Either you are an SEO proficient or website proprietor; you always pay attention to the tools to simplify the tasks of organising your search engine rank. Along with the goal to achieve high rank in the search engine you also need to update yourself with search algorithms that keep on changing regularly. You can get varieties of extensions that are extremely important to make the existence of SEO in an improved way and make the work trouble-free.

 7 important SEO Chrome Browser extensions

1. SEO for Chrome

Formerly known as Chrome SEO, SEO for Chrome refers to the well recognised SEO Chrome extension obtainable. This extension assists you with the information you require to direct your search strategy. It is a fast and simple extension that informs about the increase and decrease your Google PageRank, the number of backlinks to your page, improvement in your social media sharing and much more.

Chrome SEO Extension

2. SEO site Tools

A complete source of power about SEO information, SEO site tools is an additional useful analytics browser extension that focuses on bringing together data and information regarding your website from a whole range of sources so that you can speedily observe the strengths as well as the weakness of your website.

This extension comprises of six key sections which are listed below:

  • Social Media
  • Page elements
  • Page terms/tools
  • Website Suggestions
  • Information about domain/server
  • External page data
Source: seo-advisors


Checking the targeted keywords, SEO SERP allows you to ensure your search engine rank in the given period. It is a speedy and easy extension that shows the number of positions URL loosed or achieved compared to earlier search. This extension can be blessings for those webmasters who mostly depends on Google to bring traffic to their site.

Source: Inboundio

 4. SEO Quake

Compared to other extensions, SEO Quake is a bit basic and accessible for all the main browsers. This extension is advanced along with quick arrangement and also releases your PageRank, no follow links, and keyword density analysis as well as web documentation time.

SEO quake

5. Mozbar

Most preferred Chrome extension Mozbar allocates you to access important SEO metrics such as Domain Authority metrics, Page Authority, Keyword Highlights and many others. It also highlights the particular types of links like internal, external, follows etc.

Moz bar
Source: Poweredbysearch

6. Check My Links

The extension Check My Links allows you to identify the condition of the link either it has any errors or it is broken. This extension also helps to find each link on the web page and highlights the valid link

Check My Links
Source: Foregroundweb

7. Site Trail

Site trail allows you to check the website of your selection and gives the projected importance of the site as well as revenue. This extension offers site rank, the location of the server, SEO statics, site value and many others.


Site Trail
Source: Top5awesome

Consequently, Due to its simplicity and fast speed, the internet browser is regarded as one of the most popular browsers. Moreover, this browser is capable of housing applications which are also called extensions that dramatically enhance the internet browsing experience. Also, check our list of 60+ Chrome Extensions for Developers.

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