Presently, we are able to rate the improvement of business looking at the website. It represents your business performance online. A remarkable website is not an accident; you should apply some web design best practices. Useful, informative and well-designed website leads your business to the path of success. A business proprietor desires for a stunning website and spends lots of budget on it. However, little consideration into the design really helps to make an incredible design.

Furthermore, Web design can be difficult as it includes attaining a design which is usable as well as pleasing and delivers information building a brand. Building a website might be troubling as there are various components that we need to consider and those website elements are content development, design and Search engine optimisation (SEO). You can also have a remarkable website if you follow the best web design practices wisely for SEO friendly websites. Thousands of websites are available and the one that follows best practices will success online.

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Let’s get into web design best practices for a remarkable website:

Work on Conversion

Customers do not visit the website to see the design; they come to the site for some purpose. They want to visit the site and get back with some useful information or to carry out some specific task. Websites should be attractive, but along with good appearance, it also needs to be informative. The website that understands the requirement of the user is always successful.

Keeping these things in mind you can improve the conversion rate of the website which is one of its chief components. Conversion indicates transformation for visitors to potential customers or subscriber of the site who desires to acquire extra information from your web solution in the present time and upcoming days as well.

All the features of your web design play an essential role to take customers to their destination maximising the customer engagement to the website. These are some elements that give to successful conversion:

  • Images

Superior quality, unique and attractive images are highly desired. If you just put a plain text without any multimedia effects, it looks blunt and dull. You only have 3 seconds to catch your customer’s eye. And, your customers won’t engage on something that doesn’t catch their attention. Even if you do not have any photo of your own, download free images, graphics and videos from stock free websites and use them for free to make your website attractive.

  • Color

The colour scheme that you pick up should be good-looking and eye-catching. You should understand the persona of your audience and blend the colour with it.

  • Text

The text is used for different purposes such as messaging, explanation, instruction and labels.

  • Navigation

You need to design smooth the navigation design so that visitors can navigate through your website easily with no trouble.

Produce easily accessible contents

Bounce rate differs from website to website; however, the painful truth of online web design is that wide range of users will hit your carefully developed content and headlines directly for the virtual entrance or path. As soon as a user visits your website they make instant decisions whether to explore your website more or to get back from the site and its duty of web designs for the engaging website so that the user spends more time on the website.

Deprived layout selection, lack of search preference and poor quality or irrelevant content are the main reasons for visitors to go away from your website. From a design point of view, you desire users to be capable of determining instantly the part of your site that contains the information you are looking for. For this, it is better to design the website with easy navigation friendly and make the contents accessible.

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Utilise white space

This is one of the most difficult content for web developers and designers to take in as the greatest advantages to get an adequate amount of white space is allowing users a break. Breaks can be essential to process information mostly once there is a fair amount to carry out the task. So, there are paragraphs and sentences instead of only a single, long chunk of running text.

It is essential to assure that white space contains is connected with other objects on the page which include other space as well. Once you include one column of white space, ensure there is another single column of white space all over to complement it.


Along with videos and beautiful images, websites also require informative and exclusive text contents. The only way that drives some additional design attention to the website is typography. It contains an art and techniques of organising type to make the written language readable, readable and appealing when it is presented.

This type of arrangement includes choosing font types, line length, spacing and to adjust the space in letter pair. Moreover, typography is not only about picking up the font, but also about the colours and size that you employ to make the content readable and attractive. You can also use typography tool and framework that helps for an incredible web design.

Appealing Layout Design

An appealing layout design pulls users and keeps them engaged on the site for a long period of time. This is one of the essential design practices that keep the visitors visiting on the different page of the website. For an appealing website, you need to use basic design principles like consistent header, navigation, and logo properly.

Also, a superior contrast between content and background together with an ideal alignment of elements as well as a good harmonisation within content, images and white space on all the web pages are equally important.

Besides, web page design can also utilise grids, blocks, column, CSS design, Flash as the foundation, but the outstanding design utilises tailored structure with some aspects that appealingly demonstrate the contents. Page layout becomes successful one it influences targeted audiences using attractive components to attract visitors and make them explore different pages.

To Wrap Up,

An appealing web design with exclusive appearance, experience, and functionalities are the key aspects that drive more visitors towards the website. These are some web design best practices for a remarkable website. Be ready to apply these practices in your website to flourish your business in today’s competitive marketplace.

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