Social media and SEO both are strongly connected strategies. Both consist of organic, inbound strategy focusing on developing appealing features magnetising audiences.  As social media depend on unique and quality content and a noticeable brand presence, the effort you perform on SEO can improve your social media reach effortlessly.

social media users

The diagram above shows that social media users are increasing every year. Social media platforms are very popular and they are one of the best ways to promote your business online. According to the research, Facebook consists of more than 1 billion members, Twitter consists of 645 million of users and Google+ has 300million user mark. So, through this, you can notice that social media channels are the best place to get connected with your customers. Along with the marketing advantages of social media, it is also regarded as most influencing SEO tools.

 How do social media impact SEO?

Enhance organic search rankings

Through their perceived value, many search engines decide the way to rank site listings. The search engine works on the basis of particular data which helps them to decide what is truly valuable. Moreover, as much as social signals your content receives there will be a great chance of ranking higher on the page of search engine counting Google.

You can also develop the number of social media signal received by your brand with amazing contents motivating people to “like”, “comment” and share your articles and contents. In order to make your content and articles available you make to make it easy to share with convenient social buttons accessible on each page of your site.

Provides you more coverage

Search engines like Google and Bing provide a social search option for their audiences. So, when one enters a question in the search box both of them are given organic results. Then, if your business is profitable to person’s connection and the article which you produce is solves the query of appears on the initial page of the search engine. This provides you high rankings along with improved traffic within your online presence.

Finest ways to take benefit from Social SEO

With the boom in social media, the search engine like Google, Bing and many others have updated their algorithm to influence more on social media interactions, which indicated the rankings of the web page is hugely determined by the number of likes, shares, comments and retweets of audiences or readers. If you want to stay forward from the online competition, then you have to connect your business with various social media channels. This does not only improve your SEO but also makes your online presence popular among your audiences and potential customers.

Brand your every post

Using your brand name in every post will make Google easy to connect with your name with your preferred keywords. This makes easy for search engine and audiences recognise you along with your brand and company profile.  Thus, it is essential to drive a consistent brand image along with the good personality of your business within all the digital media channels.

Prefer an applicable community

You can find many social media channels and may be confused to select the one. Every social media channel have its features and functionalities. Among them, you should prefer the one applicable for your company focusing on the band. So, you have to prefer an applicable community where users are really interested in your product and services.

Include proper link to social accounts on business web page

When you include a social link straight on your website’s homepage, Google bots care able to observe the specific profiles corresponding to your company. As it is capable of connecting your complete website supports your reliability and offers more keyword authority to both your website as well as social media sites.

Connect with Google plus

Google plus is the most well known social media and it benefits the business that connects to it with remarkable payback in the type of better publicity and enhancements in the local search ranking.

Use proper keywords

Keywords are used in the blogs and on the content of websites; you can include that keyword within your social content as well. This makes it easy for interested audiences to discover your post and acquire attention from the search engines. You can initiate by including keywords which you previously used on your site and make use of Google Adwords keyword tools to identify additional applicable keywords.

Creating a quality content is your priority

Everyone knows “Content is King”. The search engine supports the online presence with quality and informative contents. Most of the search engine counting Google treats social media channels as a website and are crawling with them checking for inbound traffic engagements such that a thing that signifies worth for readers or audiences. Thus, descriptive and attractive contents within your online presence as well as different social media channels connected with your company are like a weapon for magnetising and improving SEO of your business.


Social media is regarded as a critical part of all the SEO strategies. However, you can find additional essential component as a part of smart SEO, but nobody denies the traffic as well as brand consciousness carried out by a well implemented social media campaign. Thus, social media plays an essential role to improve SEO of your business.

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