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Can a small business get customers without a website?

Small business is considered to be the two wheel of a cart that keeps the business industry moving in Australia.

According to the counts done by ABS in 2015, there were 2066,806 small businesses in Australia. And, the number just keeps on piling.

However, the survival rate of small business accounts for 42 percent since 2011.

Now there are different factors that count…

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5 Small Business Web Design Principles that you must follow

Small businesses make up the wheel of a cart that keeps the society moving. According to the recent stat done by Australian Business Bureau, there are 2.1 million businesses trading in Australia as of 2014-2015. As the number keeps on piling for small business, it becomes an essence to build a website that resonates with your users.

Are you a small…

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DHTML Advantages and Disadvantages

So you landed on this page.

That means there are certain questions revolving around your mind.

Is DHTML dead? What has happened to it?

The Answer is nothing.

It was an old buzzword which got replaced by the more advanced model like AJAX.

However, it’s still the base of web development standards that are followed today.

We aren’t traveling the way back machine here. However, we are…

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How to calculate startup costs for small business?

You pulled off your shocks and 9-5 boots.

You find yourself at the rock bottom with your career going nowhere.

However, you have some business ideas on process and few savings to play around with the startup idea.

However, running a small business can be both intriguing and daunting at the same time.

There are more to it than just managing payrolls and building…

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Top challenges faced by Small Businesses in Sydney

Small businesses are significant contributors to the Australian economy and will always remain so. The majority of small business formation is increasing every year. They not only make an important contribution to the Australian economy, but they also provide a large number of employment opportunities and add value. We cannot deny the fact that these small businesses and small start-ups…

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The essential small business website design checklist for 2017

Websites have become one of the most crucial parts of every business today, there’s no doubt on that. From small sized business to larger entrepreneurs, every business has got the most attractive business website for their business which works as an online representation of their business and brand. If you are an owner of a small business and want to build…

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E-commerce Web Design Trends in 2017: Things to know

2016 was the year of material design and responsive design for eCommerce sites. With the year, almost ending, there’s huge buzz going on in designers’ communities regarding the upcoming eCommerce web design trends. Designers from all over the world are found making predictions on which eCommerce design is going to rule in 2017.

Predicting the future of design is really a…

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How to Take Advantage of Embedded Videos in Web Design

When you want to publish videos on your website it is normal to embed them via a video sharing platform (such as YouTube). While that approach is popular for good reason, there are several areas that you could work on in your web design to fully take advantage of embedded videos.
“Why Use Embedded Videos?”

Overall the reason why embedding videos are…

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Google Algorithm Updates and Changes History

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<a href= title=Google Algorithm Updates and Changes History target=”_blank”><img src= border=”0″><a><p>Google Algorithm Updates and Changes History by <a href=>Nirmal Web Studio<a><p>

Google changes it algorithm frequently and it is a very difficult task for marketers to know the Google’s pattern of algorithm roll out.  Most of the updates released by Google throughout the year are minor…

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Top 7 Reasons Why CodeIgniter is the FUTURE of Web Development

In the recent times, CodeIgniter has become one of the first choices of the developers for creating the website. Though every programmer has their own preferences when it comes to selecting the right programming framework for the apps but still CI has definitely gained a lot of popularity. It is because of the several new features which are not found…

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