About Content Management System: Joomla

Award-winning Content Management System Joomla enables you to develop websites as well as powerful online applications. This CMS is Open Source and you can get it free of cost. It is based on PHP for producing dynamic web pages. Because of its flexibility and extensible structure, it lets functionality to be added by the use of extensions by changing appearance and layout of content to the users is obtained via templates and modules. This CMS can be used for different websites that are from simple websites to complex business applications.

Joomla CMS is mostly used in following fields

  • Company websites or portals
  • Individual web page
  • Government applications
  • E-commerce or online reservation
  • Community-based portals
  • Business intranets and extranets
  • Small business websites

Benefits of Using Joomla CMS

Easy installing & Free

Joomla CMS is very easy to install. The time period from download to having work script on a server is only about 10-15 minutes. Though it is not easy compared to WordPress, it is much simple compared to Drupal. Also, it’s free of cost. So unless you want to buy an extension, it doesn’t cost you a dime. It will only cost you if you want to get few debugging done, or fix issues that you can’t get done.

Menu creation tool

Due to its menu creation tool, Joomla has become very popular. The one who do not have any experience in programming also can utilise the hierarchical menu with various menu items which connect to the page within the website.


You can easily find programmer tools and tutorials from the page. Along with Support, there is a wide discussion board as well. There are different third party companies like Nirmal that provide high profile support for Joomla websites. Also, from version 1.6 Joomla has gone to multilingual. What it means is you can not build your website in English but also have various versions of the same website in different languages.

Open Source

Different website motorised by use of Open source software is available online. Joomla is programmed in PHP language and the native data of Joomla is based on MYSQL.


You are able to find many free plug-ins of Joomla available at the homepage. WordPress might consist more plug-in compared to Joomla; however, to make it functional as Joomla, you have to install many plug-ins to initiate with.

Easy navigation system

Joomla  CMS contains complete and inclusive navigation system which can effectively manage various hierarchies. This CMS allows managing site with no trouble even though there are many subpages.

Search engine Friendly URL

You can find Search engine friendly URL features within Joomla. You only have to make them enable on the Joomla website. This directly benefits in SEO rankings. This CMS also let setting up Meta descriptions through the Meta tags on each and every page.


Joomla CMS is scalable and it might be tailored to maintain a high level of traffic. This is based on the thousands of visitors each instant. Yes, the modifications have to be made to handle an extreme surge of traffic, but Joomla is the kind of engine that can handle it.


Every CMS has its own vulnerability and loopholes. However, Joomla pushes an extra layer of protection that saves website from getting hacked. It takes data integrity seriously. So it locks the content is someone is editing it. Joomla comes with highly monitored security updates that check every update precisely to fix any kind of hacking issues.

Joomla Framework

These are Joomla framework that allows developers to create site simply and quickly:

  1. Inventory management system
  2. Application bridges
  3. Reservation and ticketing system
  4. Communication tools Custom product catalogues
  5. Integrated e-commerce system
  6. Customer product catalogues
  7. Data Reporting Tools

To the end, if you consist of some experience with Content Management System and you are willing for something more than WordPress, yet intimidated by Drupal, you may prefer Joomla CMS to perform your task. It contains free script with a great number of plug-ins, modules along with different templates and finds technical support. This feature helps you to benefit yourself from your business website.

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