Before knowing about the e-commerce platform, you need to have a clear idea about e-commerce site and their advantages in today’s era. If you do not have a proper idea on an e-commerce site, you do not have to worry; through this article, I will describe to you all about E-commerce solutions.

What is an e-commerce solution?

In the simplest form, e-commerce is the way of purchasing and selling products and services online. Most of the people use e-commerce to illustrate the procedure of searching and selecting products in online sites. In today’s era of technology, e-commerce solutions have become a very important choice for many companies as there are various companies who have a great interest in developing the online shop. With the boost in demand for online purchase, many businesses are taking their step forward to integrate online shop.

Few examples of eCommerce websites are Amazon and Asos. You might have also visited their App. While this post isn’t about the mobile app development, it covers everything you need to know about an online store.

Advantages of E-commerce solution

  1. Quick and Convenient

E-commerce business allows customers to complete transactions from the place they are staying and the transactions mostly occur within the online presence of a store. The transaction does not take much time; it can be done quickly and conveniently.

  1. Acquire Product Description

Customers can easily acquire details and description of the product online. Before purchasing the product, it is essential to get some information regarding it. Relying on those information customers can make a decision whether to buy the products or go for next one.

  1. Flexibility and efficiency

E-commerce solution provides flexibility and efficiency handling the complex situation, product ranges and customer profiles effectively. This helps to know your ideal customers and the product that is mostly sold.

  1. Improve Business reach

Any business that operates offline might face difficulty in reaching an extensive range of customers. Alternatively, e-commerce site enables many businesses to reach the customers within the globe. Most of the people feel easy to shop from the internet and through an e-commerce platform, users can purchase product and service from any place in the globe.

  1. Decrease the cost of inventory management

Through e-commerce business, vendors are able to reduce the cost of inventory management as they can easily mechanise inventory management employing web-based management system. This will save their operational cost and can utilise the cost to make their business more productive.

Today, many companies are integrating an e-commerce platform as a component of their business operations. With the arrival of the internet and mobile devices, it is now handy to incorporate a feasible solution that works well for many users. In this article, we will discuss the best e-commerce platform; you can choose the one suitable for your business.

To make you more clear about the e-commerce platform, here are the list of best e-commerce platforms:


One of the best E-commerce platforms Shopify is online of the greatest online shopping platform that benefits your business with 14 days free trial. This site also offers you various marketing options and it also handles above 70 different payment gateways. Shopify also provides social media incorporation as well as e-mail marketing and the system is supported by a content delivery network providing an additional boost at the time your site receives bogged down throughout the busy area. One of the handy features of Shopify is it is simple and easy to employ and does not need a developer to help you to configure your site.



PrestaShop is one of the best e-commerce platforms written in PHP and it holds a template based on the Smarty template. This platform contains above 310 features and more than 2000 modules and templates incorporated. It also allows you to cross-sell products and lets one-page checkout together with low shipping price and sells abroad goods. PrestaShop can be suitable for the one looking for a one-stop store.



The woo commerce platform is developed particularly for WordPress user as it transforms your WordPress site into purebred e-commerce solution with no charge. It is extensively praised by many consumers as well as business proprietors due to its simple and easy to use functionality. You can find the basic WooCommerce package without any charge and contains some extensions that make a valuable purchase.



One of the best E-commerce platforms Magento appears with three options among them two are paid edition and customised towards small or large business and the other one is free open source community version. This platform is the most influential platform with a strong character. It has been implemented in most of the shops throughout the internet as it allows easy update of the appearance of the online presence.



OpenCart is an e-commerce platform based on PHP and the most available among other platforms. It also contains the reputation for being able to take care of different currencies and postage system. This platform provides an extensive range of report choice and holds the best search engine optimisation approach that lets your online presence become available in the foremost page of search engine. For this platform, you require a web host that works well when you need to get rid of the issues.


To Wrap Up,
While talking about the companies, the web has provided companies to get familiar with more consumers. You can find thousands of platforms that allow you to carry out your business online. These are the most popular e-commerce platform. Integrating these platforms in your business will make your business more fruitful. However, you need to research carefully and go for the one that matches well with your business.

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