire developers only through escrow-enabled platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, and various others similar.

That being said, if you have any developer that is not responding to your messages, then just fire them and hire better WordPress developers.

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5. When Your WordPress Developer is Stealing Your Data

Stealing data of clients is not only unethical but illegal. It is a crime to do that. So, if you find that your WordPress developer has stolen your data or is trying to steal your data, then you should not only fire the WordPress developer but also lodge an official complaint against them with the authorities.

In most cases, WordPress users don’t know if their developer is stealing their data. The best way to find that is if the developer has added a plugin on the site. You can see that from the Plugins section. If the developer has added some functionality directly in the code, then an average WordPress user won’t be able to do that. You can use tools like Sucuri to detect if any anomaly exists on your site.

So, in such a situation, don’t give all the credentials to your site developer. Or, change the credentials once the developer has done their job.


6. When Your WordPress Developer Doesn’t Have the Skills and Has Lied

Some WordPress developers lie about their credentials. If you have hired a WordPress developer that is underskilled, then you have two options: To help them upgrade their skills or just to replace them with skilled WordPress developers.

Just make sure that your WordPress developer has not lied about this credential because they are dishonest. You should not have dishonest people on your WordPress development team.


7. When Your WordPress Developer Doesn’t Offer a Solution

Last but not the least, there are scenarios where you will be getting into problems that you can’t solve. Like, how to improve the performance of your WordPress website?

This is one question only a skilled WordPress developer can answer properly after auditing your website.

If your WordPress developer is not providing a solution to this problem and many other similar problems, then why do you have such a WordPress developer on the team?

The purpose of a WordPress developer is to build and optimize your website. If they are not doing that function properly, you should replace them with those that do offer solutions to your WordPress problems.

We hope that this checklist will help you find out if your WordPress developer should be fired or if he/she should be retained.

If you have any other point that you think should be covered in our list of ‘When to fire your WordPress developer’ then do tell it to us in the comments below.

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