In web design, you have to evaluate the quality and update yourself with an entire range of possibilities provided by the internet. That means you have to explore to the internet and keep yourself up to date to follow latest trends happening currently.

Here are 5 web design principles that will make or break your design today

1. Vertical  websites

The vertical websites start directing the web as many customers use smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. This basically indicates that more web content will exist in long vertical pages rather than divide into the smaller amount. This method makes easy for the information architecture of the web. It also promotes more story-like methods to the content of each page as the reader is drawn further down the page with graphics and typography.

2. Flat design

Flat design is one of the biggest trends of 2014 which is well recognised now in 2015. Because of its fresh, simple style, it provides optimised performance on mobile devices. The initial step that web designers should take is to be familiar with its core features. You can also try Material design theme for Bootstrap 3 that facilitates designers and developers to use recent Google material design in any type of framework they desire.

3. Responsive Web design

Responsive web design refers to a set of web design method that allocates the similar content to load on different devices with any screen size rather than creating other mobile tailored pages. This indicates that the web-browsing experience of the user is tailored for any device they decide to use. Since the quantity of web- browsing devices has improved extensively. This type of web design is preferred by Google as well.

4. Make it big

“Make it big” is one of the essential principles in web designing. There is both realistic and visual cause for the trend “make it big”. Once people visits your website, they will get the impact of the website on them. Furthermore, coding is simple.  Thus, this trend is suitable on the screen of every device such as the desktop screen to phone screens without any modifications in the layout. At the moment, this trend is promoting fast and many users are gradually rising to the full-screen website design.

5. Focus on content

Many years ago the websites designed with colours was taken as a good website but now the time has changed to opposite direction. These days, many companies want to reduce the design and focus more on the quality content. High-quality content with less design benefits many audiences to visit your website. They can find useful articles in your website and this makes the appearance of website cleaner than before.

Thus, these are the web design principles that will make or break your design today. At the time you make a design either the web or graphic design; you should explore to the internet. This helps you to find the latest trends that are leading currently. You should not stay backwards to try something new and different.You can also redesign your site following the latest trend. Along with the trends, tools are also becoming more complicated, so website companies should update themselves accordingly. They can also provide training with the designer. Hence, training makes easy for both company and designers to improve and follow the latest trend.

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