Ruby on Rails all you need to know

Ruby on Rails all you need to know

What is Ruby on Rails?



It is a programming language developed by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto. Among the various types of programming languages, Ruby is ranked on the top ten due to its popularity. Although Rails are known for its use in web programming, it is recognized as a general purpose programming language.



Rails refer to the software library expanding the Ruby Programming languages. It is developed by David Heinemeier. It is a software code added to the Ruby Programming language. It is a development tool providing web developer a framework along with structures for each and every code written by them. Rails framework benefits developer with websites as well as applications as it abstracts and makes simpler general recurring works.

Ruby on rails are more popular nowadays as it is a full-fledge along with a multilevel framework mostly used for developing web application by the use of database based on the architecture of Module View and Controller (MVC). Furthermore, it also encourages as well as facilitates using of web standards, namely JSON or XML for data transfer along with HTML, CSS and JavaScript for display as well as user interface.


Why to choose Ruby on Rails?

  • Quick programming procedure compared to other framework and languages as the object oriented character of Ruby and huge collections of Open source codes obtainable in the community of Rails.
  • The principle of rails is convenient for developers to put up their hand in different Rails projects since all the projects trends to follow similar structures as well as coding practice
  • Due to a convenient framework to hold the change, Rails is better for Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Due to readable and self-documenting Ruby codes, it is very productive as there is less required to write down separate documentation which makes easy for additional developer to choose the present project.
  • Rails is able to develop stronger focuses on testing along with a better testing framework.
  • Rails along with its library is open source, thus contrasting from other commercial development framework, it does not include any licensing costs.


Advantages of Using Ruby on Rails

Speedy Development Rate       

One of the main advantages of Ruby on rails is the speedy development rate. It is said that the speed of development of the project is improved by 30-40% compared to other programming languages or framework. Most of the time boost in the speed is defined by a wide array of tools along with the Ruby languages.

Cost-saving technology

Either you are project leader or a client, Ruby on rails is very cost effective solution as its framework is available without any charge and perform smoothly on Linux. It is simple to work from developer’s prospective as well.

Ideal for web technology

The framework Ruby on Rails is truly perfect for developing different types of web applications. One of the fine things about this framework is working prototype is easily available which executes very speedily. This makes inspection on the feasibility of a project very easy and simple. Furthermore, developers are capable of fixing a web application early in the development phase.

Saves Time

Along with being cost-effective the framework Ruby and rails lets you to start from planning phase to actual development rapidly and is also simpler to handle than other additional technology.

Consists of lively and supportive community

Alike the most successful as well as well recognized content management system Drupal and WordPress with successful community, allowing them to flourish, same goes with the framework Ruby on rails as well. Ruby on rails community consist of lots of expert developer who continually focus to improve code and help other to make their project better. This signifies, if you require help in some part of development tasks, there is more change that one has developed something similar to your project and wants to help you to take you out from the problem which you may have. However, you still require a proficient team to perform with the code as it is not completely plug and play but definitely guides a project to move ahead.

Some of Efficient developing tools

  1. Testing

When you get involved in the larger project, you need to test the project to make the project more efficient. Ruby on Rails framework consist of fine built-in test system compared to other available framework. Additionally it also includes the original approaches, namely Behavior Driven Development (BDD) or else Test Driven Development (TDD).

  1. Caching

Caching includes the most essential step in the development of most important internet projects. In PHP you can find different types of preference for data caching and these choices along with the tools are attached on the side. The framework Ruby on rails along with its basic configuration consists of a regular means of caching data. In the beginning of available tools to use of data caching within the projects, you will be capable of caching the entire pages, block of code, and query result along with Active record model.

  1. Localization

When someone completes the project and the all of the sudden recognizes the necessities of the English version in order to carry on the development of the project. Ruby on rails supports the containment project and if you require support for various languages on the website initially, the framework Ruby on Rails is able to deal with various templates for various languages with the configuration files consisting of translation terms and numerous additional staffs the tool to make use of localization project.

  1. Routing

Mostly in various PHP project we can notice the picture at the time address specified page is large and difficult to understand. So, Ruby on rails project contains the complete flexibility to organize routing, type address, names of foremost parts. It is likely to change the address fast in a single place deprive of changing this address to the whole project. Thus, Ruby on rail’s URLs are simple, attractive, and understandable as well as preferred by various search engines.

  1. Validation

Each and every Input and validation of data is completely implemented by Ruby on rails. Users require filling up the form once verifying email address, password including the maximum length of login.

  1. Migration and working with database

Ruby on rails consist of an established tools that work together with the database. The organization of the database is placed in an application code and is configured from the project. The structure of code is always placed in the repository and if any changes occur, the structure is documented as well as tied to a particular commend to the repository.


Stepping Up,

I hope this article provided you enough information regarding the framework Ruby on rails. Using Ruby on rails makes your web applications resourceful as well as useful by allowing the quick development of dynamic web solutions. So ruby has become the best choice of most of the web developers.

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