Okay, you probably already have a Facebook account and who doesn’t use Twitter nowadays but how about trying out some new social media platforms for a change? There are well over 100 of these bad boys in use right now and surely it wouldn’t hurt to try a few of them? Well instead of trawling through that lot we have highlighted 3 of the best freshest social media sites that are bound to appeal to your sense of fun and adventure, they all have something unique and maybe one of them will soon be your new guilty secret?



Okay, this platform has been around for over a decade but it’s only just starting to kick ass on the social media scene. It’s a professionally flavoured setup and it does what it does extremely well indeed. With over half a million members at the time of writing this article, Ryze has certainly started to rise in the rankings if you’ll excuse the pun! If you are part of an organisation who would like to link up with others in a flexible framework, Ryze will suit you down to the ground. There are at least 1000 already using Ryze as their base and the built-in technology adds some serious value to the whole setup. You may struggle to join Ryze if you don’t already have a connection there but we’d recommend doing some homework because it will be worth your time!



Designed specifically for small businesses and professionals alike, Talkbiznow is kind of like a grown-up version of Facebook and them some! If your business needs a prolific base to launch itself from, Talkbiznow can do that and so much more besides. You will experience some very slick collaboration potential and if your social media marketing skills need a little polish, this is the way to attain that goal. The whole shebang is free and will save a lot of time and effort on your part. You can host webinars, manage other social media sites and also store your vital files, come and say hello to Talkbiznow!



Our final social media offering is all about wealth and enjoying the trappings of your own success. Okay, it may come across as a little snobby but if you have worked your backside off to get here, why not let everyone know about it? You will need to prove that your net worth is $1 million, but if that’s no problem, what are you waiting for? Once you join you will be able to mingle with a similar crowd and be privy to some truly valuable advice also. We’d like to tell you more but we’re still waiting to be accepted due to our current salary packages falling a little short of that mark!
Any more?
Hey, if this trio doesn’t do it for you why not take a dip in the social media pool and find one that suits your needs? There’s plenty more to choose from!