Basically, digital marketing refers to the promotion of products and services along with brand through different types of electronic medium. The use of digital marketing is different compared to the traditional marketing as it includes the use of different channels along with technique enabling a business to evaluate marketing campaign and comprehend the working method in the actual time. Digital marketing also allows many businesses to reach a border, more engaged and targeted users quickly compared to the traditional marketing.

Online Marketing channels

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From the above pie chart, you can view the consequences of the Top Global marketing channels. The pie chart shows the importance of digital marketing to the business at the present time and the digital marketing techniques that marketer finds useful.  Digital marketing without a doubt is the superlative way to promote the services and products of your business.

Why is Digital marketing so important?

Digital media benefit customers, providing access to information about the services and products they desire anytime any place they wish. It is an emerging resource for entertainment, news, shopping and social interaction and social interaction. It is one of the smartest mediums to expose your business to the media, connect with your audiences and talk about your brand. Most people look for a brand that they can trust for any type of service blindly. Thus, digital marketing plays an essential role to make your brand familiar to your audiences.

According to the above chart, E-mail marketing coming in the foremost position of the top-rated digital marketing channels. Then SEO comes in the second position. So, to make your business products you need to apply some digital strategies and those digital strategies come along with the different types of digital channels such that E-mail marketing, SEO, Adwords, Social media, Online PR and many others.

Three Keys to Digital Marketing Success

  • Manage complicated customer relationships within the various channels which can be both digital and traditional.
  • Respond and start lively customer connections
  • Pull out value from big data to build better decisions quicker.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Connects you with different types of internet users
  • Saves your time as well as money
  • Helps to produce higher revenue
  • Enables Real-time customer service
  • Simple to evaluate and get better results
  • Brand Development
  • Use of the latest technologies

Most Important Digital marketing technologies used in 2023

1. Content Curation Tool

Content Curation refers to finding information applicable to your users from various sources and sharing it strategically via your communication medium.

Ways to make a successful content curation:

  • Should be private
  • Should develop value
  • Should equalise promotional content
  • Should not take a long time

Some of them are mentioned below:


The foremost provider of business evaluation Curata facilitates marketers to produce, curate, manage, explain and share the most applicable as well as top-quality content as the element of a successful content marketing approach.


It is a visual innovation tool used by an individual to assemble ideas for various tasks and interests using interactive boards.


It is an app allowing a user to explore and share content from their preferred news websites, feeds, blogs and YouTube channels by delivering quick mobile-optimized content through the use of RSS feeds.


Storify is a social network service that allows users to generate a story or timeline by gathering and distributing content from different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

2. Content commendations, Personalization and Retargeting Tools

Your contents become useless unless your audiences find it. So you need to develop content targeting your users as well as potential customers.

Some of its examples consist of:


It is B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to the customer) content recommendations.


It refers to e-commerce content and recommends personalization.


The tool Bright is one of the reasonably priced tools for content recommendations to increase conversions applicable to blogs.

3. Content distribution service

Only creating content does not make your task complete, you also need to distribute it among your readers. Content distribution refers to organic and paid sharing through different social media channels.

Some of the content distribution tools are mentioned below:


Social media management tool HootSuite helps you to keep track as well as manage different content within your social media network


It is an online marketing service for different businesses along with marketers to endorse, boost and follow their brand through the employ of social media, E-mail and SMS messaging.


It is a social media management platform for business-to-business associations providing different tools for marketing teams to plan campaigns connect with prospects and produce leads with social media.

4. Integrated SEO, Content plus Social Media Management

These days only online presence does not make your business Popular, you need to apply some SEO strategy as well. You can find various tools that help to upgrade your business through integrated SEO, Content and social media management.

Some of examples of those tools are explained below:


Moz refers to the tool mainly used to measure, monitor and evaluate the on-site and off-site features of a site’s level of search engine optimisation and for running social media accounts.

Raven Tools

It is an online marketing platform for SEO, social media, content marketing, PPC and much more.

Analytics SEO

The tool Analytics SEO provides information regarding Google web search inquiries that have revisited URL results within your website. Also, see our blog to learn more about Internet Marketing with Top Forums.

In the end,

I hope this article benefited you with useful information regarding the various types of technologies used in Digital marketing today. Through this article, you can also be close to different types of useful digital marketing tools that help to make your task easy. At the current time, technology has ruled the entire world and every one depend on the internet to perform their daily task. So, Digital marketing has become very handy in order to promote your business.