An outstanding website design is not a joke. Simply, a website is the single domain with different types of web pages. If you have a business without a website then you are lacking behind the great opportunity to improve your business. Websites can be very useful to accomplish various marketing approaches that help your business rise.

Truly, websites are the essential components for the company as it exhibits your business online. Along with proving the credibility it also helps to make your business impressive and more successful. One of the great benefits of the internet is it does not focus on the size of your company and every company holds an equal right to get good rankings in the foremost of page search engine including Google.

However, as a company owner, you have to know where your customers are and what can you provide and the easiest medium they can find to reach your business. All of these queries can be solved by a website.

Conversely, developing only a website does not complete your work, you need to focus on design, usability and user experience to bring great experience to your customers. If you are not familiar with these terms, then, this article can be helpful as we will be discussing them in the article.

Additionally, developing a web solution also lets you promote your business online. You can find different types of marketing approach which can be employed to market your business. Every marketing strategy has proven to be helpful and the one you pick up depends on the type of services and products you offer.

Guidelines for outstanding web design, usability and User experience:

1. Simplicity always wins

The appearance of your website is essential, but visitors will not come to evaluate the design of the website. Instead, they visit your website to accomplish some deed or to find the relevant information they are looking for. Better do not add unwanted design components which do not have any importance in functional purpose. This can distract your visitors to find out the things they are looking for.

From the viewpoint of usability and UX, you need to have good relation with simplicity and it can be used in different ways as well.

Here are some factors to be considered:


Choose an eye-pleasing colour. Avoid using too many colours. According to Handbook of Computer-Human interaction, it is better to use up to five colours in your web design.


The typefaces that you pick up must be understandable. Better use maximum three typefaces with at least three different sizes.


Better use graphics if they can help users to complete the task or carry out the particular functions.

2.Accessible around the clock

Your websites and social media account are accessible all the time. You should focus on giving reliable service with good response on time. For an instance, you are willing to purchase from the store and attempt to go to the store but when you get it’s closed you might feel very bad. Next time, you think twice before going to the same store and there are more stores easily reached.

Since your web solution provides services around the clock, you should think about providing better service which influences your visitors to come back again and again. This develops good users experience enhancing the revenue of your website.

3.Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is another factor to focus on. It can be useful in arranging and managing website components so that visitors organically look for the essential components first. While optimising the site for usability and UX the main objective to achieve is to guide the users to accomplish the desired action making them pleased and comfortable.

In addition, you can also adjust position, typefaces, colours and the size of a particular component. This helps to structure the site and makes visitors easy to explore the different pages with no trouble.

4.Navigation Design

Navigation design makes your users visit the site easily. To have navigation design on your website is essential for assuring visitors to discover the information they are searching for. Perfectly, visitors should easily access to the site without wasting the time about where to click next and moving the cursor from one page or link to another have to be trouble-free and simple.

Take a look at some tips for effective navigation design:

  • Go for simple primary navigation structure. Better keep that on the top of your page
  • Do not forget to place navigation in the footer of your website
  • Employ breadcrumbs on all the pages excluding the home page so that visitors can easily follow the navigation path
  • Better keep a search box near the top of your website which makes visitors easy to search by relevant keywords
  • Do not provide too much navigation choice on the page
  • Place the links in the page copy and be clear where to lead the links

5.Pay more attention to Consistency

Along with keeping the consistent navigation design, focus on making all the web pages consistent. Also, Consistent backgrounds, colour choice, typography and the content can surely bring positive experience on usability and user experience.

However, all the pages on your websites should hold the similar precise layout. Additionally, you can also develop different designs for particular types of page utilising the layouts consistently. This will make users easy to understand the type of information provided by your website.

Wrapping up,
Websites are the key component that makes your business popular among wide-ranging audiences around the globe. These are some top guidelines for outstanding web design. It is crucial for all the businesses to have a website. The more specialised your web solution is, the more benefits you acquire. So, if you do not have a website, work on developing it and follow these guidelines to make your business more effective and stay ahead of today’s viable marketplace.
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