Every WordPress website requires some sort of maintenance on a regular basis. You can’t just launch a website and leave it like that. You will need a plan to keep maintaining the website so that it can help you to grow your business.

One good news about WordPress is that it doesn’t require maintenance from your end all the time. Because it is in active development mode and continuously receives updates from its developer community. These are in terms of plugin, theme, or code updates.

Apart from that, there are some things that you need to actively maintain on your WordPress website. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most convincing reasons why you should maintain your WordPress website.

Let’s learn all about them in detail.

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Reasons Why You Need WordPress Maintenance

Explore top reasons why you need a WordPress maintenance plan for your WordPress website.

1. Better Site Performance

The first and the most obvious reason for site maintenance is speed and performance. If your WordPress website is not performing at peak performance, it is keeping money on the table. In simple terms, every visitor that bounces off your website is going to visit another website and order products from there. This is a loss of not just one order but recurring sales.

With better site maintenance you can easily close this loophole and get back lost customers.

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2. Improved Site Security

Your site is not secure if it is not updating new patches provided by WordPress. WordPress usually offers 4 to 5 crucial updates every year that include security patches. They help site admins improve site security, reduce the risk of hacking, and ensure that cybercriminals don’t attack the site. Most websites that are not updated to the latest WordPress security patches are prone to hacking attempts.

3. Enhanced User Experience

How do you know that your users are getting the best user experience? You know by split testing pages and checking the data provided to you, right? That is part of website maintenance. If you don’t have maintenance plans available to optimize your site landing pages, you can’t enhance the user experience. Not enhancing the user experience would eventually decrease your site’s value and reputation. As a result, your order volume will decrease and people will move to other better stores that are already trying to beat you. That is why WordPress maintenance is so important.

4. Updating Plugins & Themes

Your plugins and themes require regular updates because of two reasons. Updated plugins offer better features that either had bugs or that were not available to the users. Similarly, theme updates ensure that your themes perform better and faster for the users. Updating your themes and plugins is also important because they can have security loopholes that are automatically patched due to updates.

5. Backing Up Site

WordPress maintenance is also important to completely back up your WordPress website. This ensures that the data available on the website is not only secure but in case your website is hacked, you can restore that data with the click of a single button. You can even schedule daily backups for your website or use plugins like Updraft that can backup your website easily if needed.

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6. Check Site Health

How do you check that your WordPress website is in good health? Here are a few things that you should check for.

  • Check if the site has regular backups available
  • Make sure that the WordPress website doesn’t have any broken links
  • That the website doesn’t have bandwidth or storage limit
  • That the website doesn’t have any page speed issues
  • That the database of the WordPress website works properly

7. Monitoring Uptime

There are many bots available now that you can use for monitoring the website’s uptime. If you are using a hosting solution that doesn’t offer a monitoring bot for the site’s uptime, then go for a WordPress plugin that checks for uptime on a daily basis. This shows you that the website is always available not just for you but also for others who are trying to visit it.

8. Saving Costs

Maintaining a WordPress website on a regular basis ensures that your overall site costs are reduced. Take the example of a car. If you drive a car and don’t maintain it, what will happen in a few months? Your car will stop working. Why? Because it requires maintenance but you are not providing that maintenance. In the end, you will end up paying more for the car’s maintenance instead of what you will pay right now. This is how much you are saving in terms of cost with WordPress maintenance.

9. Increase Brand Reputation

Your brand is a representation of you. And your brand is represented by your website. Now if your website is designed badly and offers a poor user experience, what will people think about you? This will impact your brand reputation directly. Badly maintained websites have numerous mistakes, broken links, dead pages, and outdated content that projects an unprofessional image and can leave a terrible taste in the mouths of your consumers.

10. Doubling Site Revenue

Last but not the least, we are doing everything for business. WordPress maintenance is also a great way to improve your business. You may ask how?

Well, if you don’t maintain your website, it will start to lose the number of visitors it gets on a regular basis.

Think of your competition. It is always trying to beat you and if you are not taking your competition seriously, then you are in oblivion.

WordPress maintenance is not just a part of your website it is a crucial factor that can directly impact your business bottom-line.


We hope that you are now aware of why you need a WordPress maintenance service to create a proper maintenance plan for your website.

If you are not sure how to hire trusted WordPress maintenance experts, get help from our experts.

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