Just like in our daily life, even in digital businesses, our habits determine our future.

This saying is also true for people who want to properly manage their WordPress websites.

Since WordPress maintenance is a serious task, when you have the option to manage your website, you have two options available.

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Hire a company to do it for you

Most people, due to their workload, are not able to take proper care of their WordPress websites and that is where they falter.

If you are one of these people and struggling with your site management tasks, you have to make some necessary changes to your habits.

In this article, we will discuss which habits you should avoid when managing a WordPress website.

What are bad habits in WordPress Website Mantenance?

Not updating the WordPress core regularly, using cracked themes, creating multiple clones of the site, not cleaning WordPress website databases… These are some bad habits of people who use WordPress for their businesses.

Let’s discuss these bad habits in detail and see how they can cause performance issues for your site and lead to lower profits for your business in the future.

1. Not updating WordPress Versions on Time

WordPress offers two major updates every year. These versions will show up on the WordPress panel itself. You have to just click on the update button to update the core automatically.

Source: WordPress dashboard

If you have some custom plugins or customized themes on your site, then updating the core version can cause some serious issues. That’s why most people just don’t update it. This is a bad practice. It creates loopholes on websites that hackers can easily gain access to.

Make sure that you properly update the WordPress version and don’t procrastinate while doing so.

If you can’t do it yourself, you can hire a WordPress management agency to do the job for you.

2. Not Backing Up WordPress Websites Regularly

Do you know why your website gets so much traffic? Because it has data available. You don’t want to lose that data, do you? So, why are you not backing it up regularly?

Over 30,000 websites are hacked every day. Your website can be next. Make sure that you always keep your website properly backed up as that will help you to keep your data protected in case your website gets into a hacking attack.

There are many decent plugins available like UpdraftPlus that you can use to automatically schedule regular WordPress website backups.

3. Using Cracked Themes and Plugins

Many WordPress users have the habit of installing cracked themes and plugins.

If you can’t afford a WordPress theme, use a free one. But NEVER and we mean NEVER buy a cracked theme or plugin.

Cracked themes often carry malware or viruses that can cause issues on your hosting server. If you are using a shared hosting server, the virus can also cause issues on other websites. If this happens, the hosting company will permanently ban your website and they may not even give you the data of your website. So, make sure to always use proper plugins that are either bought from WordPress marketplaces or given by other trusted people to you.

You can also use a staging site to see if a plugin/theme is working properly on your site. Once the plugin is installed, use Sucuri to test the staging site. Sucuri will tell you if there is malware on the site.

4. Not Using Cache on Your Website

Your WordPress website requires faster performance so that it can rank higher in search engines and get more traffic. When the site is not using a cache service, it won’t be able to offer better performance to its users, hence the business will suffer.

We observe regularly that WordPress users have the bad habit of not using a cache service. They procrastinate in adding relevant plugins on their site and that is why they struggle at business success. You don’t want that to happen to your site, do you?

Some good cache services you can use for your WordPress website are WP Rocket, Nitropack, and Breeze. Go for a premium service to ensure that you get the performance boost needed to elevate your website.

5. Delaying Comment Moderation

This is a known fact that WordPress websites that get a lot of traffic through organic channels, also get a lot of comments. Most of these comments are spam. They don’t have any meaning and they are only posted for the sake of getting a backlink from the site. This is an unacceptable practice.

Source: WordPress dashboard

The problem is that WordPress keeps these comments in the database if you have put them in moderation. And, they can get into thousands so you better moderate them daily. Because if you don’t moderate them, they can also lead to slow performance, storage issues, and even link spam (if they are published).

Many WordPress users tend to ignore the comment section. This habit should be avoided. If they want, they can use a plugin service like Disqus on their websites to ensure that only relevant people can post comments on the site.

6. Not Having a Mobile Version of Website

In 2021, the majority of websites are getting over 70% of visitors through mobile devices. If you are struggling with business success, perhaps the reason is that you don’t have a mobile version or a responsive website design.

Not having a responsive version of the site is one habit that site owners should avoid at all costs because it can cause a drastic impact on the business’s bottom line.

7. Not Giving Importance to Your Website Security

Security is crucial for the stability of your WordPress website. Websites that are not secure often get into security problems because of the vulnerabilities they have.

Most WordPress users have a habit of not securing their websites. They don’t have Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Whitelisted IPs, and SSL certificates, or CDN service on their website.

All these can cause security loopholes that intruders can use to get access to your website data.

8. Not Having Relevant Forms On Your Website

Last but not the least, have forms on your website so that visitors can add their information.

We have seen this on a lot of websites. Most websites just don’t have forms or call-to-action buttons on the relevant places on the site. They don’t have forms available and as a result, they lose a lot of leads. This is bad for business and this is bad for the site owners that are trying hard to squeeze leads from the visitors.

Make sure that you have lead forms on all pages of your website. This will allow website visitors to easily provide their information if they have a question or if they want to avail your service.

Ready to Change these WordPress Habits?

We hope that you are now familiar with a lot of bad WordPress habits that cause issues on your website. To ensure that your business runs smoothly in the long run, make sure to change these habits with a better one.

If you are juggling time for site management and need a helping hand, then our WordPress management experts can help you with that.

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