Social media refers to the computer-based tools that benefit users to create and share information, thoughts and images within the virtual community as well as networks.

Based on the recent report from eMarketer, “Worldwide Social Network Users: 2013 Forecast and Comparative Estimates”, from the year 2013, about one in four peoples around the world are using social media. It is estimated that the number of social media users around the globe will increase from 1.47 billion in 2012 to 1.73 billion within this year that is there is the rise of 18%.  It is assumed that through the year 2017, the worldwide social network user will increase approximately 2.55 billion.

social media users

From the above analysis and graphs, we can observe that social media users are increasing every year. These days, social media has become one of the must-have a components for every business. It can also be used as a brand building tool. Through multiple social media channels, you can make your business popular among the people of different communities. With consistent effort along with informative and fresh content, you can develop a reputation for your brand, reflecting product services and other essential parts of your business.

Different types of social media platforms are available that helps to upgrade your business.

Some of the most popular social networking sites are mentioned below:



One of the most popular social networking sites Facebook has occupied the enormous market. Presently, many businesses use Facebook to reach to their potential users and endorse their productions.

  • Active users: 1.5 billion
  • Link shared: 1 million every 20 minutes



Twitter refers to an online social networking site that allows users to send as well as read short message to 140 characters known as “tweets”.

  • Active users: 289 million
  • Tweets every second: 9100



Business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn is used by many professionals and this site has made easy to hire an employee as well as find a job.

  • Users: 380 million globally
  • Age: 79% users are of 35 years or more



Virtual discovery tool Pinterest allows you to use to discover ideas about your every venture as well as interest.

  • Users: 70 million
  • Gender: 56% female and 44% male

Google Plus


Google plus refers to the interest based social media network. It is started as well as supervised by Google Inc.

  • Active users: 30 million
  • Hangout and Photos: Separated from Google plus, however, posts remain as “stream”.

Now, based on the above description we can assume that social networking sites are becoming more popular among the internet users. Different types of social media are available and with these tools, social media marketing can be confusing as well as time-consuming. Thus, you require a social media marketing tool to make your task simpler. By the use of the proper tool, you can arrange your time in an efficient manner and acquire enhanced outcome through your social media marketing.

For your easiness, some of the social media marketing tools include:



Social media marketing tool buffer is very popular among social media executives. The vision of buffer includes developing easy as well as an influential social media tool and setting the bar for great customer support. Along with these product and services aim, they have focused on developing the most innovative and satisfying workplaces that exist through a customary practice.

Buffer allows you to bookmark and schedule Tweets or Facebook updates easily within browse or portable devices

How to use Buffer?

Step1: Sign in with your social media account

How to use buffer step 1

Step 2:   Schedule the time you desire to post your content

how to use buffer step 2

Step 3: Select an option Link shortening within the setting tab

how to use buffer step 3

Then click on the button “Connect”

how to use buffer step 3 a

Step 4: Go to the content tab then Queue and write the content that you wish to share

how to use buffer step 4

Now you can write the content you want, add photos and share your post among your connections

how to use buffer step 5


Social media marketing tool can provide you everything that you require to switch your idea into amazing designs.

How to use Canva

Step1: Set up an account

how to use canva step 1

Step 2: Select Your Presentation Type


how to use canva step 2

Step3: Search your desired image and insert the image

how to use canva step 3

Step 4: Share your post to your connection within different social media channels

how to use canva step 4


Hootsuite refers to the tool that helps to improve your social media marketing. It is a reliable tool that connects social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and many others. It saves both times as well as effort.

Step 1: Sign up with Hootsuite account

how to use hootsuite step 1

Step 2: Add your Social networks

how to use hootsuite step 2

Step 3: Schedule your post

how to use hootsuite step 3

Sprout social

Sprout socially refers to the tool used to manage social media and it also helps business to figure out new consumers and enhance their social media existence

How to use Sprout?

Step 1: Initiate with a Sign-Up

How to user Sprout step 1

Sprout Dashboard

Sprout Dashboard

Step 2: Click on the message button to check or compose the message

how to use Sprout Step 2

Wrapping Up,

I hope this article provided you adequate information about Social media marketing tool. With the help of these tools, you can easily post your content in different social media channel in a short period your time. This saves both your time along with the effort and drives your business in an improved manner.

Are you willing to promote your business through different social media platform? If yes, connect with us. We will help you to upgrade your business using different social media strategies.