You get as much as 3 seconds to lay an impression on your users. That’s why a quality dripped website is crucial for every business.

Whether you like or not – People still judge a book by its cover.

And a website is what acts as the cover of your business. This is where your users (future clients) land most of the time.

So, this is why you should always keep your website at the top of your priority list.

There are certain criteria that you should meet to make a website look from blah to “AhHH – HA.”

And, these 7 small business design examples do exactly like that.

But before we dive into the real meat, let’s go through few of the principles of design.

  1. Never push your users with too many information on the homepage. Give a clear picture of your business with concise info.
  2. Build a buyer persona and connect with your audience accordingly.
  3. It should offer easy navigation and content structure that flow with design
  4. Optimise it for latest trends of a web.
  5. Offer value proposition with precise CTAs to convert leads

Now, let go straight to the 5 small biz examples that you can take inspiration for your business.

Tio Luchin


Source: Tio Luchin

Inspiration can come from any form. This is what a stylish Uncle Luchin restaurant proves with its story. Nominated as a site of the day by Awards, it has the beautiful design and magical layout that can attract anyone’s eye.

Why is it awesome?

  • Although animations and screen changing effects make it mind-boggling, it makes the site easy to the eye.
  • Super simple accessibility and navigability feature with every information comes with a scrolling effect
  • A great headline that says ‘’you have never tried something so rich’ is a statement in itself about its brilliant course and menu.
  • The parallax effect scrolling that guides you through its historical feet and kitchen services makes it even more astonishing.
  • It also lights up the mood of a food lover with beautiful background music.

UVE Langhe

Source: UVE Langhe

A family owned Italian restaurant and wine bar – UVE Langhe offers more to its visitors than just wines. It has everything a user would ask for if he/she is looking for a place to chill. It shows what they expect from their website without being too pushy.

Why is it awesome?

  • Using proper animation and icons to good effect, it connects with its visitors directly.
  • You can easily check the rooms and its features on a homepage.
  • Photographs & sceneries are used brilliantly to match the aura and content of a website. This is what users come to see on a website that offers room and wine options. And, they deliver it through their site.
  • Hamburger menu that doesn’t distract the audience one bit and flows with the design.

I Fix Your I

Source: I Fix Your I

This is a super simple smartphone repair website that demands action from its content value. Unlike other websites in this list, it doesn’t have the aesthetic value. However, it does use the power of persuasive content by solving problems of users.

Why is it awesome?

  • Despite its simple design, it solves the problem of users by helping them locate the nearest store where they can make a quick fix of their Smartphone.
  • The 4 important components like repairing; becoming a corporate customer, device selling etc is placed in a top right corner. It simply shows they have done their research right in terms of buyer’s persona.
  • The mail in service gives another option for users who don’t see any nearby locations.

Ben Lukas Boysen

Source: Ben Lukas Boysen

It’s more of a personal website rather than a small business. But, the work done here made me put this on the list. This Berlin-based music composer’s website follows the principle of easy to consume perfectly. The homepage should always be about solving problems of users and navigating them to the right path. It has used the contract seamlessly with a background colour that defines his music genre. It has three menu options that are easy to access portraying musical portfolio without even a single sound.

Why is it awesome?

  • It’s simple and content is easy to consume. No fancy material has been added or placed like it doesn’t belong there.
  • It makes navigation super easy with a hamburger menu at the right with only 3 important drop-down popping out.
  • Getting through the music portfolio is made a breeze. Simple scrolling lets you go through the timeline with no complicating internal links.

Cliff Side Industries

Source: Cliffside Industries

Cliffside Industries is a kind of online store that focuses on quality cabinet hardware. It doesn’t use any flashy layout still works well with a traditional business setup.

Why is it awesome?

  • It doesn’t start describing its company. Instead, a brief info is given through a video about the company.
  • It offers value proposition by placing its main product – suits in a block rather than just in the menu catalogue.
  • Free shipping on orders over $800 makes it even more compelling. It gives enough reasons to shop for more.

Wrapping Up

What do you think about these small business websites? Did you find any website that you can inspiration for your next project? Do let us know in the comments.