Creating website designs with overlays has become a common trend these days. They help in creating depth, and more importantly, emphasis on highlighting important content. There are different types of overlays such as blurry, transparent, and semi-transparent to name a few. It’s a known fact that overlay colours are also quite a thing in design nowadays. But you need to be a lot careful with adding transparency effects in your web design, as overdoing these effects can mess up your design and increase costs for developing a website in WordPress.

These 14 best transparent overlay website templates have got the edge that will easily rest your question aside.

We have also updated this post to make it more up to date with the present date.

14 website templates using transparent overlays:

1 – Law Responsive WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a transparent overlay website template that helps you set up a professional looking website with a modern touch, then Virginia is an ideal choice for you. The beautifully colourized photos with blue and purple shades – on the transparent black background – will easily grab your website visitors attention towards your services.

The theme is based on the” Bootstrap” and “Cherry” framework, and available in different layouts (for desktop, tablet and Smartphones).
Price: $75


2 – Pro Drupal Template with Gallery and Blog

The red, white and grey colour scheming helps maintain a perfect balance in displaying the most important and less relevant elements of your design. Just as you may know, the red colour is associated with danger and when combined with the colour overlay technique this template portrays a shield of protection. And thus, this template is perfect to be used for creating a Drupal powered website offering security equipment or other related resources.

Price: $75


3 – Business Responsive Joomla Template

Are you searching for a Joomla template perfectly suited for setting up your business website?

In that case, Business Responsive Joomla website Template is definitely worth considering. Built using blue colour overlay along with white and grey colour schemes, this template helps to bring the attention of your customers on the informative blocks.

This is a responsive template built using the Bootstrap framework and features a 2-column layout.

Price: $75


4 – Creative Personal Page Responsive WordPress Theme

Want to create an attention-grabbing personal website featuring a grid structure? Then Creative Personal Page overlay template is exactly what you need. It comes with different design patterns and let you present images, transparent overlays, zoom and hover effects in a pleasing manner in a grid structure. The template is built using bootstrap as well as Cherry framework, which helps in enhancing the template’s performance.

What’s more? The template features a gallery section having transparent hover effects – presented in the form of different categories. This template best fits your needs to build a blog, as it contains large images that help you showcase content in a manner that easily catches the attention of your target audience.

Price: $75


5 – Gift Store Responsive OpenCart Template

This is an HTML template powered by Bootstrap and designed for setting up an online store. It is a vibrant template with excellent colour schemes. It features a “scalloped header” with large-size images, fonts, and captions. You can use the header to present your target audience with the information of their interest. The template includes transparent boxes that are used for displaying product categories.

Gift Store comes with every feature that is necessary for putting up an e-store. The template comes loaded with several features, which includes theme colour switcher, on-line chat, image carousel, and much more.

Price: $90


6 – Drug Store Responsive PrestaShop Theme

Drug Store Prestashop, as the name implies, is an ideal template for creating a drug store. What makes this template suitable for a creating a drug store is its green colour scheme that signifies health. In addition, the minimal design and tabbed navigation will make it easy for your customers to find the medicine they want without much hassle.

The central image section contains transparent overlay that allows bringing the focus of users on banners highlighted with special offers. You will find semi-transparent buttons on product images that display “Quick View” when the image hover. The template comes with the shopping cart, currency options and several other e-commerce features. You can choose to build your e-store in either grid view or list view using this HTML5 template.

Price: $140


7 – Modern Church Responsive Joomla Template

If you want to build a non-profit website on Joomla CMS, then Modern Church Responsive Template is the right choice for you. Its central image of the template with large size photo overlay in contrast with white text makes a distinctive effect. Furthermore, the clean and simple typography, and more importantly, the use of white space (together with orange highlights) make the template a befitting option for creating any type of non-profit site.

Price: $75


8 – Business Responsive Joomla template

Business responsive Joomla website template contains a theme built by mostly three colours and they are white, grey and blue. The aquamarine cover is delightfully displayed at the front.

Also, you can find icons on the circles on the top slide. Throughout the mouse hover, you will see that the circle turns around its colours and shows text with imperative details on it.

Business Responsive Joomla template

9 – Billiards Drupal Template with Gallery and Blog

Evaluate properly and you will get the transparent overlay website template with a large image with restrained web components. The bottom section displays defender of the week in the form of a flex slider along with some effective captions.

Various promotions are emphasised in the centre slider that influences the other theme based pages. It contains the transparent menu that holds green drop-downs.

Billiards Drupal Template with Gallery and Blog

10 – Security pro-Drupal template with Gallery and blog

It counts in one of the most well recognised Drupal website templates. Some colours such as black, red and white make a remarkable assertion on the website template.

The header photograph contains a colour overlay in red and beneath the content on white is a panel that demonstrates a lock with a grey overlay upshot.

The red theme is sustained with a red logo as well as red drop-down menu, date and rollover. Images in the text panels beneath contain security related images with overlays in a lighter shade of red. The photo gallery is looked as with a similar shade and is distinguished by category.

Security pro Drupal template with Gallery and blog

11 – Business Responsive WordPress theme

Business Responsive WordPress theme is the transparent overlay website template that reveals the professional appearance with its semi-transparent overlay. The huge image in the background outlines simple yet graceful appearance signifying a business template.

The grey panels in the centre consist of a small icon in the green circle. On mouse hover, the circle starts to turn around and the text panel updates its colour which changes into the green.

Business Responsive WordPress theme

12 – Magic Show Responsive WordPress Theme

One of the Stylish website templates completely comes along with the transparency and opacity of the theme. Everything starting from the semi-transparent dark menu to the central icon images turns opaque on mouse hover flawlessly captures the magic theme.

As you scroll down, you will get the colourful bottom photograph to the post on the mouse hover.

Magic Show Responsive WordPress Theme

13 – Creative Personal Page Responsive WordPress theme

It is an overlay template that outlines multitudes of the design patterns. You can also get image, texture, zoom and hover effect, transparent overlay and everything accessible so magnificently in a grid layout. The gallery section illustrates transparent overlays with remarkable hover effects which are accessible with a click.

Creative Personal Page Responsive WordPress theme

14. Bridal Boot Camp Responsive Website Template

A deep colour combination of mustard and purple rollovers along with colour overlays in the banner makes it one of the most attractive templates. This template has a feature of the logo that has interlocking rings white on a purple mustard background. It also plays around with grid animation along with homepage slideshow option. Names in the testimonial section appear in hover for more authenticity.


Using transparent overlay templates not only helps to create beautiful websites but also easily bring the focus of viewers on the most important highlighted text – that you would like your visitors to view as they land on your site.

If you need a professional to create a beautiful responsive overlay template, contact Nirmal Web Studio today!