Guest post: written by Naksi Cheng based on google research on August 23, 2016

Freelance WordPress developers are a one-man-band who can help you to design and build your website project with cost-effective prices and fast turnaround time. But it’s not easy to spot a good freelance developer. Most of them are already occupied on existing projects.
They maintain their profiles in numerous online forums and take a project directly from the client. Hiring freelance developers is not a bad idea as freelancers are easy to hire and there are many benefits of working with them. And, the story is the same for freelance WP developers in Sydney as well.

They can meet all the possible requirements preferred by the clients and also change the structure of a website and give an absolutely new look. Freelancers love to work freely without any pressure and please their clients with their creative work. They also understand your requirements and integrate those requirements into your project. Compared to a company, a freelance developer is very affordable and you can get the same level of service as of company.

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However, one thing you should note is that: Freelancer can occasionally be hard to communicate. They are the boss of their own. So, it gives them enough freedom to neglect the deadline. Hence, you should make everything clear before you start on any new projects. If you have doubts about your choice, you can check these three posts.

Enough of the chitchat, let’s dive into the main meat. Our favourite five freelancers can give you the best WP sites.

1. WP Creative

WP Creative is a WordPress Development Agency based in Sydney
WP Creative – WordPress Agency based in Sydney

Source: WP Creative

WP Creative is a team of WordPress developers devoted to delivering attractive and functional websites. They started as freelance developers but now turned into a reputed boutique WordPress agency. They love what they perform and this makes their team special. Along with WordPress website development, they also have a good understanding of business and marketing business online. They are very specialised in WordPress design, development, WordPress SEO, WordPress e-commerce solution, WordPress theme customization and many other services related to the web. They are happy to carry out their project quickly and efficiently based on the quality of services in a cost-effective way.

2. WP Guru

Sydney based freelance WordPress Developer - WP Guru
Sydney based freelance WordPress Developer – WP Guru

Source: wpguru

WP Guru is Full Stack Web designer and Developer staying in Sydney. He provides a holistic solution to a business’s online identity using various designs and development solutions from static designs to dynamic development. He builds a CMS in WordPress to suit the specific website, which is flexible and easily managed. He loves WordPress and it is his platform of choice.

3. Alex Dewez-Lopez

Alex Dewez-Lopez is Sydney based freelance website designer and developer
Alex Dewez-Lopez is Sydney based freelance website designer and developer

Source: iamalex

Alex Dewez-Lopez is a Sydney based web designer as well as a developer with 7 years of freelance experience. He has amassed a huge skill set from branding to design to development, from illustration to animation to video editing, and from consultancy to administration. These days he tries to keep it simple and focus on what he is most passionate about and that is Web Design and Front-End Development. Technically he is extremely proficient with HTML%, CSS3, JavaScript as well as Adobe CS.

4. Denis Koo

Denis Koo - freelance web developer Sydney
Denis Koo – freelance web developer Sydney

Source: deniskoo

Denis Koo designs as well as develops websites in Sydney. He has been involved in 80+ web projects since 2008 and worked for 2 years in a digital agency in Sydney NSW as the Head of Design and SEO, where he has managed a portfolio of more than 40 clients. He provides affordable and creative web design as well as development solutions with search-engine-friendly structure, improving the website’s ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. As a freelance web designer, he believes in his ability to produce top hand-coded web pages with quick turn-around, complying with strict W3C standards to create valid HTML and CSS.

5. Shlabh Sharma

Shlabh Sharma - Freelance PHP web developer Sydney
Shlabh Sharma – Freelance PHP web developer Sydney

Source: shlabh

Shlabh is Sydney based web developer specialising in open source software development using tools like PHP and MySQL. He is very passionate about creating beautiful, effective and engaging websites. He has commercial experience in PHP and MySQL. He feels comfortable with PHP, MySQL, CSS, Drupal and WordPress. He is looking for an exciting career that will allow him to grow in the interactive and learn from others. He is very excited about learning new standards. He is always interested in pushing himself to learn the best techniques to create the most successful websites and interfaces.

Bonus: Nirmal Web Studio

Did you think we would miss ourselves? Yes! Nirmal Web Studio covers everything. What started as a mere individual freelance company has grown into a studio of talented WP developers. Now, we aren’t just a freelance company, but we are an agency of web designers and developers entirely focused on delivering great products for our clients. Whether you have a small project or a big project in mind, we are always on top of our game giving you the best results possible.

Why should you hire a professional WordPress freelance developer?

Hiring a freelance developer can make all the difference for you if you are looking to build a WordPress website. There are several reasons for why you should consider this approach. 

Most of the freelance developers have specialised skills and expertise in website development, ensuring high-quality work on par with the industry standards. They are known to customise and personalise your WordPress website as you need it. You can choose to add elements that include brand image and give users a unique experience. 

Experienced freelance developers are highly efficient meaning they can save you time and money. You won’t have to worry about the development and you can put efforts into areas that can need your attention. Some freelance developers also provide support and maintenance services after the initial development as well. This way they can assist you with necessary updates, security enhancements and customisations later on.

Freelance developers can offer a number of services ranging from simple one time technical fixes to full eCommerce website development and whatever comes in between. These include services like website redesign, landing page design, plugin updates, plugins development and regular support. 

Keep in mind that these qualities and features are offered by experienced developers and I’d not expect the same from developers just starting out on their professional journey. We strongly advise you to look at experience and expertise before hiring a web developer. 

Agency Benefits vs Freelance Developers

When it comes to WordPress development, you generally have three excellent options: building a website by yourself, hiring a professional freelance developer or working with a web development agency. Considering you are on this page reading about developers means that you are less likely to develop a website on your own which leaves us with two choices; agency or freelancer.

While we discussed the freelancers, we can not undermine the benefits offered by a WordPress development agency. Hiring a freelance developer is certainly better than doing it yourself but that does not mean that is the best option for everyone. 

If your website is small and simplistic, freelancers might do the work and are better suited. But if you are looking for a standard website for your business, hiring a WordPress development agency makes a lot more sense. 

When you hire a freelancer, you do not get the benefits that agencies can offer and you will only get a resource and skill of one person. With teams of specialised experts, agencies bring a collective set of skills to the table, meant to handle all sorts of website needs. 

Agencies like us excel at handling complex website projects requiring diverse expertise. Long term partnerships are ideal with WordPress development agencies as they can keep track of development as well as maintenance. Generally, WordPress development agencies are more trustable and effective than freelancers. 

If your website is not just a one time thing and it supports your business, it is better to go for web development agencies. Apart from the resources and skills, they tend to be more reliable, organised and easy to work with in the long run. 

When not to hire a WordPress freelancer?

You might also want to know more about the instances where you would hire a WordPress agency rather than freelancer. Lets see when it is not right to hire a WordPress freelancer.

Complex and large websites

This one is pretty simple, if your website is large like an eCommerce website requiring a lot of customisations, you’d rather have a pool of talents and resources to turn your ideas into reality. Normally, freelancers are one man army and the project with these specifications are not ideal for freelance developers or small teams with limited resources.

Tight deadline

Working individually or in small teams limits the ability to do large works and at times its difficult to meet deadlines. If you need quick fixes, support and availability, hiring a WordPress agency with abundant time and resources is better for you.

Website is crucial for your business

Imagine your website is absolutely necessary for your business and you can not simply afford your website to malfunction. In times like these, its challenging to rely on only one developer while a proper web development agency can fix the issues without much hassle. For these, you will need an agency that is resourceful and capable of providing services when you need it.

Continued support and maintenance

Support and maintenance packages are offered by agencies to ensure your website performs well and is in good health. This does not mean that freelancers do not offer these services. But even if they do, they do not have dedicated departments and teams specialising on the areas. If you need extended support and maintenance, hire an agency.

Risk management, security and compliance

Like on every other project, there are risks associated with WordPress website design and development services. Freelance developers are individuals and they can be uncertain at times while agencies offer more stability and continuity for these projects.

Worried about data loss on your WordPress site? Our guide outlines secure backup solutions that offer reliable protection for your website’s critical information.

The cost of hiring WordPress developer can be relatively less but they do not usually have teams or even backup plans to manage risks but agencies usually have a plan to minimise and manage risks whenever something unexpected happens.

To conclude, both freelancers and agencies have their pros and cons. But if you are looking at a crucial long term website project that helps your business, a web development agency might just offer more leverage, in terms of resources, management, organising project, quality of work, expertise and  scalability. 

Consider hiring a WordPress web development agency with a larger team and a track record of handling complex projects like us. Need help with WordPress development? Send us a message!