WordPress occupies 61% of total CMS

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Developing a website is not easy. So, you need lots of time and effort to make a website stand out.

When the content of your website starts to grow, it might be challenging to manage and represent it properly.


Employing WordPress as content management system helps to manage your website in a better way.

Even though WordPress is a powerful tool and widely used, it may not always do everything you wish.


WordPress comes with various plugins that help to extend the functionality of your website and make it stand out.

The plugins serve as an approach to extend and add the functionality which is previously available in WordPress. The foundation of WordPress is developed to improve the flexibility minimising the code. Also, the plugins provide some tailored function with features allowing users to customise the websites with the particular requirements.

There are varieties of WordPress plugin accessible with no charge from a plugin directory. And, the paid plugin mostly provides complete time support for developers working to maintain security and compatibility of the plugin.

These are best WordPress plugin 2016:

1. Akismet

Willing to start your own blog and receive comments from your targeted audiences?

You might have lots of problems as many comments may not be authentic and important, some might be spam comments.


Integrating Akismet plugin differentiates spam and genuine comments. Also, it helps to identify the spam comment which might be troubling you to decide among positive and negative feedbacks. These feedbacks can obstruct on the rankings as well.


  • Check each and every comment automatically filtering the one that looks like spam
  • Since every comment holds history, you can simply figure out the comment occupied by Akismet and spammed by a moderator
  • URLs are displayed within the comment body to disclose unseen as well as deceptive links

 WordPress plugin Akismet

 2. WordPress SEO by Yoast

The well-admired plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast does not only include in SEO plugin but also the complete website optimisation package. Along with adding up titles and description to your blog post, it also benefits you adding up open Meta-data along with performing some page analysis, publishing XML sitemap and more.

Besides, it is simple to install and setup so it is utilised in various websites. Through this plugin, you can develop an XML sitemap for your website as well.


  • Page analysis
  • Technical WordPress SEO
  • Meta and link element
  • RSS Optimisation
  • XML sitemap
  • Social integrations
  • Multiple websites compatible

WordPress plugin Yoast SEO

3. W3 Total Cache

The most well-recognised cache plugin for WordPress W3 Total cache allows websites to load quickly for superior customer experience with high ranks within the search engine. The plugin mostly provides different preferences or choices for optimising your website.

If configured properly, you will be able to observe variations in terms of presentations. Additionally, it magnificently goes with Amazon CloudFront for cost-effective ways of conveying the content employing Content Delivery Network (CDN).


  • Well matched with shared hosting, virtual private or dedicated servers
  • Mobile compatible which is particular caching of pages by referrer or group of user agent counting theme changing for a group or referrer or user agent
  • Apparent content Delivery Network (CDN) management together with Media Library, theme files, and WordPress
  • Caching database objects in memory


WordPress plugin W3C total cache

4. Jetpack

All in one WordPress plugin, Jetpack offers an extensive range of remarkable features with different handy functionalities. It lets customise your website, add themes, organise content, includes protected login and analyses performance. The plugin profits you with different services like social sharing features, contact form, CDN service, e-mail subscription and many others.


  • Security
  • Image performance
  • Dedicated support
  • Traffic growth and insights

WordPress plugin Jetpack

 5.Wordfence Security

One of the best security plugins, Wordfence security adds up an additional layer of protection locking an individual who attempts to take access to your WordPress site. It also blocks IP addresses of bots attempting to enter in your website.

The plugin lets you customise the email alerts when it finds any doubtful activity. It also provides a premium version allowing you access to support once you require it. It is well admired and downloaded by maximum users as it provides a deep server-side scan of the complete source code.


  • Blocking features
  • Protected login
  • Secure scanning
  • WordPress firewalls
  • Monitoring characteristics
  • Multiple site security
  • Learning centre with no charge

WordPress plugin Wordfence Security

6. WooCommerce

Are you planning to run an online shop? If so, WordPress plugin WooCommerce surely comes to your help.

This plugin facilitates you with different features like PayPal implementation; evaluate sales report, simple and convenient coupon submission, various shipping approaches as well as useful and effective inventory management. Additionally, the plugin can be modified according to the requirement of your company.


  • Sell from any place, anything
  • Convenient Shipping
  • Broad payment choice
  • Describe your style according to storefront

WordPress plugin WooCommerce

7. BuddyPress

Today, to make your business popular among your targeted audiences,  better develop a social network. WordPress plugin BuddyPress provides you complete guidance to manage various social networking sites on WordPress including member profile, activity stream, user group, messages and more.

Additionally, it also offers some features to develop a community where you will be able to enclose a friend list, private conversation, make groups and anything you organise with social networking sites.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple to integrate
  • Deliberately influential
  • Facilitates registered member to create own profile
  • Create and interact within group

WordPress plugin BuddyPress

8. Gravity forms

WordPress plugin Gravity forms can be very effective for beginners and developers welcoming contact form plugin for CMS WordPress. The plugin is mostly used in all the types of the online form on your WordPress site. It appears with an influential add-on developing an online survey, user submitted the post, web directory or anything where user input is necessary.


  • Multiple page forms
  • Simple form setting
  • Schedule forms
  • Post fields
  • Standard fields

WordPress plugin Gravity forms

 9. SumoMe

One of the most liked WordPress plugin SumoMe offers varieties of features along with the tools free of cost which is essential to develop a WordPress website.  This type of WordPress plugin makes convenient for audiences to connect with your email list, share your post and optimisation with analytic. It also allows simple allocation on various social media integrating email with MailChimp, Constant Contact, campaign Monitor and more.


  • Free and simple integration with WordPress themes
  • Completely mobile friendly and optimised which can bring maximum number of traffic
  • Complete control on the different development features
  • Simple to share on Twitter
  • Tailored template to develop the popup of your email remarkable
  • Operates well on additional social plugin such that Digg Digg

WordPress plugin SummoMe

10. OptinMonster

WordPress plugin OptinMonster lets many users generate beautiful and attractive forms and a popup for the WordPress site and switch user into subscribers. It appears packed with various characteristics like page level targeting, analytics, split test plus exit intent technologies which let you show option form at the time users is about to go away from your website.


  • Develop high converting forms instantly
  • Switch audiences into subscriber and customer
  • Segment your consumers with deeds personalisation
  • Simply test your concept and enhance conversion
  • Maximise your email conversion
  • Enhance mobile conversion with mobile precise popup

WordPress plugin OptinMonster

11. WP Smush

Larger images might slow down your website. WP Smush optimises your images making them occupy less disk space with no impact on the visible quality of an image. Also, it cuts all the unwanted data and scales it for you earlier than you add it to your media library.


  • Optimise image employing advanced lossless compression technique
  • Auto-smush the attachment on upload
  • Process JPEG, GIF and PNG image files
  • Scale the larger images setting maximum height and width earlier than adding them to media library
  • Look for advanced compression stats per attachment and library totals.

WP smush

12. WPForms

As a business proprietor, your top priority is to allow your customer to connect with you easily. WordPress Plugin WPForms is the most novice friendly contact form. The drag and drop online from developer lets you develop contact forms, emails subscription forms, order forms and more just with some clicks.


  • Develop Drag and Drop form
  • Instant notification
  • Easy Payment
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Spam protection

 WordPress plugin WPForms

 13.Testimonials widgets

Testimonials Widget allows you randomly slide or list the preferred portfolios, review or text with images or videos on your WordPress site. Also, you can include testimonials content through shortcode theme function or widgets with category and tag selection with various display option like random and specific ordering.


  • Random display
  • Widget and shortcode ready
  • Simply styled for easy theme adaption
  • Shortcode compatible
  • Filter slideshow content
  • Responsive image slideshow

Testimonials widget


I hope you enjoyed reading about the best WordPress plugin that you require for a successful business. Numerous WordPress plugins are available online. And, it is very important to pick the one that meets your business goals. These are our choice of plugins when it comes to configuring a website with the brute force of effectiveness. What do you recommend??