In this era of fierce business rivalry, every business owner wants to project his business above the other competitors. Business via the internet is now the best option to reach out to potential customers throughout the world without being limited to locals as was the case before the web world took control. But being the owner of the numero uno business house is not always easy because of the numerous competitors around. In this case, the SEO Marketing plays its part.

Quality always beats quantity by a wide margin


Quality should never be compromised in favour of quantity for any sphere of life, especially in terms of Article Marketing which is a vital part of SEO. In this era where the web world has entered every household in the civilised community, the number of potential customers can be infinite. But to get to those customers, proper strategy is vital. Many people that work in this domain of marketing a business via article submission make the mistake of submitting a huge number of articles without taking proper care about the quality. But there are smarter ones as well that take special care about the quality of each and every article that is being posted. The result is obvious as, in the long run, the quality leaves quantity miles behind. “Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” Is a quote made by Steve Jobs and it is enough to prove the importance of quality. Search engines mostly prefer well-researched articles rather than spun articles; hence, a site’s position improves the quality of articles being submitted.

In the long run, an article that can reach out to more customers will win the race. This does not mean the website has to be related to shopping, but it can also be any kind of service provider, etc. A variety of websites need to be tackled differently and here lies the capability of the writer as well the person doing Article Marketing. In the preliminary stages of marketing, the crawlers sent out by Google gave importance to a lot of out of track articles, but times have certainly changed. Now, the Google Panda not only distinguishes between useful and unrelated articles but it also drastically de-indexes websites.

Good SEO has several benefits.

A large number of websites are reaping the benefits of healthy online marketing by improving their profit margin. Here are some of the benefits that have taken this article marketing industry by storm:

Improved number of visitors: As visitors increase so does profitability; thus, visitors to a site are directly proportional to profitability.

Website ranking: The ranking of the website improves while being searched via a variety of search engines.

Conversion rate: The sole purpose of SEO is improving the conversion rate and that is the measure of the success of marketing. Conversion does not always relate to product sells, but it can be just getting likes or to make people spend the time to read blogs etc.

While doing Search Engine Optimisation, it should always be kept in mind that the user friendliness of the website should be given due importance. People will move away to the competitor site if navigation from pages or other useful contents are difficult to find. This is a key thing that should always be kept in mind. Vague Article Marketing will always give poor end result. So online marketing needs to be in the hands of the masters although there is no shortage of dumb marketers in this arena.