It doesn’t matter what product you sell. If you are not using videos for presenting your products to your prospects, you are missing a major portion of your marketing strategy. The Internet now has over 4 billion people connected.

Out of these, at least 2 billion people browse video platforms once or twice each day. The major video platform YouTube gets 1 billion views per day. On average, 5 billion people search for something on Google per day. So YouTube alone makes 20 percent of the traffic that you are trying to get from Google.

With that said, if you are into organic marketing (SEO) and still unsure how videos would be the right medium for your business promotion, then here are more reasons to convince you


1. 90% People Search for Videos

90 percent of people online are watching video content regularly. They watch video content on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and other video hosting platforms and even on news and entertainment websites. Every type of content is consumed in videos and it converts.

Ecommerce stores, dropshipping platforms, and SaaS product manufacturers are selling their products on social media through video presentations. This has never happened before and is now only possible because internet speeds have increased in the past five years.

2. Videos Show Up In Search Engines

Google has made videos indexable in search engines. Previously people had to search for videos on video-based platforms. Therefore they rarely searched for product promotions, ads, or product review videos.

However, now as Google indexes videos, people search for product demos, reviews, and user feedback to know how a particular product works. It helps viewers know if they are purchasing the right product or not. Videos are a major part of the internet today and they can lead to higher conversion rates for any business be it SaaS, ecommerce, or on-premise.

3. Videos Have Higher CTR

Since videos compile a lot of content in a small time frame, they have a higher click-through rate. People want to know what a video is all about. Usually, most videos on the internet are around 4 minutes long. People can spare 4 minutes to watch a video without wasting it, so they prefer to watch videos.

Also, videos are a far more engaging medium than reading. Videos are a passive medium. People don’t have to actively read content on a web page. They can simply sit back and let the videos explain to them about a concept or a product. This is another reason why most videos can sell products faster than web pages.

Don’t believe me? Can you resist the temptation to click on this video?

Videos Have Higher CTR

4. Videos Lead to More Conversions

Videos are the biggest convincing medium available to any salesperson. All salespersons have to create a pitch that they can market to their prospects. With videos, they don’t have to pitch alone, because they can create videos that will do the talking for them. Think about it. You have to sell a product and you know that your target market watches videos. What you can do is to create videos that can promote your content to the right target audience.

Also, since people who click on video links are usually the ones that have watched the videos first. So, they are more likely to purchase a product rather than just get information about it. On web pages, blogs, and other digital channels, people even add their information when they want to know about a product in detail and not just convert. So, that is another advantage of creating videos. They increase conversions by 100 percent!

5. Videos Can Be Repurposed

Another best thing that is possible with videos is that they can be easily repurposed to the content of your choice.

Here are a few ideas in which you can easily repurpose content.

  • You can create a podcast
  • You can create a webinar
  • You can promote that video as a blog post
  • You can publish the transcript of the video as a blog post
  • You can create slides from that video and post them on slide sharing websites
  • You can create an infographic from that video and share it on infographic sharing websites
  • You can publish the same video on multiple video platforms without any copyright infringement.
  • Your videos can show up in search results and they can get more eyeballs.

6. Videos Generate More Backlinks

Videos are a great way to generate backlinks for your website. People are more likely to share your videos than your blog or landing page. It is because the video is just like an image and not a website asset.

People don’t share website assets because they think they are promoting someone else. However, when they share a video, they think they are sharing informational content even if there is a CTA present in that video. So, that’s an advantage of videos instead of blogs or landing pages.

Also, when people embed their videos on their websites or social media channels you get plenty of backlinks for almost free. And more backlinks lead to higher SERPs in search engines. That is something you can’t get with blog content alone.

Think about videos as a boost in your content marketing efforts.

7. Videos Can Rank for More KWs

We have already discussed how videos can help you get more backlinks but that is not just a single reason to create video content. You can even rank your videos higher on keywords where your website landing pages can’t rank.

Most keywords have higher difficulty and your domain rating is not that strong. So, you can’t rank your website for those keywords. But when you post content on YouTube, you can rank them higher on your desired keywords in search engines. This way you can rank even higher than those websites that are ranking for the keywords.

8. Videos Can Be Published On Multiple Platforms

Another great reason to create videos for SEO is that you can publish them on multiple platforms. When you publish them on more platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and other platforms, you are likely to rank them higher in search engines for your desired keywords.

Google has a special tab called ‘Videos’ where it displays all the videos available for those keywords. When you have your video on multiple platforms, it has more chances to rank for related keywords.

9. Videos Are More Likely to Be Shared

Last but not least, video content can be a great asset to your business. If you create educational video content, these can easily get shared on social media. When your videos are shared, your website automatically gets social signals (sort of backlinks) that can help you rank higher for the relevant keywords.

Ready to Optimize Your Videos for SEO?

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