Let’s start with the story of a startup. This startup had massive plans. It wanted to grow as big as any other established business. It wanted fame, and it wanted to have the best team it could hire. It did all that.

It had a massive launch. There were news stories all around the web. Companies noticed. Competitors became concerned. But after its launch, something happened. The startup wasn’t able to scale. Soon it vanished from the market.

Do you know why this happened? It didn’t have a marketing strategy. It was so oblivious to the business needs due to its massive launch that it didn’t craft and implement a proper recursive marketing plan.

If you want that something similar doesn’t happen in your business, then you need to have a proper marketing plan. It is because having no marketing strategy is a business killer.

With that said, let’s discuss how you can have one of the best marketing strategies that bring customers constantly.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies Your Business Should Be Using

A business can’t survive without marketing. You need clients, you have to market your products. Some of the best products also require constant marketing to keep them in the market.

Think of any best brand that failed because it stopped marketing itself.

A good example is HP Touchpads. HP brought these touchpads to the market in 2011 thinking that they will revolutionize the laptop market. There were tablets and there were laptops available. HP wanted to combine both.

The only problem? These products had low processing power and they were high in cost. Moreover, people were fine in using their laptops with touchscreens, so why would they buy something else?

This was the wrong approach. Instead of itself as an alternative to laptops, HP should have marketed itself as an enhanced version of tablets. Also, it should have reduced its price to increase sales.

This rebranding strategy was the task of the marketing department and they didn’t come up with a proper marketing strategy. Result? HP failed!

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Content Marketing

Ecommerce stores need to have a proper content marketing strategy if they want to survive in the business world. On average, eCommerce receives 50% of their website traffic through organic searches, and content marketing plays a massive role in all that.

Therefore, you must create a proper organic content marketing strategy for your eCommerce store. Few things you should do include:

  • Preparing a content marketing calendar
  • Creating an outreach and off-page strategy
  • Consistent content publishing to get more visitors
  • Adding upsell and cross-sell for your best-selling products

Social Media Marketing

Just as content marketing, you can also avail social media to get relevant traffic to your eCommerce store. Top eCommerce stores like Wish.com, Blue Nile, and many others use social media marketing to drive more sales. Here is what they do to make the most of social media:

  • Have a social media marketing plan
  • Create sweepstakes, giveaways
  • Promote video content to their users
  • Focus on problem-solving and user pain points

The last one is most important because it allows people to learn how a particular product can solve their problem.

Email Marketing

People The best way to reach people is by getting into their mailbox. This is only possible when you are collecting leads from your website. So, add relevant lead magnets and then turn your leads warm through newsletters and drip campaigns. You will need to get up marketing automation to get all this done.
To get started with email marketing, here is what you need to do:

  • Create lead magnets for your website
  • Collect more leads and then warm them
  • Set up drip campaigns
  • Monitor the results of your campaigns

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Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is the best way to get more leads and then turn them into business opportunities. Paid marketing is precise marketing and you can target the right type of people based on their interests.
Similarly, you can also target people through the keywords they use in search results.
Creating a paid marketing strategy can help you improve your business and get more relevant leads faster.

Improve Site Performance

Your marketing strategy shouldn’t undermine site performance and design.

  • To get that done, you will need to set up site responsiveness. You can also use AMP pages to make your website faster on mobile devices.
  • Similarly, if you are using a shared hosting plan for your website, maybe it is time to move it to a cloud hosting solution that is a lot faster.
  • You should also move your site to WooCommerce if you still haven’t done so. WooCommerce offers a lot more features than other eCommerce CMS platforms. It comes with built-in features and then has the support of 50,000 plugins.

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Local Marketing

Since you will be marketing your eCommerce store to a specific audience, it would be even better if you create localized marketing campaigns. For example, if you sell products in the USA, you should target ads and do local SEO for US states and cities. This will help people in the US alone know about the products you offer. In return, you will get more relevant traffic and orders.

Affiliate Marketing

Last but not the least, you should create an affiliate marketing strategy for your business that can help you grow and scale without constant marketing. Affiliate marketing will let you hire affiliates who will be marketing your products for a commission.
To get started with affiliate marketing, do the following:

  • Create a proper affiliate marketing plan
  • Focus on what affiliate products you can market
  • Set commission rates for your products
  • Vet affiliate marketers and help them get promotional assets
  • Join affiliate networks such as Shareasale, Commission Junction, Clickbanks, and various others.

You can also try referral marketing to help your customers get discounts and cashback for referring other customers. This way you will have more customers and the retention rate of your eCommerce store will increase manifolds.


Now that you are aware of how important having a marketing strategy is for your eCommerce store, it is time to get started with one.
Not sure how to get started? Get a free consultation and we will show you how you can improve your business with the right development and marketing tactics.