You are so happy that your Facebook page has hundreds of followers; you can’t wait to boast about it. Unfortunately, before you could get to the boasting part, your competitors figure out a new way to increase their number of followers and you are left behind in the rush. So, here are some of the ad hacks to get you to double your conversion and for you to find a way to stand out in the crowd when you flaunt your advertising skills:

Know Your Audience

Sometimes, people who have spent time in business schools and have learned the art of marketing, forget the basic rules once they leave those schools. In order for you to optimise your Facebook ads, you must first recognise the type of audience you want to attract and then create the ad based on the results of your evaluation. Keep checking up on your ads from time to time to see if they work.For example, if you know that your audience mostly consists of men, then there is no point in sharing a jewellery ad. Not only would such an ad not attract the viewers but also all your efforts will go in vain.

Keep A Track Of Time

It makes a person really tense if he runs an ad, take for an example an ad about Divine Essays, but does not get a response after a short while. A lot of companies have a small budget when it comes to advertisements; hence they remove the ads if it is too costly. For this purpose, you can get a sample size calculator to calculate the minimum reach. You must also wait for the ad to reach around at least 1500-2000 people before you make any changes to it, especially if you are targeting by gender and age.

Keep A Close Eye On Your Conversion

If you haven’t looked at your ad reports in a long time, then you are making a big mistake that might cost you in the end. Keep a track of just one conversion pixel per ad. If you target multiple pixels, then it might create a confusion that your conversion is worth too less. This is because Facebook creates a pile of all the conversions in the ad manager making it hard to distinguish.

Make Your Ads Be Seen

When a person sees the same thing 3 times, it basically gets engraved into their minds. So, make your ad pops up on their newsfeed at least a couple of times in order for them to notice it. In this case, also make sure that your ad is attractive rather than annoying. If a person chooses to block it, then your plan will backfire and your plan will go down the drain.

Monitor Your CPM

CPM (Cost PerMille) has a direct impact on your cost per conversion and you get a small idea about the rate of your ad. CPM tells you about the cost per 1000 impressions, defining how much competition is standing in your way for you to reach the people that you are actually trying to target. Try to come up with a way with which you can maximise the cost per conversion while keeping a low CPM at the same time.

The problems mentioned above are few of the most common mistakes people make while they are trying to manage their Facebook ads. The solutions are simple enough. Sometimes it takes only a small effort to bring about a big change in your work.