Day 1: Get to Know Facebook

First of all, it’s important to know the basic features of a Facebook page, its ins and outs. Facebook marketing always starts with the basics. This will give you a clear background of the site, which will be useful later on. Aside from being familiar with the site, it is also critical to learn the language people use here. People in Facebook mostly speak in humorous lines and abbreviations. There are also words that Facebook may have created or had the meaning altered, like tags, wall, News Feed, post, etc. They may be incomprehensible to you at first but this language is easy to get used to. Day 1 in Facebook marketing is the easiest part so you’ll most probably find no problem here.

Day 2: Customise Your Facebook Page

After orienting yourself with the site, you can start customising your own Facebook page. It’s important to choose the right posts and pictures for your welcome page. This is the first thing your readers and followers will see. Therefore, it is an essential element in your way to promote the Facebook page. You also need to organise your calendar well. By this, it means you have to plan things clearly before putting it in your content calendar and make sure you follow them strictly.

Day 3: Orient Yourself with Edgerank

Edgerank is an algorithm which is used by Facebook. It determines what posts are to be shown in the News Feed.


It consists of affinity, weight, and time decay. Affinity is a user’s relationship to the writer of the post; it is how close they are to each other and how much history they have together. Weight is the popularity of the post. It is the number of likes and comments the post gets. Time decay determines how recent or old the post is. If you want to master good marketing on Facebook, Edgerank will surely help you with it.

Day 4: Create Contests and Advertisement Campaigns

You can involve as many people as you can by creating fun and meaningful contests. Give prizes that will encourage people to participate. Successful Facebook contests usually involve expensive products or large amounts of money. However, you can also give a prize that’s within your budget. This Facebook marketing can work as long as you are creative. One example is “The Man of Steel Photo Contest”. Its prize is only the chance to be posted on their wall and be recognised. It was still successful.

While you’re at it, you can also include having advertisement campaigns. You may have conquered Edgerank and used it to your advantage, but it will only move around a few groups of people. You’ll have to pay, of course, for the assurance that your page will reach millions of people. If you think about it, money will always be involved in any market and that does not exclude marketing on Facebook.

Day 5: Keep Track of Your Page’s Social Plug-ins

You have done things in order to promote the Facebook page. Now, it is time to monitor your progress. Facebook can analyse how many social plug-ins you’ve had in “Insights”. You can find Insights on the Edit Page. This will show you a graph that outlines how many people viewed your posts, how many of them liked them, and all the other interactions you created with other people.

Facebook page insight

Marketing on Facebook could be a lot of hard work without a clear concept about where to start and how to promote the Facebook page. Facebook, though, is a user-friendly site which helps people a lot in their feat of Facebook marketing. How is it possible to master marketing on Facebook in as fast as 5 days? The answer is yes, it is possible with keeping these tips in mind.