Web Development Tips to enhance your SEO

Web Development Tips to enhance your SEO

Website demonstrates your business online and when you invest in website, there is a good chance of acquiring attention of more audiences and potential customers. However, designing an attractive and functional site is not sufficient to deal with your customer’s requirement. If you really want your customer to get advantage from the site, then SEO-friendly website is necessary.

Search engine Optimization (SEO) is an approach for improving the availability of a website in search engine via organic search results. It is also a feasible online marketing tool for thousands of companies. Search ranking plays a significant role in deciding the popularity of your company.

Once visitors start to visit your site, you can effortlessly boost your sales, acquiring high marketing return on investment (ROI). Luckily, there are various effective tools and techniques which lead to higher visibility with improved search friendliness.

Employing following web development tips, you can enhance your SEO along with website’s visibility:

Responsive website always wins

In today’s fast-paced World, not a single user likes to get back home to browse the website from laptops or desktops. I am sure; you use a mobile device or tablets more to browser compared to computer. Truly, responsive website always wins and is most effective web development tips to enhance your SEO. So, make sure, your website is highly responsive and works well with multiple devices. This never gives you to miss a chance to engage more customers with maximum traffic.

Additionally, Search engine Google favors responsive website. From SEO standpoint, responsive web design contains a single URL for both mobile as well as main website which indicates that you need to drive links to one URL rather than two. This is a simple way to enhance your external backlink count.

Since most of the users are switching their internet use from computers to mobile devices, you need to design responsively to engage maximum customers towards the site. Moreover, responsive web design utilizes the technology that identifies the size of screen and the device being viewed and represents the page which appears and works well for particular on-screen circumstances.

Keep Images small as possible

Images give a good appearance to your site, but keeping lots of images on the page without reducing the file size might make the website slow which directly impacts SEO rankings. Better optimize your images as well as text on the website for better rankings in search result. While developing an ALT image text, ensure, you employ keywords in graphics, header, logo image and button on all the pages.

Remember, a good company website harmonizes the requirement for good, superior quality image together with fine typeface using the words instead of text in graphics if possible. Thus, to enhance your SEO make sure your image files are small so that the site loads speedily. Resize the images earlier than uploading them to the site.

Navigation makes your site Search engine friendly

To maximize the usability, make sure your website’s navigation design is easy. Exploring different pages on a website should be as intuitive as possible to improve customer experience during the buying process. Better keep the navigation bar either on the top or left margin of the page. This indicates good navigation structure that makes users visit the page without any trouble.

Making Navigation friendly website helps to develop a structure which search engines prefer and follow. The main problem in search engines not being able to discover the site is due to the links on the images instead of text. Thus, ensure you take care of this and every link along with the button is based on text.

Make proper use of keywords

Keywords are a key part of SEO campaign.  Visitors get to your site through keywords. Indeed, employing proper keywords is necessary, but make sure you do not overuse them. This might make the site spammy rather use Google Keyword planner to discover what your customers are searching.

To make your page integrate successfully into Google first of all you have to analyze your website. Find out its main target and after that it is essential to acquire keywords in a correct position on the page but do not go beyond.

Find here some best places to insert the keywords:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • Navigation Design
  • Headings (H1, H2 and H3 tags)
  • Title attributes on links
  • Copy of main page
  • Internal links
  • Alt text
  • Footer links
  • URL

Facilitate Caching

One of the great ways to help the website’s load time is to facilitate page caching. When the page gets cached; it is added to user’s browser as static, HTML version of your website. This indicates, once visitors revisit your website, they do not need to reload all the pages.

While creating your website, you can allocate the pages that can be cached, the one it can be cached by and the time it takes to store. Besides, it is also a great concept to facilitate template caching along with query caching for content management system to speed the website.

Integrate social media sharing

Social media platforms are the most influential online marketing approach that helps to boost website’s rankings. While developing a website, do not forget to put social media buttons. Make convenient for users to share your content on different social media platforms adding sharing button. This allows them to keep a link to your web page directly to the place where followers can notice it easily. This is a good probability for you to get advantages of free promotion.

Remember, social media icons might not always be at the top of your page. Make sure your social sharing button is small and embedded in the content of a web page. This also helps to acquire maximum traffic from different social media sites.

Go for Content Ready Design

Content is King and essential part of website. Informative and fresh content with applicable keyword brings effective Web development tips to enhance your SEO. While developing a website ensure you develop content with good structure, including headings, paragraphs and links. Additionally, web design needs to support this with a content ready layout. This indicates creating your content, with a dedicated space in a web page for usual content update.

Make your site clean and fresh. You can simply do this by setting up a blog on your site and developing article according to your business role. While developing a website, make sure it is SEO content ready or well optimized. This helps to enhance your website’s SEO.

Closing Up,

SEO is a key part of the website. The web development tips mentioned above can maximize the ranking and availability of your online presence. If the web page is in the leading page of search engines, then more visitors will click on a site and get familiar with the products and services that your company offers.

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  • Shivam Raswant

    To get the best search results, maintaining a responsive and mobile friendly web design is the most critical element every designer should focus on. I think using text with your images can be good but not sure it will help with SEO or not as search engines do not extract text from images.