You have a growing WordPress website but you don’t have time to manage it on a regular basis. What will you do?

There are two options available that you can choose from. One is to hire a dedicated developer that will maintain and manage your website on a day-to-day basis. The second option is to hire a WordPress site management service that can get the same job done but with a slight increase in website costs.

While WordPress management may sound confusing to you, it is important to understand why it is so important for any business.

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What is WordPress Management and Why is it Necessary?

WordPress management is the act of maintaining the performance, security, and growth of a WordPress website. Since your website is your business hub, it is important to keep it maintained. This means making sure that the website is performing at optimum speed. That it is properly secure and backed up on a regular basis. That it is properly customized for your website visitors and that the customer journey is proper on the website.

In essence, WordPress management is a crucial part of your business success. To make sure that your website is properly operating, you have to do a complete WordPress website audit. The audit report will tell you about what problems your website is facing and then a developer will solve them. Since these problems pop up from time to time, you will need to have a dedicated resource working on the site to manage it.

WordPress Management Plugins: Which Ones are the Best?

Here is a list of plugins that you can use for WordPress site management.

1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a WordPress website cache plugin. It improves site performance by minifying JS, HTML, and CSS. It also reduces the size of images, adds GZip Compression, and adds CDN for edge content delivery.

2. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus plugin backups site data, content, and media to third-party storage locations. It is completely automated and backs up data on a regular basis.

3. Sucuri

The plugin checks website security and scans it for malware, viruses, and wormholes – if any exist on the server.

4. WP Optimize

The optimization feature is crucial for WordPress database optimization.

5. WordPress Zero Spam

The zero spam plugin helps remove spam from the website. Whether you have too many spam comments on your website, you can remove all of them with the click of a button.

6. Ultimate Blocks

The plugin lets you add 200+ blocks to your WordPress website. They can help you customize the website as and when needed. You can add tables, create columns, add buttons, and do a lot more.

WordPress Managed Services: How to Select One

We have already discussed two different types of WordPress managed services, a dedicated developer, and a WordPress management agency.

A dedicated developer will be a full-time or a part-time resource. You will have to pay them even if there is no work available on the website. So, they may cost you a lot more in the long term.

On the other hand, a WordPress management agency will cost you less. You can hire a decent WordPress management agency for regular maintenance jobs for as low as $1,000 per month.

Following is a list of WordPress management services that these agencies offer and that are important for any WordPress website.

– WordPress Site Customization

WordPress websites require customization on a regular basis. Sometimes this means adding a new landing page on the website, at other times it means design changes to the website.

Customization can have many aspects and a good developer is needed to take care of the overall website customization needs.

– WordPress Maintenance & Backups

Similarly, WordPress maintenance and backups are part of the site management needs. You should have regular backups to third-party storage set up on your website. These can be set up by the hosting company that you use for your site hosting or by the WordPress management agency that you have hired. A good plugin like UpdraftPlus can be used for WordPress backups. This plugin automates the whole site backup process and keeps a copy of the site’s content and media on Google Drive. Simply put, there’s a huge importance of maintenance for WordPress websites.

Looking for effective WordPress backup methods? Dive into our blog where we explore secure solutions that offer peace of mind for website owners.

– WordPress Security Management

Security is crucial for any WordPress website. If your website is not properly secure it will be prone to hacks by cybercriminals.

You can hire a WordPress management agency to look at your site security needs. Site security would include adding two-factor authentication, IP whitelisting, IP blocking, admin URL blocking, monitoring attacks, installing DDoS protection, limiting SQL injection, and many other similar features.

A good WordPress security team keeps a checklist of all the problems that need to be fixed and checks them on a regular basis. When you hire a full WordPress site maintenance service, they will take care of your site security needs.

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– WordPress Performance Optimization

Site performance is now a ranking factor. If your website is not ranking well, a major factor behind that is its performance problems. WordPress performance management will include speeding up the whole website by solving the problems that are making it slow. Similarly, performance issues can also occur because of site and server errors. 

Good testing tools like GTMetrix, Pingdom, and Google Page Insights can tell about the problems that the website has. These tools also tell about recommendations that can help improve site performance. Most of these recommendations are related to website code and that is where a WordPress developer is needed.

–  WordPress Marketing & Reporting

WordPress management also includes marketing and analytics. A good WordPress management service will analyze the website, install relevant codes like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other relevant codes. 

It will also add social share options on the website so that visitors coming to the website can easily share the site on respective social media platforms.

WordPress management teams need to look at all these aspects and fix them on a regular basis. A working website will get issues quite often. The only way to fix them is to maintain the website and audit it on a monthly basis.

WordPress Management Plan: How to Choose the Right One?

When choosing a WordPress management plan, make sure that you ask the agency or the developer you plan to hire for your service about the services they will offer. Their services should cover all the topics that we have discussed at length above. A full WordPress website management plan should include site security, performance, optimizations, site customizations, and reporting.

Before selecting one agency for your business, look at plans of different WordPress management services and compare them. Choose one that you deem fit for your business needs.

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