It makes no sense in having a beautiful website design paired with an amazing portfolio if nobody gets to see it but yourself. This has happened to many web developers. Creating a website is easy but getting the right traffic is where the real challenge rests. If you are looking for SEO tips for WordPress websites, you have come to the right place. We will be looking at the top tips that will help you generate traffic to your website by optimising your website for search.

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Content is the best

There are many methods you can use to optimise your website for search but none works better than content. Every type of optimisation is only effective if used in combination with high quality and unique content. Create content that is readable and understandable. This content should then contain keywords that are relevant to your products or business. Though you are writing the content for the search engine algorithm, you should focus more on giving your relevant information to your visitors. Intelligent programming has made it possible for the search engine algorithms to detect fluff when it comes to web content. Use keywords sparingly.

Exchange backlinks (Updated)

Building links are the most precious of all SEO tips for WordPress websites. Backlinks are valued by search engines and they will help you get a better ranking with minimal effort. Exchange backlinks with other websites that cover the same niche as you and with websites that have a high page ranking. You should also link to your web pages. Link each page to another. We don’t recommend you to exchange links with Google also making life difficult for link builders. Rather than exchanging links, you can ask to buy links. This way it helps your site from getting penalised.

Use keywords as captions & alt tags for your images

If you have used Google to search for images or videos, you may have noticed that each displayed image/video has text below it. This is what the updated Google algorithm looks for before ranking an image/video. Considering images and videos are not search engine friendly on their own, you have to add captions to each of your graphic content and include relevant text. This will make it easy for the search engines to find and rank them. Google doesn’t understand the image you have posted. You have to show them through alt tags.

Use SEO themes

First of all, there are no such things as SEO themes. It’s just a theme optimised perfectly for SEO. How can you get it?There are many WordPress themes that are search engine optimised. Such themes do not have a lot of code. When the source code is long, the search engine will have to wade through a lot of codes to find what a website is about. Maintaining proper code to text ratio is also important in terms of rankings. Having messed up coding structure may cripple your ranking. Use the fast performing themes with minimal codes.

Use long-tail keywords

The long-tail keywords are simply keyword-phrases. In addition to the one and two-word keywords, include keyword phrases. Use LSI keywords that are synonyms of your target keywords.  They are more focused and will direct the right traffic to your website.

Social media

Social media marketing is an essential part of modern advertising. Linking your website to the social media is one of the best SEO tips for WordPress websites that you can ever get. Create an account with various social networking sites and link those accounts to your website. This creates quality links and also drives traffic from the social media to your website.

Wrapping Up,

Just like any math problem, there isn’t one answer to everything.¬†There are many SEO tips for WordPress that you can use. Not all of them can be trusted. Take time to research an option before implementing it.