At the moment, only your business website is not enough to upgrade your business. Along with your website you also must involve your business to different social networking sites counting Facebook. Participating in social networking site like Facebook allows you to create pages, groups and community of your business which directly makes your website popular and increases the involvement of users to your site. You can make beneficial use of Facebook by customising your Facebook page in a creative way.

 Ways to customise your Facebook business page creatively

Create simple and understandable URL

URL denotes the name of your Facebook page. So you have to create a meaningful URL with the identifiable and simple name. For an example URL such as  is difficult to remember and do not denote the name of any business. So you can create an URL like, this type of URL is understandable and it is simple to share with your friend as it can be easily identified. You can a create simple URL just by writing your company’s name.


 Use of Custom welcome page

A good custom page plays an important role in attracting users to your site. When the audiences are impressed with your custom welcome page, then they click on “Like” button. You can make use of custom page by creating a custom tab and welcome new visitors to your page. Make sure this page is impressive as it is the first page to make an impact on visitors when they visit your page.

page modo

 Add a custom tab

You can create custom tabs on Facebook business pages through iFrames. You also have to display content regarding different services, customer testimonial and enough information on products on custom facebook tab for the better outcomes. You should think Custom tab as a gateway to the facebook profile. Moreover, through the custom tab, you can also promote featured content and advertise your existence in social media to another channel.

Custom Facebook Tab

 Upload an attractive profile picture

When users visit your page, the profile picture is the first thing to make an impact on your business. So your profile picture should be very creative and appropriate to your business pleasing the eyes of visitors. Facebook offers you an option to import an image from your website rather you can upload a four-sided picture which is specially designed for your Facebook business page. Facebook allows you to upload an image only in JPG, GIF or PNG format with 170 pixels wide and 170 pixels high.

nirmal web design profile pic

 Customise you Post with targeted audience

Recently, Facebook consists of a new feature that allows you to customise your post with a targeted audience that means you can make your post visible to a certain group of people in a particular location. You can utilise this feature to divide your audience into different group and post accordingly.

facebook Post

 Organise different competition

Organising different competitions through Facebook is the best idea to increase an engagement of more people on your Facebook page. Following different rules and regulation provided by Facebook you can organise different campaigns. This helps to promote your page as well.

facebook contest

Consequently, following different restriction, you can customise your Facebook business page in creative ways. This will help you to present your business page in a unique way.

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