Google as well as all other large search engine firms have constantly been adding various tweaks to their designs and have actually changed the entire way search engines work in the past few months multiple times. This has led to a large number of search engine optimisation strategies failing, as they no longer work in accordance with the new functionalities of search engines! This has called for SEO companies to develop new strategies in order to bring in more monetary profits for the websites they are working for, and we are here to help you with the same!

Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is basically a measure of how much money did you make as profit compared to how much money you actually invested. It is, in simple words, a way for an investor to see if his monetary input in something is actually reaping the desired amount of profits or not. A common and grave mistake committed by SEO companies is that they work on the basis of keyword rankings, totally ignoring ROI. Your website can surely top the rank charts in terms of the keywords it uses and all, but it is of no use if it fails to provide you with any returns at all. It should be clear in the minds of SEO strategy developers that it is not the keyword rankings but the actual returns they can score that measures the effectiveness of their SEO strategies!

Mobile Websites

As the smartphones have paved their way into the technological world, more and more people have started using them for the purpose of web surfing. This has led to the prediction of mobile browsers being used more than desktop browsers come to be true. Keeping this in mind, Google, as well as all other major search engines, have started giving preferences to websites that are mobile friendly. While surfing from a mobile device, you might even see ‘mobile friendly’ tagged beside some websites. This surely diverts a lot of mobile traffic to the mobile friendly websites. SEO companies need to focus on quite strongly now that the use of mobile websites has actually exceeded that of desktop websites.

Not Just Google

If you were of the common notion that a majority of the people use Google as their primary search engine even now, then you were wrong. With the excellence in services provided by other browsers, Google is now facing more and more severe completion in the search engine field. Until now Google had been the most popular and used search engine among all others. But the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo are catching up. Firefox, one of the most popular browsers of the world, has removed Google as its default search engine and gave the title to Bing now. Also, rumour has it that Safari is also going to change its default browser. This means that SEO strategies will have to be implemented in such a way that websites can earn profits via users searching on Google as well as all other major search engines.

Avoid Link Building

It is true that the number of links inbound to your website directly attracts more and more traffic to it, and this hasn’t even changed unlike other aspects of search engine optimisation. The fact that the number of inbound links to your website ensures stability and power. But it is also well recognised now that building links with no authority just for the heck of it is more of a waste of time and effort than a boost. It is better to earn links with or authority and brand to direct traffic to your page rather than building multiple numbers of useless links. The best way to earn some of the nest links is by posting some of the best stuff that you can. If your website posts amazing articles and posts, even the most powerful of the websites will be forced to share it, attaching authoritative inbound links to your website!

Social Media

The role that social media now plays in the life of people is known to all. Web surfers of all age groups now have their own separate accounts on these websites and a huge majority of these people spend hours and hours of their times on them. This has led the social media to be a huge platform for marketing, and businessmen have continued to do so. However, it is now advised to have official accounts on only a handful of these websites and share content on them in a friendly speech. This causes more intimate interactions between you and your followers, ensuring loyalty. Further, your loyal followers will share your posts more, which might attract newer followers and even get you some more new and loyal followers!