SEO, short for Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of optimising a website for maximising visibility for the Search engines and ultimately the readers. This simple word has taken the online world by leaps and bounds. Everyone loves free traffic and leads. And, this is where this particular skill set helps you to stand tall in front of your competitors.

Basically, SEO may involve many processes and many steps but to generalise, these 5 things are what SEO involves:

  1. Useful contents to readers
  2. Catchy titles
  3. Appropriate tags
  4. Quality page description
  5. Easy and simple site navigation

There are many tools to help perform SEO; some are quite good and useful whereas some are equally bad.

Here we have listed out major 10 tools which help us to better perform SEO.

1.Google page speed insights

Page speed tool

Page speed is simply a time taken by the web browser to display the webpage in a device. Slower the page speed, negative will be the impression for visitors and Search engine robots. The visitor doesn’t wait for more than 3 seconds to get their web page displayed on the browser so page speed should be optimised to get web page load faster. According to Hubspot, 55% of visitor don’t stay more than 15 seconds on a website. Google page speed insight tool can be accessed from. With the introduction of AMP, Google has given a clear indication that they consider speed as one of the major factors in their algorithm. This is why it becomes more important from a business point of view to test site speed, understand the bottleneck of your website’s performance and fix it accordingly. If you find the work difficult, you can hire a developer to do the work for you.

2.Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

The world is now on the GO. From big bulky desktop to laptop, we are now in the era of mobile and tablets. Gone are the days when connecting to the internet was pretty cool things, now we are surrounded by it. Still, delivering right information as per query is the bit of a challenge. This is where SEO comes into action. When everything is dependent on mobile, it is must to have a very mobile friendly website. Google Mobile friendly test help us to analyse how the website is performing on mobile devices and how we can improve it further to give rich user experience.


SEO tool

While we search in any search engine, we basically type some words or phrase. If you ask an online marketer, they will tell you that understand the query of a user is the first thing they do. In simple words, we define it as keywords. As Google Keyword Planner is making life difficult for SEOs, you need to find alternatives to research about certain queries. And this is where keyword tool comes handy. This tool helps us to list some similar keywords searched by other users. This will help us to focus keywords on the website. Sprinkling few LSIs and synonym keywords along with your major keyword offer a sound on the page that helps to rank your website in Google.

4.Google webmaster tool

SEO tool

Google’s algorithm is now updated and strong that it can check almost everything of the website from indexing to bugs and alerts. Resolving all issues outlined by Google webmaster tool will help our site to google friendly.

5.Google analytics

SEO tool

This free service provided by Google help us to analyse many things about the website. This tool gathers information about what devices are used to access our website, from where traffic are coming, which keywords are driving the visitor to our sites etc.

6.SERPS Rank Checker

SEO tool

Why are you in an online business? Obviously to make heaps of profit, right? And, SEO may be one of your many options to achieve that. Now, with organic traffic, you need to track your results, or else there is no use of working online. How do you do that? SERPs rank checker is the tool that will help you achieve that. Just put your keywords and your site URL and you can instantly know where your site ranks for that specific keyword.

7.QuickSprout website Analyser

SEO tool

This is indeed another tool by which you can compare your website with another website. The comparison is based on various parameters such as page speed, tags, keywords, social links etc.

8.XML sitemap generator

SEO tool

XML sitemap simply provides a clear hierarchy of the website to search engine for indexing. Just generate one and upload that to Google webmaster tool.

9.SEO site Checkup

SEO tool

If you don’t have any idea about how SEO works, this little tool can help you get a better grip of your website’s condition. SEO site checkup is an online auditor that audits the website and prepare one quick SEO Report. The report helps us to check, technical issues, on page lagging, back-links and competitor’s SEO Plan. This is a great tool for making a plan for a website

10.W3C Validator and broken link checker

SEO tool

W3C validator checks validity of the website with the different markup language such as HTML, XHTML, SMIL, etc. Similarly, broken link checker helps to find all the broken link of the website and help us to fix those. This tool can be accessed from and

Have a look at some Chrome Extensions for tools that make web development easier. Want to know more about SEO or looking for performing SEO for your website, contact us.