People today prefer to watch more content rather than read it online. It’s because of many reasons that we will be discussing in this article. But since people are watching more content online, it gives brands of all sizes ample opportunities in which they can leverage video content and use it for their benefit.

Digital media experts are saying that people will now consume more content online then television or radio combined. All of this creates new advertising opportunities for branding advertisers.

Video benchmarks by research experts suggest that almost 50 percent of people use video content to make purchase decisions when shopping online.


Why is Video Marketing Important in 2020? Reasons…

Shorter attention spans, less time at hand, faster technology, better graphics are some of the reasons video marketing has become so much important in 2020.

People love to watch content they can relate to. Videos show them those visuals. With cameras, drones, gopros in the hands of every video creator, they can easily create visuals that can captivate people for good.

This is not always the case in writing. Not everyone can become a good writer in such a short time. But video equipment can aid video creators to create better quality content in a short amount of time. Some of the major reasons why video marketing has become so important are given below.

1. Because Videos Are Easy Dose of Content

Yes, that’s true! People watch over 1 billion hours of content on YouTube every day. The number is steadily rising because more people are getting online.
Not to forget YouTube is just one medium, there is Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, and not to forget Facebook itself is the biggest video hosting platform.

2. Because People Watch More Read Less!

Yes, that is also true. Since videos have become easily accessible people have started watching more content and reading fewer blogs. This has also changed content marketing dynamics. Instead of content writers, jobs for video creators, content producers, and video editors are also opening up. This tells just one thing. The next era is video marketing.

3. Because Internet Speeds are Fast

Internet connections in almost every country have upgraded from 3G to 4G and in some cases even 5G. The average internet speed in any country is around 10MBs and this is enough to watch an HD video without buffering. That’s why people prefer watching video content rather than reading blogs.

4. Because Video Content Is Easily Digestible

The best part about internet videos is that they are around 4 to 5 minutes long. Research indicates that people lose interest if the video content is more than 5 minutes long.

Video creators also add visuals, captions, and texts to increase engagement. This makes these videos easily digestible to a wider audience. People who are not really well versed in the English language can still watch the videos and understand them.

How Can Video SEO Boost Your Branding Efforts?

Videos don’t go viral or rank for their desired keywords automatically unless you are already a popular brand. You need to optimize them properly. The optimizations could include adding relevant descriptive content. Creating tags with proper keywords that can help them gain more visibility, and uploading them to multiple platforms.

All these video SEO tips help them…

1. Rank Higher in SERPs

Videos that have better content and properly optimized keywords have a chance to rank for their desired keywords. If they have interesting visual content that can captivate the audience, they get more likes and comments. Google considers all these as signs of a more likable video. It then ranks these videos higher for their desired search terms.

2. Get More Eyeballs

SEO is part of the organic optimization practices that can bring more eyeballs to your videos. Let’s consider this: A video about cats on a trampoline has the title ‘cats having fun’. How many people are going to visit it? Not many because it won’t show up to people who want to see cats on a trampoline.
On the other hand, a video with the title ‘Cats on Trampoline Jumping and Having Fun’ is more likely to rank for the search term ‘Cats on Trampoline’. So it will automatically get more eyeballs.

3. Improve CTR and Conversion Rates

Videos that have proper SEO are visible to more people. It increases their chances of getting more conversions and this makes them more profitable to their creators.

Best Ways to do Video SEO for Your Brand

Here are some of the best ways you can properly do video SEO for your brand.

1. Upload on Multiple Platforms

Make sure to benefit from all the platforms that are available online. These can be YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, and various others. Your target audience is on all these platforms so you can use all of them to steer them towards your product.

2. Focus on Platform Centric Video Optimizations

Each platform has its own way of optimizing video content. Some have tags available, some have increased descriptive length, some allow hashtags, some allow hyperlinks. Use the full benefit of the options available to you on each platform so that your videos can easily rank higher in search engines.

3. Don’t Ignore Video Thumbnails

Do you know that YouTube gets more clicks because of thumbnails rather than titles or tags? It is because they are visually appealing to people. People tend to believe that whatever is on the thumbnail will be available in the content. That’s why videos that have a higher CTR tend to outdo those that have better optimizing descriptive content.

4. Do Off Page for Your Videos

Make sure to share your videos on social networks, forums, social bookmarking websites, and even blogs. This way search engines will believe that they are highly shareable and they have higher demand among viewers. So these videos will automatically rank higher.

5. Always Market On Social Media

If you are not using social media to market your videos, you are missing out on four billion people that are active on social media every day.
Simply share your videos on social media and then boost those posts. People will eventually click on them and get to your videos. This is one tactic that people use to increase the watch time on their videos.

6. Add Captions that Get Clicks

You can call it the caption, title, or text written underneath the video. These captions can make or break a video. Take this example. The video has over 1 million views and it is because it has a creative caption on it.

Add Captions

7. Collaborate with Industry Partners

Make sure to collaborate with others in your industry that are not your direct competitors. Take Surfer SEO. It is a new SEO plugin and it is using industry influencers to create video content that can make a difference.


These guys are using Matthew Woodward, an SEO expert, for their channels to reach a wider audience. That’s how you can capitalize on partnerships for your video content.

8. Don’t Do Everything Yourself When You Can Get Help

Finally, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. Creating content and then editing it is a challenging and time-consuming task. If you do everything by yourself you will get tired pretty soon. So, make sure that you get help wherever needed. Either hire freelancers, VAs or get help from agencies that can help you create stunning video content and optimize it.

If you are not sure how to implement these strategies, get in touch with us!