When you plan to build the website for your company, the initial step you need to take is find a web designer to design your site and integrate the feature you need. After that, you need a web developer to develop it. These two roles can also be completed by the same highly skilled web developer. Along with these two roles, another most important work of web developer is to understand the basic SEO and utilise this knowledge to build your site.

With a poor understanding of SEO, your website may have the effort to obtain good rank in the search engine like Google and you also may lose a number of visitors to your site. This directly has an effect on your business.

What are SEO Basics Your Web Developer Should Know?

Speed of your website

The speed of a website is considered as one of the most important ranking factors of Google. Generally, the faster site attracts visitor and you can obtain the high potential score which is a part of the recent history and new updates for Google’s ranking algorithm. The site which response quickly is the first choice of an audience who are researching on their desired article. This increases viewer in your content/article which directly improves your search engine rank.

Create proper sitemap

Creating a proper sitemap is very important so your web developer needs to create complete and proper sitemap without missing any pages. After that, it needs to be kept properly in website’s root directory. The links of sitemap should only be within 100 to 150 links. Sitemap with lots of links should be divided into other additional sitemaps. Your web developers have to update sitemap frequently as it helps to guide your website as well as search engine crawl.

Proper use of Redirects

Redirects refer to the hoops which your server jumps when a browser request for a page at specific URL. There are different types of redirection. Website developer should make proper use of different types of URL redirect which is also known as URL forwarding. URL forwarding includes a procedure for making a web page available in more than one URL address. Making the proper use of 301 redirects also called permanent and 302 redirects also called temporary benefits in your SEO efforts.

Techniques for Internal Linking

Bad design and less informative website can result in poor internal linking. A good internal linking technique includes a good website navigation helps search engine Google to crawl as well as guide your content and build a strong link from page to another page on your website. This helps your site to rank high.

Use of semantic markup

Semantic markup contains inherent meaning linked with it. For example, you can use the <h1> tag to form the heading with your section. This markup also allows you to group as well as link content. It is important as it benefits you to give the content in your page accurately that can be easily understood by search engine

So these are the SEO Basics Your Website Developer Should Know. By the proper understanding of SEO and its tools, your website can acquire high rank in Search engine.

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